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Complete all 50 Episodes

Complete all 50 Single Player episodes.

Complete all 50 Episodes0
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12 Feb 2013 14 Feb 2013
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EDIT: I have re-completed my unsaved episodes and have now obtained the achievement. I have also added some level-specific advice.

These solutions are great, but none of them mentions a critical problem that further hampers the difficulty of this achievement: saving issues.

Taken from the x360a forums:

Slick Entertainment (the developer) states,
"Unfortunately the saving method implemented in N+ was a result of restrictions that Microsoft enforces on each game title that gets published through them. The short story of it is that we are only allowed to either save or write to the leaderboards once every 5 minutes. This means that if you quit to the main menu it may still need to wait for up to 5 minutes before it can actually save. I personally don’t like the way we had to implement the saving scheme, but it’s what was required."


With that said, you MUST quit out after completing an episode, return to the main menu, and wait for at least FIVE minutes to make absolutely certain that your progress will save. While the leaderboard may display your best time, if the level select menu does not, you must complete the episode again for it to count towards completion.

When I initially bought this game four years ago, this was not an issue; however, I have been significantly hampered by this problem in the last few days, completing 2 to 4 episodes in a row to have only the last completed episode save.

I hope this helps someone. While I have been fortunate enough to escape redoing nasty levels such as "A Maze Zing Race," "Hexactly," or "The Abyss," replaying any of the later episodes is not something most would want to burden themselves with.

General Tips:

* Clicking in the right thumbstick allows you to cycle through zoom levels. Use this to your advantage; sometimes seeing the whole level at once makes it much easier.

* On some of the tougher levels, my strategy was to develop a method piecemeal through trial-and-error, and then not deviate from that route. Through repetition, the earlier segments of your route will become easier. Obviously, it behooves you to tackle the most challenging aspect of the level first. Episode 24's "Paper Thin Walls" is a prime example of when this methodology shines through.

* The human brain learns through repetition, and a vast majority of the learning process takes place during sleep cycles; your brain literally processes and repeats experiences while you sleep. Given this, if a level proves too difficult, sleep on it! Improvement will be obvious when you return the next day.

* Personally, I have found the set-up of my TV/monitor and where I sit to have drastic effects on my performance when playing games that require precision, such as N+ or Doritos' Crash Course. Placing my TV/monitor on a desk or table at eye level while seated in a comfortable chair made a world of difference when compared to a traditional console set-up. This may only apply to me, but I thought I might be important enough to post here.

* Episode 49

If you've made it this far, congratulations; you've passed some difficult challenges. However, I personally found the fourth level of this final episode to be the most difficult of all 250 (or at least the most time-consuming; I spent about 2 hours on this level alone). The trick to completing "A Maze Zing Race" is to make it less of a race against time. I had a grand total of 45 seconds left on my timer when I first attempted this level. I will save you my grief and simply tell you that this is not enough time to finish this stage, even if you do your utmost to nab most of the gold during the process (platforming deities might be the only exception). Spend the time (and frustration) to collect ALL the gold in levels one and three of this episode, and most of the gold in level two; once returning to do this, I had about 130 seconds on the timer, and the stress of rushing evaporated. Of course, you still need to deal with the actual level. Posting my route here would simply be impractical, but here are a few tips:

1.) Grab the gold in the mined room above the door from the offset. This will further buffer your time and becomes trivial after a few successful attempts.

2.) Practice the "door run" a few times to make sure you have a high chance of nailing that part when you finally get to it; nothing is more frustrating than dying so near to the end!

3.) Tackle the rocket room first, then the top right corner, then the turret room up top, saving the final door switch in the top left for last before opening the exit.

4.) The turret room on top is trivial. Run under the turret as soon as possible; the first shot will go right over your head. Upon hitting the switch, jump over the reticule and exit the room. I didn't bother with the gold here; if you're at this point, you're halfway done, and shouldn't need the extra time to risk a death.

5.) There's no need to rush. Unless you're vying for a top spot on the leaderboards--good luck--you have an ample buffer of time if you followed my previous advice. Don't waste time, but don't be reckless. The final level requires simple speed, so it isn't important to bank time during this one.

* Patience. It's been mentioned before, but I will say it again. I honestly never thought I would complete this game because of the difficulty, but I managed to finish off all 50 episodes with some dedication and perseverance. I can honestly say that this was one of the more difficult achievements I have obtained, and I have more than a few tricky ones under my belt.

* Good luck! If more help is needed and you can't seem to find answers anywhere else, please comment and I will reply as soon as I can.
Nerf TurboThe game is completely locking me out of some levels and skipping others. I replay the previous level and it skips the locked levels. This will make some achievements impossible for me. To give an example episode 00 is unlocked and so is episode 03 but episodes 01, and 02 are locked. Any ideas?
Posted by Nerf Turbo on 19 Feb 13 at 16:15
o KeyserSoeze oIf I understand your problem correctly, episode 00 is available to play, and when completed, it completely skips episodes 01 and 02 and takes you directly to episode 03. If that is the case, I do not have any solid advice to give you, as I have never encountered that problem myself and have no clear idea as to what could be causing it. I have also done some looking around on the internet for any information pertaining to this issue and have found nothing.

However, do not give up hope. I do have some suggestions, but I can't promise they will work. First, you can try deleting the system cache on your 360. It will delete all updates for all games, as well as some other temporary data (none of it should be critical, however, I do not advise doing this on a regular basis, as some games, such as Gears of War 2, will reset progress towards achievements and levels).

You should also try deleting and re-downloading N+ after clearing the cache, if the problem persists.

Another option would be deleting and recovering your profile via XBL.

All of these operations are safe if performed correctly; if you feel the slightest bit uncomfortable doing any of them, however, be sure to search the internet for some guides on how to do them correctly. I'm not trying to insult you if you are tech savvy, but I want to make sure I'm not responsible for anything that might go wrong should you choose to follow my suggestions.

Please let me know if any of these methods get you anywhere!
Posted by o KeyserSoeze o on 20 Feb 13 at 06:11
Sammler 360I have saving issues too.
I had to replay 10 episodes.
Thank you for the tip, I hope it help.
Posted by Sammler 360 on 20 Feb 13 at 12:47
Nerf TurboThanks for the tips. I had tried deleting and redownloading the game, also clearing the system cache. After doing so, I replayed episode 00 and 01 and 02 unlocked. Other episodes were locked as well like 11-14 which I played and seemed to unlock. I also tried waiting for quite a while before exiting. When I went back into the game those same levels were locked, but later levels are unlocked. I know I will just have to play those levels when I get to that point in the achievement progress, but if I get locked out of many more levels, it will make it pretty tough to do in one run.
Today, a friend and I played through co-op episodes to episode 9. We got to 9-3 and I had to leave. Before I left I checked my Co-op levels and all of them were locked and his were all unlocked. I was host.
Thanks again for the tips. The only one I didn't do yet was deleting and recovering my gamertag. It's just odd, because I just bought this game during the recent sale, however, the game was played on my account, minimally, 4 years ago, which is what I'm assuming the problem is.
Posted by Nerf Turbo on 21 Feb 13 at 01:30