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True Commitment

Reach level 60 in multiplayer.

True Commitment0
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D0PE B0ID0PE B0I799,208
24 Feb 2013 09 Jan 2014
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As the 1st person to unlock True Commitment, Shopaholic and 1k this game, this is the method I used.

[True Commitment] You need to reach level 60. It takes 1,771,100xp to hit level 60. I estimate it takes 12-15hrs to go from 0-60 depending on your speed.

Edit The devs have been kind enough to remove the general as a requirement to unlock Shopaholic.

This is a video showing and explaining my method. All video credit goes to SPHINX OG

Play a private match of Rescue by yourself. Choose SURVIVORS as your team and max out the time (20min) and set the captures to 20. Equip the sprint perk (you get this at lvl 27) and 2x looting perk which is available from the start. I chose the level Beach as its small and thats less surface area. Now all you have to do is take the medical supplies to the designated area and drop them off, the pick up spot changes but the drop off point wont. Rinse and Repeat. Once you capture 20 the round will end.

Now at this time you want to leave the match and it will not penalize you if you leave between rounds. You are doing this because in the next round you would play as the SOLARII and will have to stop the SURVIVORS from capturing the medical supplies but since youre playing by yourself theres nothing to do.

Doing this you should average 27,000xp every 12-15min and you can do it all by yourself no sessions required. When you hit 60, go to load out and hit Y to Prestige.

[Collecting Salvage] While recovering the medical supplies you should also run around and collect salvage from the boxes. Make sure you have the perk equipped that increase your salvage looting.Farming salvage is much faster than leveling up. You can get 230-300 salvage per box and there are several on each map and they respawn quickly. I personally only collected the 2 salvage boxes in and by the tunnel.
MainstreamVery helpful solution, DOPE BOI. +1
Posted by Mainstream on 25 Feb 13 at 21:47
d4rk antaresyeah nice solution +1
Posted by d4rk antares on 26 Feb 13 at 02:06
BanDzioR 44good solution +1
Posted by BanDzioR 44 on 26 Feb 13 at 17:07
I Ebon Hawk IGreat solution. I have the game already too. Would be cool to Prestige before the game's retail release.
Posted by I Ebon Hawk I on 26 Feb 13 at 22:37
demonWhistlerNice guide man! But damn that sounds long and boring! :(
Posted by demonWhistler on 27 Feb 13 at 20:39
Barad 007Nice one, I will thumbs up once the game is on my profile next tuesday. :P
Posted by Barad 007 on 01 Mar 13 at 00:44
BLAZE VII+1 from me too, it's all good!
Posted by BLAZE VII on 02 Mar 13 at 00:02
a s p athat's the way to go +1
Posted by a s p a on 03 Mar 13 at 08:15
BLAZE VIIShit this takes freaking forever but still and definitely is the EASIEST & FASTEST WAY to level up yourself. Even if you are good in any ranked match or think you can boost this faster with others in Deathmatch you would get the approx. same amount of XP (with only Hostmigration/Connection problems) so don't even try, simply do it this way!
Posted by BLAZE VII on 04 Mar 13 at 13:50
CovetousCash64Why not set the matches to 1 round so that you don't need to quit after the first round? Is 3 the minimum?
Posted by CovetousCash64 on 05 Mar 13 at 06:36
BLAZE VII@ CovetousCash64: The mininum round you can set is 3, that's why!
Posted by BLAZE VII on 05 Mar 13 at 10:27
Be CertifiedIf you go 5 meters with the case and drop it you get 200+ for a medium carry and still 500 for the long carry when you turn it in, but yeah awesome guide
Posted by Be Certified on 05 Mar 13 at 17:04
D0PE B0I@ Be Certified. Yes I know that but you only get credit when moving towards the drop off spot. So you could pick it up carry towards there drop it, get points and then turn around and carry it away, drop it and repeat to get points again. Its just not enough points or efficient time wise.

