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Bloody Feet

Complete the song Raining Blood with 5 stars as the Drummer on Expert+.

Bloody Feet+1.0
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23 Dec 2009 26 Sep 2010
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The achievement itself is called Bloody Feet, and is unlocked for completing Raining Blood on expert+ drums with 5 stars.

First off, you need a World Tour drumkit (which you need anyway for the 1k). Don't ask me where to get one, that's up to you. Secondly, you need a friend.

One of you will be playing the actual drums and the other will be playing the bass pedal. Yes, you will only need one bass pedal.

So basically this is how the world tour pedal works: When you push down on the pedal, a circular part hits a sensor, causing the game to realise you hit the pedal. Since it's all based around that sensor (which you will find when you look at the base of the pedal), the bass pedal can be exploited easily. If you hit the plastic to the left and right of the sensor, it will still think you are hitting the pedal. By doing this, you can keep a steady drumroll going on the pedal, and with enough practice, 5 star the song.

Be sure to take advantage of all star power activations. It's best to activate them during the crazy pedal sections if you can make it through the rest of the song without failing. The flood is still hard even with this method, so all I can say is practice.

Here is the link to the thread on x360a my friend IceKingz made. It's probably a little more clear than what I have if you read it. Credit to him for discovering how to do this:

If you want to get this solo, you will have to have a double bass pedal. This song is madness. I don't really have any tips for you other than practice.

Here's 2 Youtube videos to help too:
MotorCityFats13Whats it called and what do you have to do? I think you forgot to put that part in?
Posted by MotorCityFats13 on 30 Dec 09 at 04:06
dertswa687oHaha sorry thanks. It just shows up for me and I forgot other people see it as secret. I'll edit it in.
Posted by dertswa687o on 30 Dec 09 at 14:52
T3ARyouAnewONEJust for the cut-off needed seems to be around 345K for 5*.
Posted by T3ARyouAnewONE on 01 Jan 11 at 16:37