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Win 50 multiplayer challenges against Random opponents

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Mike MarcelaisMike Marcelais932,847
25 Feb 2013 06 Aug 2013
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When you go to Multiplayer, you have to choose 'Random Player' instead of one of the friends on your friends list. Win 50 times.

You have to keep all 50 wins in your results history -- apparently if you remove your wins from the list, then the game no longer counts them. [Thanks to Mtld for figuring that out.]

This is boostable! After you play against someone paired up via Random Player, you can choose the finished game from the list and select 'Rematch'. The rematch also counts as a 'random player' match. If you and your opponent collude, you can keep playing each other as often as you like.

This probably won't work for long, but if you have access to two computers and can play at an odd time, you can get matched up against 'yourself'. I was able to do this in only 3 games at 4am Monday Pacific time. (As more people play, this will become harder and harder.)
DJ 0311Do you mean my tag vs my tag or a second account on a different computer. If its my tag vs my tag does it count as two games played for the 100 games achievement? And also what does this look like as far as experience as you could boost to the level 30 achievement as well?
Posted by DJ 0311 on 27 Feb 13 at 20:28
Mike MarcelaisI mean two different tags on different computers. (Although once you get paired up once, you can just switch back and forth between the two users on the same computer since multiplayer matches don't happen simultaneously.)

MP games do count towards the 100 games played and you do earn XP (usually 25) per MP game played.
Posted by Mike Marcelais on 27 Feb 13 at 20:30
DJ 0311Thanks man Ill try this tonight!
Posted by DJ 0311 on 27 Feb 13 at 20:41
DJ 0311Oh and +1
Posted by DJ 0311 on 27 Feb 13 at 20:42
MuscularTeaAny Idea how to get it not to crash when I try to start a game? :/
Posted by MuscularTea on 28 Feb 13 at 14:35
DJ 0311hmm havent had that problem did you try uninstall and reinstalling the game?
Posted by DJ 0311 on 28 Feb 13 at 14:52
MuscularTeaI did before. Randomly started working again today. Don't know what the difference between then and now is.
Posted by MuscularTea on 04 Mar 13 at 18:55
AL1Very frustrating. Game has crashed back to Win8 desktop every time I've tried to load MP since the game launched.
Posted by AL1 on 07 Mar 13 at 16:17
Js2DeathIf anyone wants to try and boost this let me know
Posted by Js2Death on 22 Mar 13 at 01:29
napoearththe last few days i have won a bunch of matches that i haven't gotten credit for. anyone else have this problem?
Posted by napoearth on 16 Jun 13 at 12:45
if you get into a game by yourself, have your alt play about 2 seconds before you do, it counts as 2 wins then
Posted on 18 Jun 13 at 00:17
whanatonDoes it matter if the counter in the "Achievements" part of the game isn't going up? Mine's been stuck at 16/50 for about a week
Posted by whanaton on 29 Jun 13 at 06:51
whanatonI'm still stuck on 16/50 despite playing several times in the last two weeks, does anyone know if it matters, or if there's a fix for it?
Posted by whanaton on 30 Jun 13 at 14:43
UnholyDarklotusI'm having the same issue as above. Currently stuck at 46/50 despite winning multiple random games over the past week. Anyone else had the same problem and found a way round it?
Posted by UnholyDarklotus on 30 Jun 13 at 20:16
napoearthMy counter is still not going up. I'm at 36/50.
Posted by napoearth on 07 Jul 13 at 23:51
MtldStuck at 14 for a week now ... could it be caused by the patch?
Posted by Mtld on 15 Jul 13 at 17:54
Deco76BRMine is at 21 for some time...
Posted by Deco76BR on 19 Jul 13 at 22:52
Van UdenI'm stuck at 16, son of a bitch game :(
Posted by Van Uden on 24 Jul 13 at 01:53
ThirdEcheIonStuck at 38 here.
Posted by ThirdEcheIon on 29 Jul 13 at 21:55
futilesBeen stuck at 4. :(
Posted by futiles on 30 Jul 13 at 01:19
futilesFor whatever reason, the initial match against a random does not appear to increment until I issue a REMATCH against the other player. I am up to 38 wins since last night just constantly rematching everyone that I play.
Posted by futiles on 30 Jul 13 at 14:10
ThirdEcheIon@futiles I tried what you suggested. I basically went crazy in multiplayer. I re-matched every random person I played, I started some games, played second in others, lost some, won some, played with monsters and without and nothing I seem to do makes any difference. Would you (or anyone) like to do some testing? Feel free to message me on TA or Xbox.
Posted by ThirdEcheIon on 30 Jul 13 at 19:06
futilesYeah, I had mine stop counting at 42. Not sure what happens. I am on most nights, sending out randoms. I wonder if you need to get the "your turn" game requests...

