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Complete Arcade Mode in Darkstalkers 3.

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16 Mar 2013 20 Mar 2013
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Make sure you have it on Darkstalkers 3 (Hit the select button at the menu) and make sure you do this BEFORE entering Arcade Mode:

-At the Menu go to "Help & Options"
-Then go to "Game Options"
-Set the Difficulty to 1 star
-Set the Damage to 9/Full stars
-Set the Rounds to "1"
-Back out then go to "Single Player" and then start up "Arcade Mode"
-Character: Anakaris

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You don't really need to change anything else unless you want to nothing affects this achievement with settings.

What you'll need to do:

Keep hitting the RB button Right Bump doing his Strong Cobra attack on the enemy should only be like 6 second or less matches and this will be super quick.

Should only take you 2-5 mins to complete easy 25 (G).

You can also do this with any character since it's on easy and have fun with it but if your trying not to lose and going for the "God Like" Achievement:

Darkstalkers ResurrectionGodlikeThe Godlike achievement in Darkstalkers Resurrection worth 115 pointsFinish Arcade Mode in Night Warriors and Darkstalkers 3 without losing.

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