Dust: An Elysian Tail Review by Crazy Rumble

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28 Jan 2013
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Falana: A once calm and peaceful place with many creatures inhabiting it. However, this no longer seems to be the case. With hostile creatures attack the villages of Falana, they are desperate for a hero to help them out, and that call may finally be answered.

The game begins with you waking up as an oddly dressed 15 year old boy that has suffered from amnesia from reasons that playing will reveal. The whole story is based on the suspense of the unknown, and as you go along and continue through the story, it’ll get better and better. The actual gameplay though can get pretty dull after some time, with it being a standard 2-D RPG and having a very limited combo list. Though there is a few moves you learn time to time, but nothing really too big or flashy. The controls are pretty basic, with the time between press for combos to work being pretty long compared to other games, so there's really no need to mash buttons when playing this game, which goes well with it being easy-going. However, it didn't have much on its gameplay that stood out at all, but it certainly was pretty well put together.
Decent move set/combos
Easy pace
Combos and moves are easy to do
It gets old after some time

This is one of the places where the game really hits hard on, and not in a bad way! Not only does the music puts intensity and soothing where it belongs, as does the voice acting itself. The voices are very well acted for each character and the music matches very well with what area you are in, although you can even hear a small act up within the voice acting from time to time which really shouldn't bug too much. It does get a little loud suddenly when talking is involved, and it can look pretty awkward when the voices are showing strong emotions but the images showing aren't matching the reaction whatsoever. With just minor flaws, the sound was pretty well put compared to many other arcade titles.
Music is very good
Voice acting is amazing
Small breaks in voice acting
Awkward poses during dialogue

The plot is something I personally haven't seen in many games recently. The main character gaining amnesia from reasons unknown and waking up in a forest which seems familiar. It continues as his memory returns slowly throughout the game itself while traveling with his magical sword and odd companion. However, there wasn't much that made it stand out on its plot either, except for the strong emotion behind it. All in all, pretty decent in its own way.
Strong emotion behind it
Pretty stable plot
Not much originality

The graphics are another strong point about this game. The artwork during dialogues are very impressive, as well as during actual gameplay. However, the background scenery is what makes the graphics on this arcade title, being one of the best ones I’ve seen from any arcade title. The only issue within the graphics is that sometimes the characters and the enemies look a little grainy, but its graphic is simply amazing!
Background scenery is great
Artwork is very nice and fitting
Small grain texture issue

Length/replay value
This game isn't a very long one,even if you do every side quest, and the replay value is just not there. Once you beat the game, it kinda loses its spark behind it. Its just not there after everything. At least the story isn't butchered to about 2 hours long, right?
Story has somewhat length
Replay value is little to none

Now for the part some people were looking for, the achievements. The 30 achievements in Dust are really simple, and most are self explanatory, excluding the friends and the two secret ones about Gianni's laundry. For the challenges, its best not to stress it, as if you wait until you are right before the last mission, all of the challenges that have to do with killing are easy to do.

All in all, Dust: An Elysian Tail was a great game and even greater experience to have, so to all who read this, I personally recommend it!
Overall score:7/10
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Soulbite Nice review, it's been one of the best games I've played last year. I wasn't too impressed by the voice acting and some of the characters (including the hero) had a "je ne sais quoi" (woot, 10 points, placed it) that felt out of place for me, but replayability-wise I'd say it's one of those you'll have to forget about for a while before attempting a 2nd run. Actually, I just wanted to add the link to the guys who composed the music - it has its moments of pure awesomeness and the album, while purchasable, can be listened to track by track for free:
Posted by Soulbite on 28 Jan 13 at 08:12