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Talk to each quest giver

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18 Mar 2013 10 Feb 2014
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According to TheOnlyChilulu:
As of 2/9/14 they have patched this achievement, load up a save and talk to the genie and it should pop

You unlock this once you speak with the genie in the desert kingdom. It should be impossible to miss, though I did every quest up to that point. (I'm pretty sure you have to do all of them anyways).
sarahoiHi, nice to know when this SHOULD happen. I played the game twice, I never got this achievement :/ i opened a thread about this in the ninjabee forum, at least one another player had the same problem. Probably it's glitched :[
(btw, I played every mission, got all other achievements and built all buildings. I really don't know what I missed)
Posted by sarahoi on 18 Mar 13 at 11:45
sarahoi(ninjabee is working on the problem, yeah
Posted by sarahoi on 18 Mar 13 at 13:44
FlukyGorgon6351I am having the same problem as sarahoi.
Posted by FlukyGorgon6351 on 19 Mar 13 at 04:57
Now ive completed the game and going after the other achievements ive had a few random side quest for example building 53 cannons so so it likely not glitched but just not meeting the requirements
Posted on 30 Mar 13 at 02:17
TOBY 1K NO BEI've done every quest... Achievement bugged out! Not playing it again. Hoping when/if they fix it I can just load the game up
Posted by TOBY 1K NO BE on 22 Aug 13 at 16:37
marklynxAnyone get this to work? Or know how to get it unlocked? I put in 30 fucking hours in 4 playthroughs and only missing this achievement as it will simply not unlock for me.... I tried signing up to access the ninjabee forums, but never received the email notification...
Posted by marklynx on 08 Oct 13 at 03:15
Tuvix519As of October 10, 2013, ninjabee has put in a patch to MS, they are waiting for it to go live. This patch is designed the fix this bugged achievement.
Posted by Tuvix519 on 10 Oct 13 at 15:24
Patje x360aSweet can't wait for the patch
Posted by Patje x360a on 11 Oct 13 at 09:58

There's a link, should have provided that as backup. There's a long back and forth over numerous months. The patch submission is on page 3. Now to haggle MS to put it live.
Posted by Tuvix519 on 12 Oct 13 at 17:32
Tuvix519Another update, hopefully the last one before it finally gets fixed:

That's the most official thread Microsoft has been communicating in, should be out 'any day now.'
Posted by Tuvix519 on 25 Nov 13 at 15:59
CHLAs of 2/9/14 they have patched this achievement, load up a save and talk to the genie and it should pop
Posted by CHL on 10 Feb 14 at 15:31
TOBY 1K NO BEconfirm patched. However I had to do a whole new playthrough as I changed me email address and lost my save data! well done Ninja Bee! good work!
Posted by TOBY 1K NO BE on 21 Feb 14 at 16:58