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TBoGT: Gold Star

Score 100% in all missions. (The Ballad of Gay Tony)

TBoGT: Gold Star+1.3
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31 Dec 2009
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These are tips for achiving what i though were some of the hardest goals

Pratice Swing - 100% golf accuracy - take your time and try to remember when is the right time to swing

Momma's Boy - 10% player damage - mash B three times then run back a little when they run at you mash B again.
with santo drop a sticky bomb and detonate when he is near it

Kibbutz number one - quickdraw rpg - i recomed mp5 because it has good range and high rof. kill all enemies execpt one. when you kill last one lock to rpg and spray.

Caught with your pants down - shrapshooter - this was a little confusing. you have to use one clip to shoot all 4 bolts in other words 10 tries to shoot all 4 not 4 perfect shots

No.3 - followed close - not sure what specifically have to do but stay close as you can and dont be afraid to slow down to avoid obstacles

In The Crosshairs - 4 shots , 4 snipers - wait for sniper to stand (not just poke head) and shoot. you may wwant to wait till you exactly where they will stand

In The Crosshairs - Time 4:30 - rush to building and after sniping part climb on small chimney and walk along edge to fire escape use gun aim to walk straight go down and leave

Ladies Half Price - Hang on Time after cut sceen where he gets on go into reverse and he will fall off
thejackpanda69How do i restart a mission after selecting one from my phone. I'm currently on Blog This..! and i screw up at the beginning all the time with timing of the first few turns. Is there any way i can restart it without having to get out of my car and killing Tony or Grace?
Posted by thejackpanda69 on 13 May 10 at 09:37
IMINTOFOOTSTUFFHOWWW DID YOU GET 4 Shots 4 snipers? i shoot one bullet into each of the 4 snipers before the heliopter, and they die, and i dont get that box checked? PLZ any info?
Posted by IMINTOFOOTSTUFF on 28 May 10 at 06:28
Seven Clipyou have to use the advanced sniper rifle for it to count towards 4 shots 4 snipers.
Posted by Seven Clip on 12 Dec 10 at 05:47
FayMoonCaught with your pants down - if anyone has a problem with the time limit, just go to the final point and there destroy the Police vehicles. You should win the mission in 6 minutes.
Posted by FayMoon on 07 Feb 11 at 22:37
dawpa2000In the Crosshairs: I shot 4 times using the sniper rifle, but I missed 1 time, so I used the Carbine Rifle to kill the last sniper. I still got the "4 shots, 4 snipers" checkbox.
Posted by dawpa2000 on 25 Feb 11 at 14:08
Slim PanatellaGood tip for Momma's Boy if you're having difficulty with not losing over 10% health. Beat the 3rd guy then run off when you're supposed to kill Santo. Keep running until he is a way behind and look for a hot dog stall, replenish your health there and then finish him off. You will get 0% health lost for that mission. Works on other missions too when you have to do a task like evade the police etc.
Posted by Slim Panatella on 02 Oct 11 at 15:47
BikuchuThe momma's boy trick was great.
Posted by Bikuchu on 15 Feb 12 at 02:00
Van UdenSince this is the tips solution I figured I'd comment on it here.

Chinese Takeout: Once you kill all the guys inside and have to exit the building walk up to the vending machine to buy a soda. This will allow you to finish the mission with 0% health lost without having to worry too much during the mission
Posted by Van Uden on 30 Jul 12 at 07:28
JamPound32Kibbutz number 1 , QuickDraw the RPG is easier if you throw a sticky bomb towards the enemies on the ground and then aim where the sniper spawns. You can detonate the bomb and snipe the guy as soon as he spawns.
Posted by JamPound32 on 19 Jan at 20:18