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Aren't You Thankful?

Complete the game on Hardcore Mode.

Aren't You Thankful?+1.0
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Triple G AndyTriple G Andy724,645
11 Feb 2013 22 Jul 2013
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After playing this difficulty there are only a few things you need to be aware of compared to standard difficulties:

1. Back-up your save data on either a USB memory stick or Cloud storage (remember if using cloud storage, disable it during playing or it will sync to your hard-drive save. This invalidates your save data if you die).

2. Watch out for instant-kill areas and quick time events (QTE's). Although the QTE's are easily done don't get distracted when they're nearby. Some areas may slip you up if you rush such as chapter 14's gassing rooms, 16's spinning fan blade, and especially the falling rocks/stasis areas when scalling the icy mountains in chapter 13.

3. Play the other new game+ modes first as you'll get a good feel for the levels and enemy spawns. You also get packs of equipment etc for completing modes like Pure Survival or collecting the collectables.

4. Skip all optional missions as they'll only slow you down.

5. Stick to one weapon (plasma cutter, evangelizer or something similair) and keep upgrading it.

6. Upgrade your armour and health as soon as you can.

7. Take regular save breaks for your USB (I did it from Chapter 8 the beggining to the arrival at Tau Volantis, Chapter 14 and then the beggining of Chapter 19 (in-case the flying objects of death hit me). You can save more than this if you're not very confident you'll do everything fine.

8. Sell unused weapon parts (i.e. attatchments, upgrade circuits & handles). You'll want the extra resources.

9. The enemies known as 'Feeders' (starved looking agile ones) are a pain as they usually attack in large groups. Later in the game they also become a dark shade of black with red eyes and are very difficult to kill as they cannot be dismembered. Headshots work wonders, but if you only use 1 gun in the game you might consider also buying a contact beam for your second gun as its secondary fire mode which shoots the ground. This when upgraded with damage and fire rate is great for feeder swarms.

10. Learn to use the combat roll effectively. By double tapping the LB you'll perform a combat roll. When rolling, 9 times out of 10 you'll negate any damage so it's very useful if a necromorph has the jump on you and is about to attack. You can also chain rolls for certain scenarios such as dodging bullets from Danik's gunships, or simply distancing yourself from a swarm of necromorphs.

11. Save up your ration seals till you get 60, always sending your bots out to get resources from resource spots (you'll hear a noise chime). You can then go to a bench, select downloadable content (Y button) and buy an Epic weapon & resource pack with the seals (X button).

1x Epic pack contains:
240 tungsten
800 semiconductors
2000 scrap metal
400 somatic gel
200 transducers
2x Weapon parts

NOTE: People have mentioned in many ways how it is more efficient to buy the smaller packs. If you REALLY want to get lots of resources you can instead buy smaller packs to have earlier access to upgrades etc. However it is by no means essential for this difficulty.

Lastly remember to back-up your saves (which I highly reccomend). Even if like me you don't actually die during this difficulty mode, if you don't back-up your saves you could get killed by a jammy enemy or QTE.

(V Sully posted a great tip for a useful weapon in the comments):
vSullyGreta tips. Just wanted to give a weapon suggestion that I used to stroll through Hardcore and Pure Survival.

Upper Tool: Telemetry Spike with Diffraction Torus (Chain Gun)
Lower Tool: Plasma Core with Default Tip (Force Gun)
Attachment 2: Ammo Box

This gun is silly. The Chain Gun has a HUGE Clip and Ammo box gives a free (instant) reload, doubling this already huge clip. With some clip circuits, you can get well over 100 in the clip, which means you can spray practically forever. And it has great stopping power for charging enemies.

The Force Gun is for crowds or single enemies that are getting too close. It knocks them back and onto their ass, stunning them briefly.

This combination made even the most overwhelming parts of the game easy.

For gun #2, I suggest the same setup, only with Military Engine/Precision tip in the upper tool. When upgraded, it will 1-shot ranged guys (like Unitologist soldiers and Lurkers). Also great for big tentacle targets.

