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Aren't You Thankful?

Complete the game on Hardcore Mode.

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Boss KowbelBoss Kowbel244,404
08 Feb 2013
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While not an actual guide, this glitch warrants mentioning and does work on the Xbox 360 version.

At any point in Dead Space 3, you can set a scavenger bot down on a high yield resource gathering point. Save and Quit, then run right back to the exact same high yield resource gathering point and set another scavenger bot down for additional high resource gathering!

With infinite resources, create dozens of large health packs, stasis modules, and ammo stacks to boost your advantage over those frostbitten necromorphs.

In addition to this bug, at the end of Chapter 8, there's a special door that has its own glitch. No need to sit around for 10 minutes waiting for your bots to work. Follow the video* below to find this special door that always generates a random item every time the door closes.

You can also come back to this same door at the end of Chapter 9 after you fix your RIG and no longer have to worry about the cold temperatures.

Exploiting this glitch can make completing the game with one life much easier, but note that enemies also respawn, so stay well-stocked.

*Posted with creator's permission
EA went on record stating that it's not a glitch, it's intentional.

Also, it'd be nice if you posted the creator's name, but it's not mandatory.
Posted on 14 Feb 13 at 08:18
BLAZERMAN2122Who cares if it was intentional or not thank you for sharing the video....just want to add two things..1 if people are impatient you can actually do this at the beginning of chapter 9. After talking to Buckle use the bench on the room next to it and that is where I got my 2nd bot, the only downside is that when you save and quit you have to talk to Buckle again...2nd thing is after you put your 2 bots down and start opening and closing the door if you turn the power on in the room the door opens and shuts much faster allowing to collect more until your bots are done scavenging
Posted by BLAZERMAN2122 on 18 Feb 13 at 23:03
BLAZERMAN2122Forgot to say that the 2nd thing pertained to the guide if you wait till the end of chapter 9 to farm bots and the door...
Posted by BLAZERMAN2122 on 19 Feb 13 at 07:39