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Complete the game on Hardcore Mode.

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Leeroy1975Leeroy1975This gamer has had their achievements removed from the site
16 Feb 2013
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Not a solution but helpful.

Once you have the Devil Horns unlocked from completing Classic mode, you will need to disconnect from xbox live. Delete your cache to get rid of the update, then start up the mode you want to play, get to CH. 3 access the bench on the Roanoke the Devil Horns will be there. Make a save after collecting them resign into xbox live update the game and carry on in SP or CO-OP.
SpoolinChaosNo idea why this has negative votes, it worked perfectly. This should be at the very top.
Posted by SpoolinChaos on 18 Feb 13 at 03:30
NINja277no vote yet but what purpose does the devil horns do and how does this affect the Hardcore playthrough?
Posted by NINja277 on 22 Feb 13 at 06:01
SpoolinChaosEverything is a one shot kill and fires as fast as you can pull the trigger. I beat Hard Core in about 6 hours using the Devil horns, and that was after dying and having to go back 2 hours because I forgot to update my save file due to how fast I was going through the game.
Posted by SpoolinChaos on 22 Feb 13 at 14:33
UnhandyCarthanks man your ideia help me to finish on hardcore LOL....
Posted by UnhandyCar on 23 Feb 13 at 04:47
TrueWickedoneThis doesnt work for everyone and not sure why. I did classic first then pure survival with devil horns but when I loaded hardcore mode third, it not only didnt give me devil horns but it didnt reward me with my resource pack bonus either. Going to delete save and start again and hope this time my bench on chapter 3 is more kind to me
Posted by TrueWickedone on 24 Feb 13 at 17:31
TrueWickedoneOk, after 2 attempts using my pure survival save i went back to my classic save file and did new game+ off that again and devil horns was there.
Posted by TrueWickedone on 24 Feb 13 at 19:32
Skin CoatHaha will do this, thanks
Posted by Skin Coat on 26 Feb 13 at 08:51
Siwalker69perfect - voted up!
Posted by Siwalker69 on 02 Mar 13 at 08:05
Jack Trauma xxThe only advice on this entire threadb worth taking got my vote it worked like a charm beat game with no sweat
Posted by Jack Trauma xx on 02 Mar 13 at 13:36
Jack Trauma xxThe only advice on this entire threadb worth taking got my vote it worked like a charm beat game with no sweat
Posted by Jack Trauma xx on 02 Mar 13 at 13:38
GwintbleiddDoes not work for me, too...can it be because of the Awakened DLC? I deleted the DLC and cleared the system cache and when I tried to load my Classic Mode save it said "Not able to load the safe file. Plaese download Awakened again"...
But played some chapters now and Hardcore is way more easy than I imagined...
Posted by Gwintbleidd on 14 Mar 13 at 14:43
thoseAREmySHOESIt seems the new DLC has invalidated this method... right before I was about to start it, too.
Posted by thoseAREmySHOES on 16 Mar 13 at 03:36
PhoenixKuroganeOkay, for some reason it won't give me the Devil Horns even tho I followed the directions exact. Need answers please!
Posted by PhoenixKurogane on 17 Mar 13 at 22:00
shagyxI wish i knew this before i even started awakening
Posted by shagyx on 18 Mar 13 at 23:58
NoobsUnitedDon't have the DLC, deleted cahce and still didn't work. Any ideas to help me?
Posted by NoobsUnited on 21 Mar 13 at 18:32
RVMI can confirm this still works. Just got the achievement, and I have the online pass and no DLC.
Posted by RVM on 15 May 13 at 03:31
Gods Killer 256Same here, this solution works. only thing i had downloaded was the online pass. no awakened DLC.....thanks to Leeroy1975 for making this latest dead space achievement a breeze!
Posted by Gods Killer 256 on 21 May 13 at 03:31
Reborn as DEATHDo the items that you have gathered on your other playthrough remain or they disappear?
Posted by Reborn as DEATH on 12 Jun 13 at 13:31
Sneaky G WizardKinda pointless really. The only likely way you can die on this play-through is the lame set-piece action sequences. Very rarely killed by enemies personally, got too many health kits (B, B, B, B lol).
Posted by Sneaky G Wizard on 09 Aug 13 at 20:22
Still work?
Posted on 24 Jun 14 at 02:18
Sneaky G WizardWhys that?
Posted by Sneaky G Wizard on 13 Jul 14 at 09:00
FoogaI got to the bench on chapter 2 and its not there. Does it spawn on chapter 3 or something?
Posted by Fooga on 03 Oct 14 at 09:13
CRT JEDIMARKAuthor does not explain the purpose of doing this, if anything I would want to do this on my own and not depend on the skill of other players. Why would I cheat the game and exploit some hack just to play co-op? Please explain the purpose and like Andy said how does this help the non-combat parts of the game where you can die? If no solution is available then this thread should be packed full of tips and advise.
Posted by CRT JEDIMARK on 19 Oct 14 at 03:34
CRT JEDIMARKSee here, Now this is helpful and relevant!! > You can copy your save file to a memory device whenever you make what you consider to be significant progress. If you do die, then copy the save file from your memory device back to your HDD (overwriting the primary save file).
Posted by CRT JEDIMARK on 19 Oct 14 at 03:45
Fooga^ Anyone who's played the game knows they patched it to where you can't use Devil Horns on most modes, so the method is pretty obvious.