Most people are automatically getting the points for medium carry as anytime you walk off something you drop it and have to pick it back up.
Posted by D0PE B0I on 05 Mar 13 at 17:36
Hercules SR117Can anyone else confirm that this has worked for them? No offense D0pe B0i, but your TR profile got reset, which to me sets off alarm bells. You mention that it hasn't happened to anyone else, but you didn't mention whether or not those people were boosting like you. I just want confirmation that someone else has boosted in this way and NOT been reset.
Posted by Hercules SR117 on 05 Mar 13 at 18:38
xxx iFIGHT xxxSo, You have to hit level 60 three times??
Posted by xxx iFIGHT xxx on 05 Mar 13 at 19:27
Brenin WatsonOk so I already bought a bunch of weapon upgrades... am I fucked?
Posted by Brenin Watson on 06 Mar 13 at 01:41
D0PE B0I@ Toast. No just stop. As I said you will lose them.
Posted by D0PE B0I on 06 Mar 13 at 02:09
Brenin WatsonOkay awesome, thanks man.
Posted by Brenin Watson on 06 Mar 13 at 02:10
D0PE B0I@ Hercules. Does me being the 1st to complete the game count? Bandzior is 2nd is my friend who used my method. Everyone I know going for this achievement is using it. Check PS3, they're using it.

Only 1person had a problem and that was Sphinx OG. He got reset but at the time I was a full prestige above him and others were close to him. Nobody else got reset.
Posted by D0PE B0I on 06 Mar 13 at 02:22
Epsilon ThetaCould you please use markup instead of caps? Thank you!
Posted by Epsilon Theta on 06 Mar 13 at 10:08
MC0REBEGood method mate
Posted by MC0REBE on 06 Mar 13 at 20:51
Bootybandit1I find chasm the best map to do it on, can finish under 8 minutes
Posted by Bootybandit1#751 on 08 Mar 13 at 00:16
REALFOX81+1 thanks
Posted by REALFOX81 on 08 Mar 13 at 21:16
BLAZE VII@ Paul Doyle: Agreed. Doing the same. Got tired of the rainy Beach map. Fastest was 7 minutes but that's about it, since you really need to be lucky with the spawns.
Posted by BLAZE VII on 09 Mar 13 at 16:36
BuddyRusso+1 thanks for posting this D0pe B0I and others for mentioning the drop/+200 medium carry bonus.

Still, I hate all those that are responsible for this achievement... 3rd Prestige, who thought that was a good idea?
Posted by BuddyRusso on 10 Mar 13 at 03:44
Baloo DarlingThe people who count the money... anyways, thanks for the solution Dope Boi!
Posted by Baloo Darling on 10 Mar 13 at 19:32
Fuzzmeister JI don't do the drop method because I am usually watching a show to pass time and it feels like it's going faster if I just watch TV and just worry about running back and forth.
Posted by Fuzzmeister J on 11 Mar 13 at 17:19
Clap That FoolThis is def. the best solution Thanks D0pe B0I. I dont really see how they can reset people for boosting like this its part of the game, its their fault for making this a possible boosting method.
Posted by Clap That Fool on 11 Mar 13 at 22:50
Sera Di SiahCould anybody tell me, or confirm that you have to get to prestige 3 and level 58 to get the shopaholic achievement? Can't you buy everything but the General at Prestige 2, then prestige to prestige 3 and buy the General? And just at Prestige 3 level 1 get the achievement? Otherwise you have to get to 58 again and spend another 10 hours boosting. Hope you understand what I mean, must everything be unlocked at the same time or can you buy everything then prestige and buy the General, will that unlock the achievement or not?
Posted by Sera Di Siah on 12 Mar 13 at 13:34
Brenin WatsonIf I am not mistaken, the weapon upgrades go away every prestige and you have to unlock them again.
Posted by Brenin Watson on 12 Mar 13 at 13:44
Epsilon ThetaIf you have enough booty you can buy them again though. I think you can buy the general as soon as you reach Prestige 3, even if it is only level 1.
Posted by Epsilon Theta on 12 Mar 13 at 14:28
D0PE B0I@ Voices and others. I made it pretty clear in the explanation that after you prestige the upgrades that you previously bought are wiped out and locked. The game does not remember that you previously bought them.

