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Score 500 Points in Ranked Infection Games (Multiplayer).

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Have the host (the one with the best connection) set up a 'Ranked Infection' match on 'Mausoleum'. You need a minimum of 4 and maximum of 10 players to do this, but we found 5 or 6 to be preferable. Set the kill limit to 100 and time to 60 mins.

The person going first should join the match last to start as the Infected, use the refresh option on the custom match search to ensure this.

Run straight across the map to the human spawn and ignite your Glaive with the fire beacon. The humans should huddle together, then the Infected can kill them all in one fire burst, either up close with cn_RSc or throw the Glaive (hold cn_LT, throw with cn_RT then burst with cn_RSc). Repeat.

You can either go to the full 100 and restart a new match, or go to 95 then the next player kill the Infected to become infected and go to 95 until everyone has had their turn.

This method is at least 2 minutes faster per match than Court, Deck or any other map.

Big thank you to jammiejay85, BiG Neilbug and evilqpa for helping me discover the fastest and most efficient way to boost this.
BiG NeilbugYeah works a treat Deev, lol.
Posted by BiG Neilbug on 24 Feb 13 at 23:37
I hate it when pricks downvote for no reason whatsoever. This method is tried and tested many times and proved to be the fastest and easiest way possible for this achievement.

If you have a better way then write a god damn solution instead of dv'ing mine
Posted on 17 Jun 13 at 23:30
Dadmixi preffer your map choice it works well. however setting the clock to 60mins is preferable,30 mins seems to be cutting it fine. adding extra time doesnt hurt,the match ends at 100 points anyway.
Posted by Dadmix on 19 Jan 19 at 00:38
Thanks for the tip smile
Posted on 19 Jan 19 at 02:32