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Watch Gotham TV 10 times, save a Replay of a Race.

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16 Dec 2009 16 Dec 2009
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I've just got it, finally, after around 3-5 tries... For those wondering how to get it, just follow these instructions as close as possible, this achievement seems quite picky!

- It shouldn't be necessary, but you might really need to erase your pics and/or replays in order get the achievement. If you value your pics/replays, try it once without deleting them, see how it goes, and please comment here if it worked. I did it just in case, but it might not be needed!
- Watch 10 "races" : 10 replays, just watch a few seconds and leave. Note that one tournament round "watched" 10 times worked for me, no need for Gotham Heroes races, nor complete views.
- Without leaving the game, do a race, I did mine in career mode (first race at medium with the RUK Spyder), and save the replay. You might need to "win" the race in order to be able to save it.
- Back out to the title screen after that, and DON'T GET BACK IN THE GAME. Exit straight to the Dashboard with the button on your controller, then get back in the game, and it should unlock on the "Your settings are now loaded", right after the "Now working" screen.

Good luck for this one, with TA's help you should definitely be able to get it, I know I did even though I once thought like I'd never get it! :) Thanks to nacd in the other solution's comments for pointing the right direction, I'm just rewording here!
goofynewfie72I did exactly what you did and it worked perfectly! I finally have that damn achievement! Thanks!
Posted by goofynewfie72 on 23 Jan 10 at 16:10
Vince989Remember guys, please vote on this solution to have it be the main solution if it helped you!
Posted by Vince989 on 23 Jan 10 at 19:17
goofynewfie72You got my vote!
Posted by goofynewfie72 on 24 Jan 10 at 05:34
Saturno ConfortThe same...thank you so much...thumb up!
Posted by Saturno Confort on 04 Mar 10 at 03:43
The SharkopathI'm getting no live feeds : (
Posted by The Sharkopath on 13 Apr 10 at 00:53
Vince989You can look at the planned tournament schedule for the tournament rounds' times... Should be starting weekdays around 9pm Eastern USA times if I'm not mistaken, but the times you will see in the Tournament Schedule should tell you the times localized for you.

Just don't worry too much about it, this one is about trying from time to time, until you can find a race you can "watch" (read: enter) again and again, 10 times. And remember that both "tournament" and "Gotham TV" count, so look in both of them and you will eventually find activity!
Posted by Vince989 on 13 Apr 10 at 01:01
OTTERKAYAKIawesome, i did exactly what you said and it worked. I tried so many other guides and never could get the achievement to pop, but with your guide it worked first try, thanks so much
Posted by OTTERKAYAKI on 16 Apr 10 at 03:28
DougSnow625Hey your solution should be updated as Gotham TV has been non-existent for the past month and no word from developers and has been flagged as discontinued. Don't have to remove your solution just add a note that it is now discontinued. Would be helpful!

Posted by DougSnow625 on 08 Nov 10 at 07:32
Vince989The achievement's flags state whether that's the case or not, so solution writers shouldn't have to worry about that kind of thing (which in the case of online-related achievements, seems to happen more often than not, sadly), in my opinion. It's perfectly fine that a few solutions have been updated to state so, but I personally don't think all of them need to.
Posted by Vince989 on 08 Nov 10 at 11:44