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No Point in Dying

Complete the game in one sitting with five or less deaths

No Point in Dying0
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For those that are still trying for this, a tip I can add among the many other useful ones here, that can help save a life is this:

When you first get to the first Hotel sign, just keep running and jump. If you don't stop during your run, the sign is already timed to turn off at the perfect time.

If you reload the chapter to practice this level, the timing is not there, so you would have to time the jump yourself. Load up the previous chapter to test it out.
Once I figured this out, I haven't lost a life on the sign since. I know it's not that difficult to begin with, but anything to help eliminate a timed jump is good news to me.

TheSockBoyI upvoted this purely because I would stop and time it, and I know a few seconds isn't much, but time is money! and a single death so early could be the breaking point for getting the achievement. D;
Posted by TheSockBoy on 24 Feb 13 at 18:11
TheJimiHippieGood news indeed. Thx.
Posted by TheJimiHippie on 07 Jan 15 at 03:33
AerithenVery helpful, thanks for the tip!
Posted by Aerithen on 25 Aug 15 at 15:42
Cidkia559I can confirm that timing on the first H is perfect if you don't stop running.
Posted by Cidkia559 on 30 Jan 18 at 05:58