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Jumper: Griffin's Story achievements

Jumper: Griffin's Story

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There are 20 Jumper: Griffin's Story achievements worth 1,302 (1,000)

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Pack Rat in Jumper: Griffin's Story

Pack Rat92 (50)

Find all collectibles in the game.

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226,322 (143,146)
Achievement won on 22 Aug 08
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Posted on 23 August 08 at 18:10
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1. Located in level 1 (Rome)
In the third area you enter next to the opening leading into the next section is a chalice sitting on a small piece of rubble.

2. Located in level 1 (Rome)
To the left of the first collectible you should see some bars. Behind these bars is a small area. Hold down the right bumber and guide your manual teleport to the other side of the bars. In this semi hidden area on the left side next to a fallen block and on the ground is the next collectible.

3. Located in level 1 (Rome)
After you use the jump point marker into the next area. You will be facing a wall and an orange closed door on the right. Head left and around the wall. In the distance you will see another orange door against the back wall. To the right of this door in a circular corner area on top of three barrels is a collectible set of scrolls.

4. Located in level 2 (Nepal)
Proceed along the pathway in the beginning until you come to an open double doorway on your left. Upon entering look to the left and on the ground is a small collectible statue.

5. Located in level 2 (Nepal)
Through the second doorway you come across on the left. After entering turn to the right and sitting on a red bench is a multi-colored collectible rock thing.

6. Located in Level 2 (Nepal)
At the end of the second level you will come to a large courtyard. Look to your right after entering and spot the large golden statue. From this statue head towards the temple and next to a tree lying on the ground is a collectible lantern.

7. Located in Level 3 (Egypt 1)
After you leave the second large room wind through the corridor, take the doorway on your right and into the next section. Move around the column in front of you. There will be a doorway on the right and a work station against the back wall. Make your way to the work station and located on a wheeled cart is a golden scarab...your collectible.

8. Located in Level 3 (Egypt 1)
After you come to the fourth large room head down the left hand side. Sitting atop a large square sarcophagus is a smaller collectible sarcophagus.

9. Located in Level 3 (Egypt 1)
When you come to the fifth large room in front of you will be a pile of junk and an overturned table. Behind that stuff is a table against the wall. On the right side of the table will be a crate marked explosives and to the left of the crate on the table is a collectible book.

10. Located in Level 3 (Egypt 1)
Also in the fifth large room. From the table where number 9 was turn left. Head further into the room and take a left around the corner. On your left next to a large square sarcophagus is a table and on the table is a collectible scepter.

11. Located in Level 4 (Labs)
After you come to the second large room (the one with the sections of fencing and white teleport pads). Along the wall opposite from where you entered are some desks in between two pad and fence things. On the desk to the right is a collectible stack of files.

12. Located in Level 4 (Labs)
After you take the multiple jump points across some gaps you will enter another large pad and fence testing area. Head into the room and in the middle is a slightly raised testing section. On the back of this is a pad surrounded by three floodlights. Next to this is a table and on the table is another stack of collectible files.

13. Located in Level 4 (Labs)
After a third trip through the beginning lobby area you will be in yet another large testing room. In the center of the room is a raised teleport pad. On this pad is a collectible briefcase.

14. Located in Level 4 (Labs)
In the last room (the one with the large red machine that opens up) after you come down some stairs the boss of the level will engage you. Ignore him for now and head up a stairwell located on the left wall. Take a jump point at the platform at the top of the stairs to another smaller platform. On the floor on this platform is a collectible pile of gold bars.

15. Located in Level 5 (Docks)
After you come down the stairs in the beginning of the level you will be in an open area. In front of you is a large tin shack. Inside the shack on the ground on the right side is a collectible treasure chest.

16. Located in Level 5 (Docks)
Take the stairs down in the beginning and follow the path on the left as it curves to the left. As it straightens out you will see an open cargo container on your right (where the weapon was located) and a street lamp on your left. Move over to the lamp and turn around. You should see a gap in between two cargo containers. Head through the gap and on the ground in this hidden area is a collectible pottery piece.

17. Located in Level 5 (Docks)
After you come to the second section of this level (inside area) you will pass a circular section with red lights. After this the path splits in three directions. Take the right path and follow the corridor until it dead ends. In the left corner on a barrel is a collectible ship in a jar.

18. Located in Level 5 (Docks) (Also probably the most missed one)
Proceed through through the second section (inside area) eventually you pass through a third circular area with red lights. Right after this you will come to a long hallway with a door on the opposite end. Move slowly down this hall while looking to the right. You should see a locked door with a window that leads into a bathroom. Manual teleport into the bathroom. (RB) On the back wall next to the urinals is a collectible bottle of wine.

19. Located in Level 5 (Docks)
After you cross through the interior section you will once again find yourself outside. Follow the path until it ends with a loading ramp leading up onto a ship. Right next to the ramp on a barrel is a collectible compass.

20. Located in Level 5 (Docks)
Near the end of the level. After you board the ship continue along until you come to the second open cargo container on your left. Inside the container is a collectible idol.

21. Located in Level 6 (Nepal temple)
After you have gone up to the third floor and come down a different set of stairs back down to the second floor. Move left around the balcony area until you come to a large piece of wood lying over the rail. (Looks like a ramp) On this piece of wood is a collectible idol.

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crystenah OK, so I've followed this guide and the other guide on here two times through the game now and apparently I have picked up all of the collectibles, however I have not gotten this achievement. Any ideas from anyone as to why, or any suggestions? I'm really beginning to think that my gamertag is retarded because this kind of stuff always happens to me. I am now over half-way through my FIFTH playthrough, again, making sure that I have collected all of the collectibles, and as was true with my thrid and fourth playthroughs, there is nothing except for health to pick up. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Posted by crystenah on 30 Sep 09 at 01:44
Slaphead55 Excellent Guide - Thank You
Posted by Slaphead55 on 04 Jun 10 at 12:57
SurfyRicardo Like Slaphead55 said excellent guide, can't make without it ,thanks.
Posted by SurfyRicardo on 13 Nov 10 at 15:44
planting42 Of note - if you die and there is a collectible in the area you must replay - you must get the collectible again.
Posted by planting42 on 11 Apr 11 at 16:56
fragilesound I had trouble trying to get this when I continued my game on a 2nd or 3rd play through. I'm not quite sure if it was a glitch or maybe I just missed one. I was able to get it once I started a new game, following this guide.
Posted by fragilesound on 21 May 11 at 05:25
AP E JC Do you know if you can tell in the loot room which ones are missing?
Posted by AP E JC on 13 Sep 11 at 14:22
Pukey UK Ugh this is definitely glitched... I managed to get the solar ( comic book) achievement by picking up something on level 6.. (even though there isn't a comic on level 6) ...

Should I just wipe my save & go through again?
Posted by Pukey UK on 20 Oct 12 at 11:54
Im the Lorax I was wondering, I accidentally missed the gold bars on level 4, labs. Do I have to restart the entire game or can I pick this one up on my 2nd playthrough going for the time limit cheevo? Thanks. Would hate to have to do it more than the two times it requires. Terrible game, reminds me of Spiderman Friend or Foe LOL
Posted by Im the Lorax on 04 Aug 13 at 16:23