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27 Dec 2009
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This guide is for the end boss. First i would recommend you choose Ross, he can take alot more damage than the other two characters. This fight is more annoying than tough, the boss has a pattern which you will soon learn. He will appear on one side of the room go through the door and re-appear on the opposite side of the room! Stay on the back wall, if he appears on the right shoot (there are several holes in the debris to aim through depending on where you stand), if he appears on the left throw a grenade, he usually positions himself near the fireplace so aim here. Several enemy soldiers will enter the area during this time, they should not give you too many problems, most of them drop grenades when killed, so you can top up on ammo if you need to.
LovE GravYEach time you get a critical hit on the boss the screen will very briefly flash white. keep your grenades topped up and try to use them every chance you get. Best of luck
Posted by LovE GravY on 28 Mar 10 at 16:13
IxSILENTxIi just got this, it isnt hard just annoying like u said but i wasnt able to find hardly any grenades off the bodies so i sat in the far back right corner and would get ammo when needed and shoot him across on the left
Posted by IxSILENTxI on 12 Feb 11 at 22:00
zoidberg1339I can't even get past the opening of the level. Fuck this game.
Posted by zoidberg1339 on 15 May 13 at 09:06
ReiKaz316I just grenade him (normal)
Posted by ReiKaz316 on 22 Oct 13 at 22:07
It takes about 5-10 critical hits to kill him i would reconmend sitting behind the debris on the right when you get to the boss,

For people having trouble getting past the start
Use Taggart for a bit and enter the window to the right for an unlockable door as soon as you get a checkpoint die and swap to Ross took me 2 attempts and on the second on i got it
Posted on 03 Sep 20 at 14:15