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TBoGT: Gold Star

Score 100% in all missions. (The Ballad of Gay Tony)

TBoGT: Gold Star+1.3
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16 Feb 2013 02 Jun 2016
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There are many guides already but I'm only going to give some tips for what I thought were the harder challenges, the par time for those I completed last.
Most of the time it's only a matter of taking the shortest route and few retries, but for the following levels I was still struggling, until I made a change that then made it very easy.
Make sure you try the Time challenges on their own as it's easier then. For health/headshots/accuracy, just do a dedicated pistol run and take it slow and easy.
For the other challenges please read the other solutions. Also play the missions at least once first, as it will make my explanations easier to understand.

Going Deep (Par Time)
The trick is to use sticky bombs, to blow up the trucks and cars before anyone gets out of them. That includes the first ones (those you need to wait the guys from, to get close to your car, in a normal run). So simply hide the bomb and run behind the red car where the marker is, after a couple of seconds run towards the entrance on time to sticky the first two vehicles. Then get the next vehicles the same way. When you have the marker on top of the ramp, ready your RPG, go up to it and shoot the last truck coming on the left. For the last two cars on the right use any gun as it's simple enough and drive back home following the quick route going through the park.
May take you a couple of tries as you will miss some throws at first, but when you get it right it will save a lot of time. I'd recommend auto-aim off for this.
(you could also try all with RPG but space is tight and I was blowing myself up)

Dropping In (Par Time)
The Bullet GT trick is required (calling the car before starting the mission, see other solutions for details), but on top of that, use the explosive shotgun once in the building. I found it kills faster than the pistol or machine guns and will allow you to easily Rambo your way through.

Departure Time (Par Time)
Big change here, basically don't do it the regular way.
The idea is to avoid all fight and throw sticky bombs over walls to blow up drug caches. Once at Funland kill the two guys in front of you then run back towards where you got off the car until you get to the level of the blue square (drug cache) on your right. Throw a bomb over the wall, start running back to entrance of Funland (giving time for the bomb to land) then blow it up. You will now get a marker at the entrance you need to trigger, but also quickly shoot the two ducks there. Then run back again as fast as possible all the way to the street where you got off the car (ignore anyone shooting you) and turn left; at the second zebra crossing you should be at the level of the last drug cache on your left. Bomb over wall/building and you're done. You will be on the other side after the cut-scene.
For the rest: Kill the running man as fast as possible; run to the bike, be fast but patient on it (will feel slow once the chopper appears, just take it easy and stay behind the enemies); use explosive shotgun on plane and parachute all the way to the park/marker after jumping from the plane.
The Funland part especially will save a lot of time, I made it in under 7 min vs 11 min before.

This Ain't Checkers (Par Time)
Small pointer on this one, for the boat part, use the furthest away. I found it fast yet nimble so is the best for what is the longest part of the race.
JonSharpe1986Great shout with throwing the sticky bombs over the wall for Departure Time. I was able to complete it in under 9 mins by just throwing the first bomb over - I didn't need to worry about positioning myself for throwing another at the last drug cache as I found it quicker and easier to just shoot my way through to it. You saved me a lot of time, thanks!
Posted by JonSharpe1986 on 24 Jun 13 at 09:56
Gh051 93Great guide! Just wanted to add that for Departure Time, I found it easier to throw a sticky bomb at the group of enemies you run into on your way back to the street after triggering the last 2 drug caches to spawn. Doing so should enable you to complete the mission with little to no damage.
Posted by Gh051 93 on 20 Jan 14 at 22:15
Kerman7Glad to see this still helps some people out even though it's hard to find at the end of a very long page
Posted by Kerman7 on 21 Jan 14 at 00:56
ViniBTAmazing solution on Departure Time!
Posted by ViniBT on 18 Jul at 19:37