So in order to unlock the Shopaholic achievement. You have to wait until you are a level 58 in the 3rd prestige in order to unlock the last weapons upgrades. Once you hit the 3rd Prestige feel free to start to buy upgrades and The General.
Posted by D0PE B0I on 12 Mar 13 at 20:37
LostMantella9Finally got the 1000g on this game, thanks for the great guide D0PE B0I!
Posted by LostMantella9 on 13 Mar 13 at 06:04
D0PE B0I@ Lost. No problem, that's why its there.
Posted by D0PE B0I on 13 Mar 13 at 06:09
Epsilon ThetaAh I see, you don't only loose upgrades you bought but also the ability to buy upgrades until you have again met the level requirement. I take it that characters you bought are kept?
Posted by Epsilon Theta on 13 Mar 13 at 07:52
D0PE B0I@ Epsilon. Yes
Posted by D0PE B0I on 13 Mar 13 at 10:51
Epsilon ThetaThank you. May I recommend that you use mark-up to improve your solution? You can use underline, italics, and bold font by using the [ u] [ /u], , and tags respectively.
Posted by Epsilon Theta on 13 Mar 13 at 12:14
WcbezoekerIf you use the drop method you can get an extra 200 xp for all the spawn locations and 200 more for the far spawnpoint. This will get you an average of 31,000 xp every 10 minutes. With 10 minutes I mean that you get an average of 31,000 xp INCLUDING loading times.

The loading times are from the moment you deliver the last box until the moment you can move in the next game. This takes about 70-75 seconds. The average time to finish a game is about 8:20-8:30, so 1:30-1:40 left. Hence you can complete say 6 games per hour including loading times. This method will take less than 10 hours to prestige.

Let me start with some terminology. I give the following names to the spawn locations. From left to right.

1. The left one
2. The high one
3. The other one, the one lying in front off the wall to get access to 2.
4. The far one, the one in the tunnel at the back. You can get an extra 200 xp for this one.
5. The right one

I will use the same methods to get to the supplies as in the video. I do pick up those two salvage boxes.

Drop locations
1. Drop it on your way back when you are between the fence and the tree. At (4.22) in the video. You will probably do a roll and the box will fall down the slope, Pick it up and deliver it to get a long carry followed by a medium carry.

2. When you get the bag, do not drop down as in the video. Continue along the pathway and make a sharp left at the end. You will run off the ledge and automatically hold on to the ledge, the bag is dropped automatically. Drop down and if you made the turn sharp enough, the bag is lying against a pillar. You will get a medium carry. Pick it up and continue by walking between the fence and the tree, the same as for the first spawnpoint. Do not drop it. You will get a a long carry.

3. Turn around when you get to the supplies. Walk a bit toward the right of the camp symbol. Do not go into the tunnel. Walk of the edge which is between the camp and the area with fence and tree. You will get a long carry for this. Continue to get the medium carry.

4. Use the tunnels to get to the bag. Pick it up and turn around. Do not go into the tunnel, but stay right of it. Just before you reach the ammo box, which is lying on the ground, throw the bag forward with RT. You get a medium carry. Pick it up and continue straight ahead towards the ski lift entrance, it is a bit left of the camp symbol. Walk of the ledge and you will get a long carry. Continue to get a medium carry.

Note: you do not have to turn around to get 900 xp. Continue walking through the tunnel and throw the bag when you pass wood lying against the wall on your left. You get a medium carry. Continue as with 3.

5. On your way back walk off the ledge at the bottom of the stairs. The bag will slide down the slope and you will get a long carry. Continue to get a medium carry.

Following this method you will get 30,650 xp for sure. It depends on the number of far ones you get

My records
Slowest: 1:13 left
Fastest: 2:23 left
Most points: 32050

Please comment on this solution if you have faster methods or if you can get more xp.

Hope this helps
Posted by Wcbezoeker on 14 Mar 13 at 11:05
WcbezoekerNote: Jacke SWE has a better one for the left one.

On your way back there will be two to large "stone parts" on the ground that you run over (right at the lightning trap). Drop the bag right before the first "stone part" for +200 medium run. Pick it up and drop it again right after the second "stone part" for another +200 medium run (still earning +500 long carry/+750 recovery when you deliver the bag).
Posted by Wcbezoeker on 14 Mar 13 at 11:22
RTFUBim having a hard time with this achievement. Due to the fact that i get up there in levels have to stop playing. and
the next time i sign on im back at level 1. Does this happen to anyone else? And how do i stop it?
Posted by RTFUB on 14 Mar 13 at 12:39
D0PE B0I@ Wcbe. I was aware that dropping the medkit gave you more points when I came up with the solution. I personally averaged around 33,000xp when I was grinding and that was without purposely dropping the medkit. I assumed most if not all people would be dropping the medkit at some point just by playing. The minimum you can get is 27,000xp. If you was trying to post a solution you placed it in the wrong place.

@ AspMeNot. I dont know whats happening to progress. Are you using a hard drive? I think this game unlike others store your info on the hard drive and not your gamercard. Are you making sure the round is over and in the intermediate lobby before quitting?