Just be careful of Seeker enemies- the Chain Gun will not stop their charge- force gun them, then kill them with chain gun.
Posted by vSully on 12 Feb 13 at 15:35
fallouthirteenWhoa whoa whoa, tip 11 sucks. You want to spend your ration seals on the 30 packs not the 60 ones. You get the same amount of resources but a better chance at more MK V parts (60 pack = 2 tips + 50% chance at 3rd, 2 * 30 packs = 2 tips + 50% chance + 50% chance which is basically a free chance at another part). Also ration seals are almost completely random (they aren't dependent on the high yield points), so if you are low on resources you can just sit in a room and place your bots until you get enough for a resource pack.
Posted by fallouthirteen on 13 Feb 13 at 04:05
Triple G AndyWhatever works for you man, I just got it for the resources. 'Sides they're not THAT essential, more of a helpful boost near the mid point of the game.
Posted by Triple G Andy on 13 Feb 13 at 12:03
fallouthirteenYeah, but it's more efficient for MKV parts, plus you're able to get your resource drops quicker without losing any net resources. Essentially by redeeming them in packs of 30 you are more likely to get more stuff without any risk of getting less stuff and you get stuff more often, win/win. Most importantly you get your first resource pack a bit sooner when it'll be more useful (instead of saving up until you get 60).

In all, there is no reason to wait for 60 because in essence you are only losing stuff at that point.
Posted by fallouthirteen on 14 Feb 13 at 03:37
Feend ReturnsCan anyone answer me this, is this like Dead Space 2 when you have three saves and that's it?
Posted by Feend Returns on 14 Feb 13 at 20:18
Recon1O1No it's not Feend so save to cloud or usb unless you're god's gift. Hope doing so isn't going to get me kicked off TA. I'll have company.

Here's a bigger worry. I died on the Roanoke but it spawned me at the bench there rather than the opening sequence. Is that the only freebee they give us? I'm askeered I'll find out later that this glitch prevents the achievment. ???
Posted by Recon1O1 on 15 Feb 13 at 01:28
Recon1O1Well it popped so nevermind. No way that was hard difficuly but don't get cocky and keep going because you're on a roll. You'll regret it. I seemed to be able to use the weapon crafting area to make health, save there and then go back to the HC save. I didn't know that till now and I was able to craft better circuits there than in the game.

Thank you AndrekaO.
Posted by Recon1O1 on 16 Feb 13 at 02:26
Tez DreddYou get a free Epic pack after completing Pure Survivalist that you can use at the first Work Bench.

Get your bots working and after you've upgraded your weapon of choice just keep buying the first pack for resources. With 2 bots placed in resource rich areas I was buying the first pack at every second bench stop.

Also if you have the pre-order gun or any other DLC weapons, dismantle and build your own. I used the Evangelizer semi-auto with Force gun, pretty much all the way through. Acid bath and Damage support until I got Stasis coating later on.

The difficulty setting is on casual at least but there is added pressure if you don't use this copy-save cheat, an instant death isn't always something you can avoid.

After completing the game 3 full times (Normal\Classic\Pure Survivalist) and playing loads of Co-Op with random players on impossible to get the revives cheevo, this mode is pretty easy...

Having a copy of your save will save you a lot of time if you (or the game) do mess up but this is very doable...I never died once in combat or instant death areas but was killed by a soldiers rocket while I was un tethering the rope on chapter 16, and there was absolutely nothing I could do as it was in a mini cut-scene. Cost me about 1.5 hours but that would have been more like 6 hours without the save-copy.
Posted by Tez Dredd on 17 Feb 13 at 18:08
MagnumZero@fallouthirteen and Andreka0, if you're just going for resources with the ration seals you actually get a greater return doing the generic resource pack(one that costs 10 ration seals). You're getting half the amount of resources in the 30 pack for 1/3 the cost. So in essence, you're getting 50% more resources from the 10 packs at the same cost of a 30 pack. I realized this when I started my classic run and figured why get the parts when you can't use them.
Posted by MagnumZero on 19 Feb 13 at 12:36
Triple G AndySettle down folks, this is a solution. Not Youtube :s
Posted by Triple G Andy on 19 Feb 13 at 18:55
I wanted to mention, I had a glitch occur to me at the start of the last boss battle. I actually fell through the platform you are supposed to fight it from, killing me instantly. I'm glad I had my save backed up, but I wanted to let you people know, so you're prepared for funny stuff like that.
Posted on 20 Feb 13 at 07:41
Robster80I just want to throw in my 2 cents for this, though I doubt I'll try for this achievement. The first gun idea with the Chain Gun/Force Gun combo is a wonder - I LOVE that gun! For the 2nd gun, I recommend making a Chain Gun/Rocket Launcher combo. The rocket launcher, if you put in Circuits that include +Clip parts, you can max the clip to 3 shots before a reload is required. This comes in handy against the giant alien necromorphs, as 3 rockets and they go down for good.
Posted by Robster80 on 26 Feb 13 at 01:47
perfectdozenOne thing that no one has mentioned (possibly because it's incredibly obvious) is something that I used in my Classic/PS runs that helped me conserve health packs as I progressed through the game. I'll be using the strategy for Hardcore also.

