Revolution in Call of Duty: Black Ops II Review by ngratz

08 Feb 2013 09 Feb 2013
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Revolution DLC
This DLC pack comes just a few months after the game, and I know I felt it came at the right time as I was just starting to get that what's next feeling from the game. Revolution comes with 4 new maps, the first ever DLC gun, a new zombie map (Die Rise) and a new zombie game mode (Turned)

Let's take a look at each of these new features and figure out whether the DLC is worth the $15 pricetag.

Multiplayer Maps
There are 4 new maps (Hydro, Mirage, Downhill and Grind) and they are pretty varied as far as terrain and structure. Hydro is a map that is played at a Water Treatment plant. This is a pretty typical small map with one feature. On the under part of the map water creating a flood in the lower level which can sweep you away. This didn't really affect the map when I played on it since most of the fighting is done above the water. Mirage is a desert resort map which has had a sandstorm sweep through ravaging the area. I enjoyed this small map, I thought it had a good flow to it helping you run into plenty of players without being too crowded (see Hijacked). Downhill is a map that takes place at a ski resort by the lodge/lift hill and on the bottom part of the slopes. It is another pretty small map, which to me was a disappointment. When I had heard that there would be a ski hill map I initially thought of an expansive map with tree cover, rocks and plenty of places to snipe from (which would have added the first good sniping map to BO2). However we get a smaller map with a ski lift you aren't able to get on. This map has decent flow, just wish it was bigger. Grind is the 4th map and takes place at a Venice Beach skatepark. This is a pretty unique and innovative map. Ramps, tunnels and half pipes everywhere. The map has good flow and isn't too complex. Overall the maps are pretty decent, smaller maps.

Multiplayer Map score: 7/10

To go along with the multiplayer maps comes the Peacekeeper, Call of Duty's first downloadable content only gun. It is a hybrid with the damage and fire rate of an SMG with the accuracy and range of an assault rifle. Honestly I like this gun and think it is an outstanding weapon. Gets pretty inaccurate at long range but it is good short to medium range gun. The only problem will be that people who didn't buy the DLC will complain about it being overpowered and it will be nerfed down eventually in my opinion.

Peacekeeper score: 9/10

Die Rise
The new zombie map is Die Rise, a map that takes place in 3 Chinese high rise buildings. The map is like a maze in some parts gets very confusing to figure out where you're going. There is a lot of jumping in this map to get from building to building. Instead of jumping over fire like in Tranzit you are jumping over air space where you can fall to your death. While not annoying as fire, it is not fun to fall 60 stories. The map also introduces a new perk Who's Who where you can revive yourself with a ghost you and keep your perks. My one dislike about this map has to be the lack of room to navigate. I know I know, its a residential skyscraper there's not supposed to be a lot of running room, but twists and turns. It works well-ish with this map but getting zombie trains going can be difficult. Overall this is a pretty good survival map and I can't wait to see how Treyarch links them all together.

Die Rise score: 8/10

The new zombie mode is disappointing. You play a 4 person game with 3 people as zombies trying to attack the 4th player (human). The human plays a reverse Gun game, starting off with a good weapon and eventually ending with the M1911. However the zombies run super quickly and can 1 hit kill you and once you kill one zombie the gun switchover time takes long enough that the other zombies will get you. You also cannot play with friends in this mode which takes a lot of the fun out of it.

Turned score: 4/10

Overall the Revolution DLC pack is pretty good. If you bought the Season Pass you will get this as part of it. If not you can purchase it for $15 and in my opinion it is worth it. It keeps things fresh and adds a few new pieces to give this game a boost.

Final score: 7/10
CoMaestro Short opinion of mine about zombies, since i haven't played MP that much, Die Rise is an awesome map, but you won't play it for so long, since it isn't that fun to keep playing, unlike for example Kino der Toten or, for me, Nuketown Zombies. Also Turned is like the worst game mode i have ever seen. Only reason i would ever play it again is because of achievements, as i did before. Same reasons described above, they kill you before you can even draw your next weapon, and they run way to fast.
Posted by CoMaestro on 12 Apr 13 at 19:03