Everyone who has gotten this achievement and or Shopaholic who go after GS or Trophies use my solo method and or the 2 xbox/ps3-solo method. Only 1 person Sphinx OG had a problem, he was going into his 2nd Prestige and all of a sudden he was back to 11, not 1 though. Still he is the only person that this has happened to on xbox or ps3 and it only happened once. GL.
Posted by D0PE B0I on 14 Mar 13 at 13:05
BLAZE VIIDropping the med-kit for just a few extra XP SUCKS and is just plain stupid + annoying. You will get more and faster XP eventually by just picking it up and bringing it back to the camp, simple as that. Just do as "D0pe B0i" has posted and you are all good to go!

Just FYI if anyone is wondering, 3. PRESTIGE / LEVEL 60 is the highest rank you can currently obtain. No more further prestiging. I'm that high and just wanted to let you guys know.
Posted by BLAZE VII on 15 Mar 13 at 11:29
Bootybandit1I just had my rank reset after 1st prestige, won't start over..
Posted by Bootybandit1#751 on 15 Mar 13 at 19:39
Wcbezoeker@D0pe B0I
Could you please explain how you get an average of 33,000 xp?? I have an average of 32,450 xp I think. I get 1,100 xp on the two spawns that are far away, the one on the left and at the back, and 700 xp on the other 3 spawnpoints. Where do you find more xp?? And how much time have you got left after a game??
Posted by Wcbezoeker on 17 Mar 13 at 10:48
D0PE B0I@Wcb. Its been almost a month since I posted this and got the achievement, so I don't remember all my stats. I typed out my method and provided a video as well. If you do that and while capturing the medkit you should automatically drop it as you walk of ledges, etc. All this dropping and picking up, waste time. By the time you do all that you could be back in a match.

If you got 2 boxes; 2box by yourself and thats the fastest way

Supposedly the devs are going to unlock the General for everybody and that would mean that from that point people only need to get to level 60. Don't know if its true or when it will happen.
Posted by D0PE B0I on 17 Mar 13 at 16:01
WreaxI have found a useful trick which gives extra xp. Continue as normal using the video as a guide but don't deliver the last medkit. Instead, take it back and forth near the drop-point and drop it by tapping LT every 5-6 steps. This will give you the medium carry bonus and you can keep doing it for the remaining time. It only works going towards the drop-point though. So, when you get near the drop-point carry it back to a certain spawn point. (I chose the area where it spawns closest on the right). Now, drop it there and repeat. I got an extra 13,000 exp on medium carry bonuses this way and my overall exp was just over 40,000. Oh, and don't forget to set the time to 20 minutes.
Posted by Wreax on 25 Mar 13 at 22:24
Greedy136You wrote that the game will not penalize me when I leave a match between rounds, but in my stats it is shown that I left 3 matches earlier and this number has always increased everytime I used your method and left after round 1. Now I am playing also the second round as a Solarii member and I pick up salvage until the time runs out. The third round I am playing as a Survivor again. This way I also get 3000 XP for being in the winning team.

Time should be 10 minutes or less as it takes less time to get 20 medikits. This way you don't have to run around for longer than necessary in the second round.
Posted by Greedy136 on 28 Mar 13 at 13:48
D0PE B0I@Greedy. You are not penalized. It says you quit but did you accumulate any point loses? No you didn't. So unless you care about your stats, which would mean you like the multiplayer, which means you wouldn't be using this method and you would be playing legit...Then the Stat of matches quit don't matter.

It does take 10min or less to grab the kits but you have to factor in loading and setting up the match, and that's about 2min.

You are wasn't time grinding salvage unless you are using the glitch to unlock The General before the 3rd Prestige. At the end of the day do what works for you. You can use 10 min but some people are slower and need that extra time. In the end there is no 2nd or 3rd round so it doesn't matter.
Posted by D0PE B0I on 28 Mar 13 at 15:14
Rental 360Can I say it in my own words:

I won't spend any money on equipment and somehow will reach Level 60 if I play enough...right?

Then I can buy all weapons and upgrades and it'll be done...right?

Any mistakes beside that I can make?

btw...nice guide!
Posted by Rental 360 on 10 Apr 13 at 18:50
D0PE B0I@ Rental: There is a trick to unlocking The General early, he is one of the characters that is required for the Shopaholic achievement. If you use the trick it will save you hours of grinding, and will limit you to only needing to reach level 60 once. Check out the main Shopaholic solution for that.