Any time you upgrade Isaac's RIG, your health bar is maxed out. For this reason, I would refrain from purchasing more than one or two upgrades at a time (focusing on health/armor/stasis initially). By the time I got to chapter 14, these three things were pretty much maxed out and there's a suit kiosk that you'll pass by several times as you grab Rosetta's cross-sections. So, if I needed health, I wouldn't burn health packs but try and make it to the suit kiosk instead, buying an upgrade I maybe wouldn't have cared about otherwise. The first upgrade for Air is 200 scrap metal and I believe the first upgrade for kinesis range is 25 scrap metal. This is worth buying over spending 100-240 gel for a health pack. While you don't want to necessarily chance it on hardcore and let your health get too low, if you are done with a section of enemies with low health and a suit kiosk is nearby, go for an upgrade over burning health pack(s).
Posted by perfectdozen on 26 Feb 13 at 17:40
LavindatharHow can you "disable" your cloud storage so it doesnt synch to the games?
Posted by Lavindathar on 04 Mar 13 at 16:56
Triple G AndyI believe you can turn it on & off in the options menu
Posted by Triple G Andy on 04 Mar 13 at 19:17
LavindatharWell, only popped in here to say its not needed. You dont have to disable anything. The achievement will pop with saves on the cloud, even when synched.
Posted by Lavindathar on 07 Mar 13 at 21:22
Triple G AndyIt's manily because if you say back-up your file on cloud and die, then the cloud will notice. It's not because save files in general break the achievement
Posted by Triple G Andy on 07 Mar 13 at 21:30
TuftyAlx312I don't understand this achievement, can someone please clarify what will happen if I die?
Posted by TuftyAlx312 on 18 Sep 13 at 20:37
Triple G AndyIf you die it will reset your progress back to level 1. So if you say got to level 12 and die, your save file will automatically delete itself making you start all over again roll
Posted by Triple G Andy on 18 Sep 13 at 21:01
UrsiformThat one %*&$(#_ climbing section in 13 I swear, nine times out of ten Isaac just refuses to rappel accross the fissures.
Posted by Ursiform on 15 Feb 14 at 01:38
FoogaI usually just copy the save from my hard drive into my slim's internal hard drive. That should work for this game, right?
Posted by Fooga on 04 Oct 14 at 03:46
Triple G AndyCouldn't comment, i'd have no idea of how it'd work =s But theoretically yes
Posted by Triple G Andy on 06 Oct 14 at 13:19
Triple G AndyDevil Horns are for wusses laugh
Posted by Triple G Andy on 11 Nov 14 at 10:59
ParadoxReal8Devil horns are way better than all the weapons you could suggest. Why doing it the hard way when it could be so simpler? That weapon is so funny!

@ Ursiform yeah! That section is a big pain! I stasised they elevator so many time and jumped to the other side just to slide for no apparent reason and come back to the original side, then caress the still in stasis elevator, but of course just touch an object that can kill you is enough to do it. The worst moment in game.

If you have the devil's horn, practically only QTE can kill you. Back up often and you should have too many trouble.
Posted by ParadoxReal8 on 13 Mar 17 at 11:39
AxelSteel15So, I just had the same problem as TheDevilishEyes: got to the platform for the final boss, instantly fell through and died. Thankfully, I have my save backed up on a drive. Will reloading the backup fix the issue or will it just keep happening when I load it up?
Posted by AxelSteel15 on 04 Sep 18 at 13:14