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Aren't You Thankful?

Complete the game on Hardcore Mode.

Aren't You Thankful?0
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16 Mar 2013
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Ok doing this is a work around to the recent patch brought on by the Awakened DLC. If you have already beaten classic mode and unlocked the devil horns, then you're going to want to delete the DLC off the hard drive. This is where it becomes a slight pain in the ass. You will have to start a new game under a new save slot. Thankfully enough, because classic mode has been cleared already, all the endgame bonuses will transfer over. Set it to casual and blaze through the main game again to unlock new game+ (theres no need to play through classic mode again). After doing that, you can continue on like before with clearing the system cache and playing until chapter 3 to get the devil horns in pure survival mode and hardcore mode. Hope this helps
xLoCk 0nxCan anyone confirm this works? I'm a little dubious as the poster hasn't got the achievement himself. Just don't want to waste time!
Posted by xLoCk 0nx on 05 Oct 13 at 01:31
PlanesWalker 97I second that
Posted by PlanesWalker 97 on 10 Jan 14 at 17:59
Spiderman Noirecheck out my solution for details on how exactly how to do this
Posted by Spiderman Noire on 15 Jan 14 at 17:10