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Aren't You Thankful?

Complete the game on Hardcore Mode.

Aren't You Thankful?0
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Death to PS3sDeath to PS3s179,104
15 Feb 2013 15 Feb 2013
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Not a actual solution, but a great tip if you want the easiest playthrough possible: do Pure Survival (PS) before Hardcore mode.

The rewards you receive from beating PS DO carry over to Hardcore mode unlike Classic modes reward. If you do not know what you get from PS, you basically get a instant boost to all of your resources in various numbers (I got around 350 or so Tungsten, but over 1k gel) and Mk II version of practically every part in the game.

So as soon as you get to the Roanoke you can build pretty much anything instead of having to wait to get the parts available. This obviously is a massive benefit, not only because it makes the beginning of the game very easy, but also because the Mk II parts are all around great and you don't need to get Ration Seals to get them.

With all of those parts, you shouldn't have much difficulty at all and the only thing to truly worry about is the segments of the game where you can get instant killed.
Kyotic GBabySucks that this doesn't stack with PS. I finished just now thinking I didn't have to do PS. I was wrong ;(
Posted by Kyotic GBaby on 16 Feb 13 at 06:24