Enslaved: Odyssey to the West Review by Spiderman Noire

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21 Feb 2013
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This review is late but beneficial to anyone who goes to a game store and sees it covered in dust and under other lost games. Too sum up what this review is about...if you see this game...please pick it up! this game opened my mind to not just buying the big ticket games but the underdog that beats down the giant. Since this is a achievement site, I will include achievements as part of my review.

Story - 8/10

Out of the many aspects of this game, i believe this is the weakest of all aspects of this game but no doubt is it terrible. I enjoyed the simplicity of Monkey (the main character) and the friendliness of the second major character (cannot remember her name off the top of my head). Pigsy is a character you see later on in the game and is a refreshing glass of water. the emotion that is conveyed b Monkey in cut scenes and through game play is genuine and real not forced like other games. This is one of the few games in which i did not skip the cut scenes and was actually tense in some of the later chapters as Monkey hangs from extremely high cliffs that crumble as you progress.

Game play - 9/10

Game play is varied and not really remains the same throughout he game. The bosses are entertaining to destroy and the combat i believe is smooth and entertaining to smack the crap out of robots with a stick like Donatello!. I think this game is on the same level as Batman Arkham Asylum as in pacing of action and style.

Achievements - 8/10

A lot of this game can be achieved through story progression and simple upgrades but this game as one of the most frustrating collectible achievements know to man. I thought Arkham City and Alan Wake was bad but this is worse because of the game. For example, there is a tech orb in a chapter that you need to land on before the cut scene starts. Many times the tech orbs will be invisible and drop off the map. I love achievements and this is the only one that i don't have. cause one chapter is at 99% cause of one missing orb.

DLC (Pigs Perfect 10) - 8/10

This expansion takes you into the shoes of one of my new favorite characters, Pigsy. This DLC is priced at 800 MS points which i believe is value because of the amount of time you can get out of it and the lack of content that recent DLC provides. You get a similar experience as the main game but with a variation based on the expanded skills that Pigs provides. Story is pretty good but i picked this DLC immediately after completing the game cause i couldn't stop playing


This is top 3 games on the xbox because this game is fresh just like what dead space brought to the industry back in 2008. Good luck finding a copy of this game as they have been used as coasters or to stabilize tables. I believe if you go to an attic of a video game store and find a copy, you will not be let down
willeythemarmotGreat review. Glad to see someone else enjoyed Enslaved as much as I did.
Posted by willeythemarmot on 21 Feb 13 at 22:57