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Man of the People

Save the farmer

Man of the People0
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23 Aug 2008 25 Feb 2012
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Basically just shoot right after Cpt. Price says to take them out before they kill the old man. This is done on the level "Hunted".
dunnidThis is done on the level "Hunted".
Posted by dunnid on 17 Oct 08 at 10:02
HuGh1212good video ;D
Posted by HuGh1212 on 07 Apr 09 at 00:28
BantriThanks dunnid, I was just about to ask what level this was.
Posted by Bantri on 04 Jan 10 at 15:23
Solario32Why would people vote negative on this? Lol
Posted by Solario32 on 22 Sep 11 at 13:06
SpeciallyTDerptsunamishadow is right, I saved him to quickly :(
Posted by SpeciallyTDerp on 25 Feb 12 at 17:08
TSGTDRAGONPerfect! :0)
Posted by TSGTDRAGON on 02 Sep 14 at 03:34
JordoThanks! Helped a lot!
Posted by Jordo on 21 May 15 at 02:08
Charlie LimaNice video, thanks!
Posted by Charlie Lima on 17 Jul 18 at 16:33