If you don't use the trick, then you will want to follow my guide and it will take you at least 40+ hrs.

If you choose to do The Commitment and Shopaholic legit....May God be with you and may no other gamer ever follow in those footsteps.
Posted by D0PE B0I on 11 Apr 13 at 02:11
xXITzMoSSYXxUPDATE as of April 9, 2013: It has been confirmed that the General is NOT needed for the Shopaholic achievement with the newest patch.

For those that want the General, he now costs zero salvage, but you must reach Prestige 2 to be able to unlock him. :]]]]]]]
Posted by xXITzMoSSYXx on 11 Apr 13 at 21:12
D0PE B0I@Mossy Good to hear for future players.
Posted by D0PE B0I on 11 Apr 13 at 21:33
DC AbaddonSomething weird happened to me...
I went to lvl 47 with the above mentioned strategy (rescue/beach).
Yesterday I wanted to going on but these indicators which show the medkits are gone! It is quite impossible to get all 20 of them now :(
Also I noticed that these blue messages are gone. Like: "DC Abaddon dropped a medkit" and so on.

Any advice?
Posted by DC Abaddon on 10 May 13 at 08:17
deutschZuidThe achievement is called 'True Commitment'. I am not quite sure why you keep referring to it as 'The Commitment'. Was it called the latter at some earlier stage? Just a little confused.
Posted by deutschZuid on 16 May 13 at 02:25
Epsilon ThetaNo, he just got it wrong and never got around to correct it!
Posted by Epsilon Theta on 16 May 13 at 07:20
WhataLumpTotal salvage (post update) is 205,000. You do not need 250k any longer (which was for the General, I assume).
Posted by WhataLump on 07 Aug 13 at 11:30
FoogaShouldn't this solution be updated as you no longer need 3rd prestige?
Posted by Fooga on 26 Nov 13 at 10:11
Dresden N7after a patch, you don't need prestige and you don't need the general. the solution is outdated because you just need to reach level 60 once.
Posted by Dresden N7 on 08 Jan 14 at 17:17
D0PE B0I@buryingme I know right. It's meant to be, I see many people put all types of stats like that in their BIO, I wanted to take it a step further. At first I even thanked the wife for my meals, the electric company and ISP for not going out on me.

The 1k was a pain but with the patch and not needing to go 3 prestiges to get to the General, this game is cake now. Great game though, I'm going to play it over on the X1.
Posted by D0PE B0I on 09 Jan 14 at 19:15
Dresden N7Hopefully, they'll further tone down the MP achievements for the X1 version :)

Don't worry, the majority of us understand why you put down that you were the 1st--to give legitimacy to your solution so people can trust it's right. So, don't mind him.
Posted by Dresden N7 on 09 Jan 14 at 19:21
D0PE B0I@dresdenWWII I didn't take him serious, but if he was oh well but thank you.

I do hope that they got it right off top this time on the next gen too, because I'm not going 3 prestiges again. I wish they would have had single player DLC, I never was interested in the online. Can't wait for a sequel though.
Posted by D0PE B0I on 09 Jan 14 at 19:29
Oddity515I wander if anyone can tell me if I get Tomb Raider 2nd hand, whether I will need to buy a multiplayer key to get this achievement?

Posted by Oddity515 on 03 Jul 14 at 13:03
REALFOX81No online pass is needed
Posted by REALFOX81 on 03 Jul 14 at 15:09
IngloriousHoochI was at level 59 , just about to unlock it and I returned the next day and I'm back at the start at level one! Has this happened to anyone else?
Posted by IngloriousHooch on 13 Aug 14 at 23:46
D0PE B0I@AlphaReaper30 Not since the launch, well before the updates. It happened to Sphinx OG but that's the only person I personally know of.

