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True Commitment

Reach level 60 in multiplayer.

True Commitment0
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By now everyone knows the Rescue/Beach method. But my advice - Don't quit after round 1!

Round 1:
20 Long Carry
20 Medium Carry
20 Medkit Recovered
1 Completed Round
1 Gopher
1 Delivery Boy

About 9 minutes for 30650 XP

Round 2: Run around collecting Salvage (you'll need it)

10 minutes for 10,000 - 12,000 Salvage

Round 3:
20 Long Carry
20 Medium Carry
20 Medkit Recovered
1 Winning Team
1 Gopher
1 Delivery Boy

About 9 minutes for 33,350 XP

Total: 64,000 XP and 10,000 - 12,000 Salvage in 30 minutes.

Salvage will rise to 15,000+ if you grab it on Round 1 and 3 when the opportunity presents itself. Just don't go out of your way.

Don't forget to let your Salvage hit 100,000 for the "Waste Not" bonus worth 50,000 XP.

With The General obtainable at Level 60 through a glitch (and possibly an upcoming patch) doing the above will get you both True Commitment and Shopaholic in 27 games.

EDIT: This is with Second Wind equipped. Second Wind allows you to sprint for longer with less recovery time needed before you can sprint again. It is unlocked at level 27. Before then you will need to set the rounds to 12 minutes to retrieve all 20 Medkits.
MethewI will say that I did not know that they gave you 50k XP for getting that much salvage.

Thank you TIGGER. You deserve an upvote.
Posted by Methew on 05 Apr 13 at 18:18
Greedy136This is how I am doing it. Excellent! You need all the salvage anyway plus you get 3000 extra XP. Thumbs up!
Posted by Greedy136 on 16 Apr 13 at 15:28
RSDAYI tried this, but for some reason the third round puts me on Solarii for a second time instead of switching back to survivors.
Posted by RSDAY on 11 Jun 13 at 23:25
RSDAYdurr just noticed. i was just never looking when the selection appeared before. thanks
Posted by RSDAY on 12 Jun 13 at 03:07
BoozorIs there another xp bonus for obtaining 200,000 salvage? It was quite a splendid surprise to get the 50,000 xp bonus at 100,000 salvage and am just wondering if this game has any other perks set up for us fellow grinders.
Posted by Boozor on 29 Jul 13 at 06:57
Not to my knowledge. Before the patch many people hit 200,000 salvage while prestiging and I'm sure someone would have mentioned it.
Posted on 29 Jul 13 at 09:46
Tupper29I use this method on Underground, and by destroying 3 wall sections you receive an extra 125xp
Posted by Tupper29 on 11 Dec 13 at 16:50
vSullyI only seem to only be getting Long Carry and not Medium Carry bonuses?
Posted by vSully on 22 May 14 at 13:20
You can drop the Medkit on the way back to the drop off point, pick it up again and then return it. You will need to experiment with where to drop it on the way back from each spawn point to make sure you get both Long Carry and Medium Carry.
Posted on 23 May 14 at 03:37
Lazy with StyleLv. 42 with this method so far... Man, this is so boring...
Posted by Lazy with Style on 18 Dec 15 at 09:36
GsO LightI was wondering why I got 50,000 extra xp while collecting the med kits.. is it only a one time bonus? Or can I spend some, and get 100,000 again?
Posted by GsO Light on 28 Jul 16 at 22:35
Pretty sure it's a one time thing.
Posted on 29 Jul 16 at 00:55
Kung Fu RikiThe medium carry is performed right after picking up the supplies. You can get a short carry too. Just drop the supplies right outside the drop point for the long carry. Pick it up and walk it in for the short carry. An extra 1500 xp per round (75 x 20). I choose 12 minute rounds when attempting this.
Posted by Kung Fu Riki on 17 Dec 17 at 20:03