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21 Feb 2013
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To get to Rank 20, you will need about 130,000XP. While this may sound daunting, it actually is not, and can be obtained in only one day of playing.
The fastest way by far (without boosting, but it is not really necessary for this) is to play Crash Site/Spears and GO FOR THE OBJECTIVES. In Crash Site, for every 5 seconds that you stay in the area of the pod, you will get 50XP, so crowd the objectives, and you can get at least 1000XP just from that. Plus all of your skill kills, your challenges, regular kills, assists, etc will all add up at the end of the game. At the end of a good game, you can rack up about 6,500XP.
In Spears, this is where the awesome XP is. Everytime you capture a Spear (it doesn't matter if you're first there or not), you will get 250XP. Just run from spear to spear and keep on capturing/killing those enemies. At the end of a good game in spears you can get around 8,000XP although my best was 12,000XP.

If you want to boost, it is the same method as in Crysis 2. Fill a lobby with 12 people in Capture the Relay. Have the entire team (except for one person on each team) stand around their own relay point. The one person from each team will go to the enemy spear and pick it up and drop it into the proximity of the enemy team so it gets reset. If you really need to boost this, then that will be your method.

NOTE: If you are going for all of the multiplayer achievements, level 20 will definitely come along the way. Completing the 25 challenges will take a while, and will score you some great XP bonuses along the way!
I wonder why the lower level again? I'm level 17 and I'm level 14 now, pff
Posted on 25 Feb 13 at 00:25
RellikGodis the achievement glitching for anyone that has used the level up code with the hunter edition? want to know if I should use the code or not
Posted by RellikGod on 25 Feb 13 at 03:22
SmiththedudeNot for me, I got it just fine =]
Posted by Smiththedude on 25 Feb 13 at 03:29
IIII Aaron IIIICan anyone else confirm the this as I am a little hesitant to use the hunter edition code too.
Posted by IIII Aaron IIII on 26 Feb 13 at 23:46
SmiththedudeI have a few friends on my friends list: ClockWrkPhantom, and PsychoticMrL just to name two, have gotten it no problem, with the Hunter edition, and you can check their cards to see that they have it
Posted by Smiththedude on 27 Feb 13 at 00:20
jimmyclutchmanim having no problems whatsoever and i can confirm that 5 of my friends didnt glitch for them either
Posted by jimmyclutchman on 28 Feb 13 at 22:03
Bandicoot V2Just a quick note, its 2x XP this weekend so get that game in lol
Posted by Bandicoot V2 on 17 Mar 13 at 08:17
EarthboundXJust to note, most game modes are 100% dead now, all people play is Team Deathmatch, and maybe Hunter.
Posted by EarthboundX on 10 Feb 14 at 06:12
olde fortran 77In addition to being dead except for Team Deathmatch, the online game is completely dominated by level 50 players who play nothing else. Get your Crysis 3 achievements before you pass level 10 or it's almost impossible because you'll be out-played by full-time Crysis 3 players. Boosting is pretty much the only way to go now.
Posted by olde fortran 77 on 10 Apr 14 at 13:08
Solario32We are lucky Crytek didn't make the requirement level 50.
Posted by Solario32 on 11 Feb 15 at 13:33
FLAMESTAPLESrelay boosting does not work anymore
Posted by FLAMESTAPLES on 07 May 15 at 20:00
SmiththedudeWait, really? Did they patch it?
Posted by Smiththedude on 07 May 15 at 20:29
RapidColt713492Fuuuck!!!! i'm only level 13 and half way done with challenges.
Posted by RapidColt713492 on 10 May 16 at 16:05
NOTE: If you are going for all of the multiplayer achievements, level 20 will definitely come along the way.
Wrong. This is my very last achievement needed, and I am only level 18.
Posted by BulletLukey on 24 Aug 16 at 03:17