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The Blood of a Liege-Lord

You've slain William of Montferrat, Liege-Lord of Acre.

The Blood of a Liege-Lord0
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22 Dec 2009 09 Oct 2010
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If you are puzzled as to how to do the investigations, use the first video (doesn´t get interesting until halfway through though).

On how to kill him, check the bottom video. Very nice, instant kill, way of doing it.
Tiago Pedrosathis actually doesn't work this way. i've tried it, great way to kill him, but no achievement. and no, i have not unlocked it already. is there any other assassiation target that i could get the achievement? (expect the first one).
one question, does it only work with a full dna bar or something like what?
Posted by Tiago Pedrosa on 10 Apr 10 at 03:48
Solario32Thanks for the video and solution.
Posted by Solario32 on 20 Sep 11 at 01:20
Charlie LimaNice videos. Thanks!
Posted by Charlie Lima on 18 Jul 18 at 11:53
jantrance@Tiago Pedrosa It unlocked for me after killing him and returning to the Assassin's creed house in the city and after the talk with the guy there. I also did do everything in the city as well as get every flag and kill every templar in the city before going for the assasination.
Posted by jantrance on 12 Aug at 14:53