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Neural Shock Specialist

Use Neural Shock 75 times

Neural Shock Specialist0
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Armistan BanesArmistan Banes64,649
18 Dec 2009
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Just start an engineer and make sure you have AI hacking and Neural shock before you attack Fist in Chora's Den. Then save before you enter his room and cast hacking on a turret and neural shock on fist, then load the save you just made. Rinse, Repeat.
Lockyz75thanks for the solution it made them 2 quick and easy
Posted by Lockyz75 on 11 Feb 10 at 22:09
doojeeTHNX, it worked for me, 75 game reloads & BLIP! 2x15 'chievos unlocked!
Posted by doojee on 21 Mar 11 at 14:23
chef matt 32Great solution! A couple of minor notes. You will need to level up your character to at least a level 6. When I boosted, this took an hour and 41 minutes. Fairly quick, but you will still need to do a few side quests. Also, be careful to make sure you actually hit Fist with the Neural Shock. His health bar will go to a green colour and will decrease a bit. A couple of times, he hid behind the bar and my Neural Shock missed and it took a while to recharge. The above solution definitely works.
Posted by chef matt 32 on 06 Sep 11 at 01:19
SlLVER KlNGI used this method to boost neural shock, ai hack, and the rest of my engineer abilities. I'd also like to add that if you make sure you have lost some health right before your save it also makes boosting the medi-gels much faster as well.
Posted by SlLVER KlNG on 21 Oct 11 at 22:56