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LEGO Batman
Be a Hero.

Super Hero on every level.

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31 Dec 2009 07 Aug 2011
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You have to earn Super Hero as well as Super Villain on every mission. This is slightly confusing because the achievement says super hero but you are supposed to get the villain side as well.

To get this rating you need to collect a sufficient amount of studs. Usually this is around 80.000 to 100.000 studs, except for the vehicle levels where it's somewhere around 40.000 studs.

Key to earning this amount of studs is pretty straight forward. Smash as many crates as you can and check around corners, especially the corners where you can't see what's behind it because of the 2d/3d enviroment lego is located in. These hidden corners and alleys often have blue studs in it. Blue studs are worth 1000 and are the highest valued stud you'le find after the purple one ( 10.000), which is highly rare. Gold studs are worth 100 and silver ones are worth 10. Building certain objects and vehicles will give you studs but it occured to me that every mission can be played pretty straight forward and still giving you a nice shot at having the required amount of studs if just don't die.
Dying makes you drop around 3500-4500 worth of studs. You can pick it up again if you are fast to respawn and grab everything back , but falling into toxic, ice or whatever will ensure a permanent loss. Dying is acceptable if it happens occasionally. No need to restart after dying once but just don't do it to often. Most missions have plenty studs to make up for it. Using the special attacks ( attacks)will earn you studs for enemies you kill)

Having the multipliers on that you can buy after collecting the red power bricks in the first 5 missions of the villain campaign make this MUCH easier. I got a superhero rating simply because i spawned near one silver coin that got attracted to me by one of those magnet perks, it got multiplied by 3078 and i got the rating before i even made a step.

The multipliers are also accesible through cheatcodes:

x2 ultiplier = N4NR3E
x4 multiplie r= CX9MAT
x6 multiplier = MLVNF2
x8 multiplier = WCCDB9
x10 multiplier = 18HW07

If you are using them , make sure to activate them ALL so you will get 2x4x6x8x10= x3840
CrankyBauer24If you quit out after putting in the codes , do they still apply or would you have to re-enter them when you play again ?
Posted by CrankyBauer24 on 01 Jul 14 at 19:22
CenrailIt's closing in on 5 years since i've last played this game but i vaguely recall that they remain activated or can be easily reactived with a cheatmenu when pressing start.

I am afraid i cannot provide an anwser with absolute certainty.
Posted by Cenrail on 01 Jul 14 at 20:09