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Ten Ranked Matches

Play ten Ranked Multiplayer Matches

Ten Ranked Matches+0.2
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14 Dec 2009
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exact0 has posted this solution, albeit a good one, for many if not all the multiplayer achievements in this game, but there are a couple of details that he left out that help immensly for particular achievements.

For this achievement for multiplayer Ranked matches, remember it says PLAY - not WIN. The fastest way to get this one is to set the limits as low as possible. Set the kills to 5, and the time limit to 5 minutes.

So worst case, you and your partner play all 10 matches for 5 minutes. That probably won't happen. After you both have received the achievement, go back to the menu screen and follow exact0's instructions for Team Deathmatch - the rest of the achievements will pop up in that scenario.
Godfather1504Thanks for the solution.
Posted by Godfather1504 on 05 Mar 13 at 14:09