Crysis 3 Review by dudecrazy108

25 Feb 2013
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Well after the big hit that was Crysis 2 with great single player and surprisingly fun multiplayer we now have the next edition in the series with Crysis 3. Does it surpass the previous installment and move the series forward in a even better direction? Sadly not, it takes about 12 steps backwards.

Now I won’t focus too much on the story since it is really one of the best aspects of the game but it does take place after the events of Crysis 2. Really going into too much detail about it will potentially spoil events and I don’t feel like spoiling anything for anyone that does care. I will say though that even running on Xbox which is toned down from PC this game is stunning. The game for the most parts runs fluidly and when you are able to go from sprint, to jump, to parkour onto a cliff you really do get to see how great it looks. The war torn buildings just give the vibe that a serious attack on taken place on the building and when standing in a wooded area watching the water flow or seeing deers stroll by you do get to see how much effort was really put into the visuals.

The gameplay is in the vein of all the previous Crysis games so expect the same first person shooter in your nanosuit. The nice thing though is while the maps for this game may not be as big and open as Crysis 2 the map is still big enough to let you play the game out in different styles. If you want to run and gun you can but it might be a bit harder. You can go around too if you’d like playing it stealthy and using your bow which is one of the new additions to this game. You can pretty much play through a majority of the game using the bow if you’d like as I ended up using it most of the game except towards the end with stronger enemies. You can run back and grab your arrows from enemies as well.

Another good addition to this game is being able to tag your enemies which can feel cheap when walking into a new area and being able to scan everything from enemies, to mines, turrets, ammo, and collectables since then everything shows up on your HUD and you can see the enemies moving them. It is a great addition and in places where the grass and rocks hides enemies it is a welcome addition. Throughout you can also collect upgrades which unlock perk like stats each with their own small challenge that once unlocked can make your guy even more powerful.

Don’t go in expecting a long game though. I played through it on normal, taking my time, exploring, dying, including all the glitches and freezing, and getting most of the collectables and I clocked in at just 4 and a half hours game time. If you were blasting straight through you can beat this game in under 3 hours easily. It is extremely short.

I’m not saying the game isn’t fun though even if I felt towards the end it was losing me some the time you spend playing is still fun and I think a large part is due to how fun it can be to go around invisible taking out people with the bow.

The game does include multiplayer and I’d love to tell you how it was but I was only able to complete one game. The other few I was able to join ended up lagging out. Biggest problem though is how glitchy, buggy, and freezy this game is. I encountered a handful of serious bugs and glitches in the single player which mainly included falling through or getting stuck into things which often resulted in me having to restart from last checkpoint which sometimes wasn’t that close. It’s killer though is the fact that is seems that during loading screens the game freezes. I had it freeze about 6 times during a cut scene right after a achievement would pop which then resulted in me restarting the xbox and having to beat the end of the level again since it doesn’t save until the beginning of the next level. I saw several times the game freeze during loading for no reason or even when just opening the guide button. One of the worst ones though is that the game freezes when opening the multiplayer portion of the game. After asking everyone I knew about it they said it will load up if you leave any Xbox live party you are in and don’t do anything during a loading screen and that did work. That was until after one game online when the loading screen hit and it froze. I can’t even say that installing it to the Xbox helps as I had the game installed since the beginning.

Overall it’s worth a rental to play the single player but the downsides for the game outweigh the pros. It is fun and maybe after some updates it will help the game fix a lot of its problems.

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Wildboy WileyI've played all the Crysis games. Crysis 1 had the Crysis: Warhead expansion....Honestly, I feel Crysis 3 is the "Crysis: Warhead" of Crysis 2...
Posted by Wildboy Wiley on 25 Feb 13 at 05:31
dudecrazy108With the length of the single player it is almost like playing a DLC package hahaha.
Posted by dudecrazy108 on 25 Feb 13 at 05:59
Violent Richiei played crysis 3 for a while and then got bored of it and went back to dead space 3. i dont think it brings anything new or innovative and is just another generic first person shooter, just my opinion
Posted by Violent Richie on 25 Feb 13 at 10:36
GwintbleiddHm...I played the campaign mostly in stealth mode and it took me 6-7 hours but not 3-4 :D I think it depends on your playstyle how long it is...but yes it´s quite short! I think the campaign is fun and not better or worse than in the other Crysis games...but have to test the multiplayer...
Posted by Gwintbleidd on 25 Feb 13 at 12:48
dudecrazy108I played in mostly stealth and it was super short for me. I even tracked the game time through everything.
Posted by dudecrazy108 on 25 Feb 13 at 14:47
xiphumbra12 steps backwards and smaller levels? That's reason enough to not take this review seriously. My only real complaint was that Psycho's character seemed a bit "off" from how he was in the first two games. IMO, this is one of those games that's gets better as it goes on.
Posted by xiphumbra on 26 Feb 13 at 22:53
LavindatharAlso agree with Xiphumbra. This was a good game, its only downfall was it was short. Im sorry you encountered glitches, but I had none.

The multiplayer btw, is excellent. I had no lag, and played close to 50 games.

Its easily an 8/10. Just a shame that it was so short.
Posted by Lavindathar on 27 Feb 13 at 00:51
LavindatharOh, and I liked Psycho in this one :D
Posted by Lavindathar on 27 Feb 13 at 00:51
F3AR Avengeri agree with Lavindathar it is a good game. yeah story was shorter then i would have liked but i enjoyed the storyline itself more then Crysis and Crysis 2. iv heard alot of people talking about achievement glitches and i haven't come across one yet. (touch wood) has for the multiplayer i think its the best in the series yet and i found it really addictive and only had about 1-2 games which was laggy and im rank 42 i like it but everyone has their own opinion at the end of the day.
Posted by F3AR Avenger on 27 Feb 13 at 15:47
Darklord1899It is a really good game with superb graphics right up till the Helicopter gunship mission. Then it becomes a tedious generic slug fest. I was disappointed in it.
Posted by Darklord1899 on 25 Nov 14 at 15:16