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Kill 100 enemies in ranked matches with a pistol

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This achievement speaks for itself - simply kill one hundred enemies with the Snub Pistol in ranked matches.

As each player is equipped with a Snub Pistol at the start of each round, this achievement can be completed on any map.

A good way to get kills is to first down an enemy (with either the Lancer, Longshot, Boomshot ect.), and then take a couple of steps away from the downed enemy. Then pull out your pistol and take a couple of shots at them.

Be careful not to be too close when performing a pistol kill, otherwise it will sometimes be registerred as an execution kill (which won't net you the achievement).
The OG MegatronNice to see you edited your solution to parrot mine after I posted.
Posted by The OG Megatron on 02 Apr 09 at 17:33
ItsNismoAcePretty simple, Played a lot of warzone and eventually got this one
Posted by ItsNismoAce on 06 Jun 09 at 23:58
o Skrillz owhat does it count as if you get a headshot with a pistol?
Posted by o Skrillz o on 21 Aug 09 at 02:47
Tm5kGood to note that your mentioned method (stepping away and shooting with pistol when enemy is downed) can only be done in Warzone matches.
Posted by Tm5k on 07 Oct 09 at 22:04
Harris36I have over 200 pistol head shot kills in ranked matches (boosting). I am not sure it counts for anything. Didn't think making it so achievements weren't glitched was that hard ...
Posted by Harris36 on 29 Jul 10 at 01:45
AcE ViCTiMiZERDescription says *A* pistol. I'm pretty sure the Boltok does count towards this one.
Posted by AcE ViCTiMiZER on 10 Jul 11 at 23:29
Bjornsang@Harris36 It took me a total of 236 headshots for my pistol achievement to unlock. This is a very solid and safe method, and it definitely works. 100% guaranteed.
Posted by Bjornsang on 26 Aug 11 at 22:10
Solario32Any pistol can be used to get this achievement. I did about 55 kills with each of the 2 pistols and got the achievement.
Posted by Solario32 on 14 Sep 11 at 15:13
GsO LightYou can also combine this with the headshot achievement when boosting, I was going for the 100 headshots using the pistol you start off with when I got this.
Posted by GsO Light on 24 Jun 14 at 19:46