The "hack" has nothing to do with playing in Co op. He simply stated doing this will have it carry over to SP or Co op, since the only way to use them otherwise is to delete the update and play offline. This is simply a work around.
Posted by Fooga on 19 Oct 14 at 07:37
CxHxUxDWhen I load up the game it goes through everything you have unlocked. EXCEPT telling me "Classic Mode Complete".. yet I still have Devil Horns in a regular save game. Why would they not let you use them, its out choice or not!
Posted by CxHxUxD on 20 Nov 14 at 18:11
Dr MartyThis does NOT work for the Games on Demand Version. The game file comes pre-installed with the patch!
Posted by Dr Marty on 02 Mar 18 at 00:49
Anthony AjaxI'd like a little more explanation as to why all of this is necessary? Or point me in the right direction?
Posted by Anthony Ajax on 31 Aug 18 at 05:57
AndykenSkywankrComplete on pure survival mode 1st you are allowed those rewards I created 2 much needed weapons that helped me through. Shotgun grenade launcher with explosive amplifier an safety guard was on weapon an extra reliable as well as a bolos line gun with pulse rifle with rail accelerator acid bath an damage up. Hope this helps anyone that attempts it
Posted by AndykenSkywankr on 27 May 20 at 22:49
dan0wnzDoes the gamepass version work for this? Also does would I be able to do this in co-op right off the bat or do I have to be in single player mode until chapter 3? Also can you clarify what you mean by "delete the cache," you mean delete the entire game from my xbox and redownload it on xbox offline mode to avoid the updates? That would then mean I have to play single player until chapter 3. Am I right about this?
Posted by dan0wnz on 01 Dec 20 at 02:51
Guidality@dan0wnz it does not work on the gamepass version as the update is preloaded in the digital game.
Posted by Guidality on 16 Dec 20 at 20:50
dan0wnz@guidality does the USB trick work on the gamepass version? also will it work in co-op if one of us does it?
Posted by dan0wnz on 08 Jan at 11:25
aubrey345@guildality did you find the answer to your question? I have the disc and game pass versions BUT will be doing this on Xbox 1 so don’t know if it’s doable
Posted by aubrey345 on 26 Jan at 08:35
aubrey345@guildality did you find the answer to your question? I have the disc and game pass versions BUT will be doing this on Xbox 1 so don’t know if it’s doable
Posted by aubrey345 on 26 Jan at 08:58
GuidalityI didn't ask a question. Guys, this solution hasn't been updated since 2013. The game's forum is probably a better place to find the answer to your question about the gamepass version on X1
Posted by Guidality on 26 Jan at 16:06
aubrey345@guildality, you literally asked “ does the USB trick work on the gamepass version? also will it work in co-op if one of us does it?”

So you did ask a question!

I have the game on disc but also gamepass.
I’m wanting to know if I can still spam the save trick.
It seems I can’t find a way around it and may have to do it legit but it’s not easy.
Posted by aubrey345 on 30 Jan at 11:36
GuidalityLOL check again dude. That was asked by dan0wnz
Posted by Guidality on 30 Jan at 16:07
aubrey345@guildality, either way, I don’t think it’s possible now on Xbox one game pass version, you can’t copy saves files now and you can’t fool the game into playing offline to give you the devil horns. Gonna have to tackle this legit and hope for the best
Posted by aubrey345 on 31 Jan at 14:40
The S bot 9000Wanted to also add the following tips:

1.)You can revert checkpoint and save/quit whenever you want (only host can revert checkpoint) so you can use this whenever you get in a pickle and don’t think you’ll make it out alive
2.)Use the item duplication glitch in chapter 8 to max out your rig and have spare resources for medkits, ammo and stasis packs
Posted by The S bot 9000 on 27 Sep at 04:16
dan0wnzI decided to do it legit, and I ended up getting it on my first attempt thanks to God, (yes I'm thankful).

The Item duplication glitch in chapter 8/9, and the save/quit option helped a lot in several areas, just as The S bot 9000 above said. Although keep in mind, when you return, you will return with however many health packs/ammo you had left when you save/quit'd as well as health, you may need to backtrack to a bench to restock, I had to do this in chapter 18 with the unitologist ambush from both sides of the railing, I was yellow bar and had no health packs, ended up going all the way back through the bench area and then restocking on health and coming back. Enemies don't respawn when you go back as I understand it.

I would also add to complete Survival mode to get the mega resource deposit (one time), I was able to make my favorite gun in chapter 3 in my first work bench and upgrade my rig quite a bit. Having a dead space 2 save to unlock the "legends" suit which gives you an automatic 25 spaces instantly when you change into it is also a major help.
Posted by dan0wnz on 22 Nov at 02:45