No one seems to rematch me back lately.
Posted by futiles on 01 Aug 13 at 05:20
MtldTry keeping every match you win on your multiplayer tab i.e., when you win, don't delete the game. The game may request that you have 50 wins showing in the multiplayer section of the game. I was stuck at 14 but had deleted all games. I climbed back to 14 and when I won my 15th match, the achievement counter increased to 15...
Posted by Mtld on 01 Aug 13 at 15:39
whanatonI can confirm that Mtld's solution works, my tally just went up for the first time in a month after keeping my wins on the multiplayer page
Posted by whanaton on 02 Aug 13 at 11:58
ThirdEcheIonWell, even though I'm glad there is a solution, I now have to go win approx. 38 games again, plus the other 12. Great.
Posted by ThirdEcheIon on 02 Aug 13 at 12:29
napoearthMtld, I actually had that as a theory I way trying, as mine stopped counting up about the time I deleted all of the old games. I just hadn't gotten back up to the amount I had before to prove it. I hope it works for me as well.
Posted by napoearth on 02 Aug 13 at 16:13
Mike MarcelaisAdded this discovery to the solution. Thanks.
Posted by Mike Marcelais on 02 Aug 13 at 16:46
ThirdEcheIonIt worked for me, but not until another glitch where my games were just randomly disappearing from my list. I eventually worked with another account and did rematches instead of playing multiple people. I highly recommend this.
Posted by ThirdEcheIon on 03 Aug 13 at 05:00
MtldYeah I'd recommend trying to do them all within a few days/weeks, because if you wait too long, the games seem to disappear somehow!? Also you might want to correct my tag : it's Mtldsmile
Posted by Mtld on 06 Aug 13 at 15:11
Mike MarcelaisDoh! Fixed.
Posted by Mike Marcelais on 06 Aug 13 at 15:13

Deleted all 42 of my wins to speed it up...
Posted by futiles on 10 Aug 13 at 05:22
A Lazy SusanGreat solution. Keep all the wins on the page and keep playing rematches.
Posted by A Lazy Susan on 06 Sep 13 at 03:38
Samarin6My wins also got deleted, maybe during the maintenance last week...long grind to lvl 30 anyways, not like the xp will be wasted
Posted by Samarin6 on 02 Oct 13 at 15:10
DoctorFlanoooooooo my counter blocks at 04/50....... angry

I Hate this game!!!
Posted by DoctorFla on 14 Oct 13 at 08:19
Leo AscendentRandomly elected all of mine.... piece of shit....
Posted by Leo Ascendent on 09 Dec 13 at 02:48
BeetleB99For those haveing problems. Seems the game only allows 30 results to show at a time. if you have 30 and try for another random it will add that and delete one of your other results. Also I belive if one of the other players you played deletes their results it will delete it off of yours. not sure but have lost a few and thats the only thing that makes sense.
Posted by BeetleB99 on 08 Jun 15 at 12:29
Pandaman822A heads up to anyone still trying to obtain this achievement; since the game is no longer listed in the store, its servers may be shut down soon. I have been trying for this for a long time but my wins don't count. For a while, they wouldn't show up as well as not counting, but now they show up fine but don't add to the achievement score. I have been at 41/50 for the last week or two with at least a few wins a day.
Posted by Pandaman822 on 28 Jul 15 at 12:14
Mr RodsterThis is super late, but if anybody is still trying to get this achievement, I am too.
Posted by Mr Rodster on 17 Sep 15 at 00:38