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A Collector's Collector

Unlock all items (weapons, Abilities, Noms de Guerre).

A Collector's Collector0
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A collector's collector achievement appears alongside its counterpart Committed till the end. Both will appear giving the total of 150 gamerscore. This an edited guide and please leave a comment if there is any way i could help or improve this guide.


The video's highlighted below, are to aid the young and hopeful grinders who want to get this achievement. The highlighted video's consist of a guide on how to tackle the annoying number 1 nom and other specialised noms such as the annoying damage noms (grenades). Lastly there is a video with how to tackle the 300- chapter play through achievement, but i would recommend not immediately going for this because i ended playing over 1000 trying to get both damage noms and to try and get this achievement several times after being reset. So that achievement will come naturally, with the nom which comes with it.

Do not worry you only get reset when you lost planet 2 data has been deleted, mine has been deleted a total of five times, due to red rings and other unusual encounters.

the description of every other nom can be found with the link on the person who made the first solution for this achievement.

To everyone's relief these noms and awards ect do not include other games such as devil may cry or street fighter those titles (noms) have nothing to do with this achievement. (Thank god!)

The VS's which are situated all over campaign should be restricted to only campaign and not online boosting this is because you can gain more damage whilst playing campaign rather then boosting for one hour, then having to aid the person your working with loosing another hour of your precious time.

For example everything apart from an osprey, Cakti and the X-seed which could be found of campaign should not be solely boosted on campaign, personally the x-seed and osprey were amongst my final damage vs noms. The Osprey was done on desecration and the X-seed on duel complex (might be mistaken i don't know, the x-seed should be the vehicle which transforms into a submarine.)

Another factor which could aid you in achieving this achievement faster is friends. Lovely friends, an eye for an eye a tooth for a tooth, loyalty amongst friends never boost with friends who try and take advantage have a clear strategy.
Self inflicted damage on thunder peal type 3 should get you damage noms pretty fast (As the other guides from committed till the end have highlighted)

Regarding the campaign, it is highly recommended not to play extreme on 5-2, if you do not have a strategy.
After getting the achievement i aided GSa UnRealized with this and we went on for 6 hours and had not failed, we got at least 3-4 characters to there maxed level.
Difficulty really affects the experiences gained, after killing the large four legged spider boss the person manning the cannon should receive maxed experience. If it is on easy you should get 34k normal would be 43k hard should be about 53k extreme 63k (i have seen higher then this, this is just an estimate.) :) I recommend you should equip the ability superstar to get these high experience points.

Regarding the online nom's they should come naturally, if you want the war vet achievement i recommend you play normal online then once you are annoyed with it, play pirate fortress on VS annihilator and jump into the never ending casm. This is fast and efficient, if you boost this with a friend you can gain many noms such as the supreme ruler nom which requires a 30 win streak, you will also obtain a student of history and other various noms. (Whilst boosting with a friend or a dummy profile.)

Finally the issues facing people online is the clans, i personally have left the clan stuff till last, i have recently talked to a few clan people and they have said that they are planning on quitting. But, the renown COS still exists, sadly i have stopped playing lost planet 2 and can no longer stop them with the clan Jetstream. We have realised that us competing and hogging the action have made this game hostile and it annoys people that they can no longer play a game fairly without clan's tilting the pendulum to there favour.

Thank you for reading my guide, if i am on xbox don't hesitate to ask me questions, i have questions buzzing back all the time!

The nom which needs 3 people to do some sort of sparkly t-eng thing can only be done on 6-1 easy! find the three injection guns situated at (The ship 6-1 (second area) (falling down) (infront of you third area, and near the 6th data post i believe right next to turrets on a lower platform, on the other side of the map) the other people in the game must have a different t-eng weapon to get this nom! (Hope this helped my friend Aps really had issue's with this one so i put it up!)

Good luck! and grind hard!!!