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God Bless Us, Every One

Murdered your parents.

God Bless Us, Every One0
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24 Jan 2013 28 Jan 2013
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This was pretty much the order I did it, after some trial and error.

Let me know if anything is confusing and I can update the solution.


Carry the Umbrella upstairs and use it to open the attic hatch.
Carry the hammer upstairs and hammer down the loose floor board.
Grab the Fuse and push the box OUT of the attic.
Keep pushing the box until you get to your bedroom and the fuse box.
Place fuse IN fuse box.
Push box to the kitchen all the way down the stairs and place it on the dumbwaiter.
Pull switch twice to move dumbwaiter to the 3rd floor (need to break bed by the pot).
Pull switch, then use ghost (Y) to enter dumbwaiter, and go to the 2nd floor.
Grab chamber pot.
Go back to kitchen, climb ladder to bathroom and use pot with faucet.
Go to bedroom, move box under window, climb out onto Roof.
Use the water/pot on the Chimney.
Climb down Chimney and grab the Skeleton Key.
Use key to get into the room towards the right with the bookshelf, keep hitting X and the bookshelf will break.
The CaveSuch Bad ChildrenThe Such Bad Children achievement in The Cave worth 15 pointsBroke things.

Use key to open door to the Basement.
Grab dog food
Go to Kitchen and put dog food into the empty bowl, the dog will leave his post.
Use OTHER CHARACTER to enter sewers and turn off steam pipe.
Grab Rat Poison with the Twins.
Have another character grab the Femur from the Pile of Bones.
Throw Femur at the Dog and will distract the Mom.
Poison the soup with the Rat Poison and then wash your hands at the Faucet.

Achievement Unlocked