Damn that sucks.
Posted by D0PE B0I on 13 Aug 14 at 23:52
IngloriousHoochThanks DOPE BOI. I hope this is a fluke. I was so stoked and now I'm hella pissed.
Posted by IngloriousHooch on 13 Aug 14 at 23:57
airDIETLevel reset just happend to me too. Was @ 39, now I'm back @ scratch ><
Posted by airDIET on 22 Feb 15 at 17:31
D0PE B0IDamn @ Eckhardt. I even redid the game on X1 at launch and still have yet to run into a problem. Good luck
Posted by D0PE B0I on 22 Feb 15 at 20:40
bobbydvt247Hmmm spend 12-15 hours on one tedious achievement or play another game and get a lot of other achievements... yup looks like I won't be getting this one. For the achievement whores out there, these achievements only waste your time and it's not worth the GS.
Posted by bobbydvt247 on 27 Feb 15 at 03:52
Blazing NobleI used this method to the letter the other day and went from rank 37-45 in under 2 hours and 30 minutes. that was about x12 10 minute games cutting out loading times.
so that means in about 5 more hours of grinding I will be on 60.
so to recap in 7 hours and 30 minutes I would have gone from 37-60.
i just wanted to put it in perspective for anybody who is interested.
and btw 'bobbydvt247' saying that some achievements are 'a waste of time' and 'tedious' makes me laugh. we are all on TA because we are achievement whores and/or completionists. so why are you here exactly? if your time is sooo precious why waste it commenting on a solution that you don't have the balls to max out? You don't play Gears Of War or Halo games so how could we expect you to possibly understand about commiting to a game. Still at least you have 100% in some games, Namely Lego games, Disney games, CSI games and WP games. So basically all the easiest types of games known to man. Leave us alone and continue to be a mediocre gamer on another solution for an easy game.
Posted by Blazing Noble on 13 Jun 15 at 20:37
YaziteThanks +1
Posted by Yazite on 05 Aug 15 at 15:25
IronInvoker47@DC Abbadon, I have this problem too, just started today.
Posted by IronInvoker47 on 12 Feb 16 at 15:55
zr122I've been following this for the last couple days, playing for an hour or two here and there, and it's been fantastic. My only problem is how boring the whole thing is, so I've changed up how I run through this.

Instead of 20 captures, I've been running 10. This has a couple of effects:
1) Each match takes less than 5 minutes, so I feel like I'm making more progress, completing more games every hour.
2) Because I'm playing twice as many rounds per hour, I'm also getting twice the rewards on 'Completed Round' (300), 'Gopher' (350), and 'Delivery Boy' (1000). This gives you an increase of 9900 experience every hour. That's pretty nice.
3) I'm wasting a little bit of time with every set of load screens, which is the only big negative I've noticed.

This alternate method won't be great for everyone, obviously, but I like it. An extra 9900 experience for (approximately) 3 minutes of extra loading time is worth it to me. And I get that extra little break between each match.

So try this out if you feel like you might be burning out. It is only a minor adjustment, so you're not completely reworking the whole process.
Posted by zr122 on 17 Feb 16 at 01:44
Darkness727420I found the underground is an easier and smaller level than the beach
Posted by Darkness727420 on 30 Mar 16 at 00:21
ComanderDrizzlehave any of you had your rank reset randomly? I was level 36 and now i am back at level 1
Posted by ComanderDrizzle on 19 Apr 17 at 05:56
LGDMFI need that and other multiplayer achievements.

Gamertag: LGDMF
Posted by LGDMF on 29 Jan 20 at 00:21
Loner504Yes, @commanderdrizzle. Just recently I went back to finish this game and made it to level 32. I got on the next day and poof, back to 1.
Posted by Loner504 on 01 Jun 20 at 04:51
otaku1412You can also squeeze out more XP by pressing RT to throw the medical supplies a short distance, earning you either Short, Medium, or Long carry depending on how many steps you've taken. Then just pick the supplies back up and you should get another Long Carry when you get back to the designated area. However, this doesn't work on the spawn location where you have to use the rope or ascend the large side of the blown out building.

Also, the spawn location that's the shortest distance from the designated area (located up a flight of stairs) doesn't have enough distance to do this. You can run off the stairs leading down to the designated area giving you a Long Carry, then you can pick the supplies up and bring them to the designated area for a Medium Carry.

I get an average of over 30,000 XP using this method.
Posted by otaku1412 on 20 Sep 20 at 16:32
psportalI can confirm this solution and the tip from otaku1412 still works.
Posted by psportal on 15 Oct 20 at 05:40
AbyssalOrc33Video is unavailable.
Posted by AbyssalOrc33 on 07 Sep 21 at 06:02
Drazer76Adding to Otaku. You can get a Long then Medium carry on every box.
Bring all the way to near the base, then drop as you come down the stairs or as you pass through the gap on that side. If on the right side then you drop out by the concrete juts before the destroyed hole.
All three ways in will get a long and then when you drop off it will be a medium.
Posted by Drazer76 on 27 Dec 21 at 09:35