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Responsible Roller

Hint: Roll through the course without bumping into any objects.

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Codehead UKCodehead UK307,980
22 Nov 2008
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You can do this on Egg School if you are careful.

Basically, if your see the big star flash up over the Katamari, you've blown it. On Egg school, approach the step up at the start very slowly to avoid registering a crash, then stay in the centre picking up everything and avoiding the walls until you can drop down and hit the guy in the ball to end the level.

Alternatively, unlock eternal mode on any level and hit 'X' to end the level after picking up one object and not crashing.
DL CyberSkullNote that this achievement does not pop until the end of the King's review screen.
Posted by DL CyberSkull on 18 Sep 09 at 20:02
hatchywatchyJust adding to the above, you unlock Eternal Mode by scoring 100pts on a level.
Posted by hatchywatchy on 04 Apr 10 at 21:52
Leroy I1981IPerfect solution, got it first time, thanks man.
Posted by Leroy I1981I on 05 Jul 11 at 14:19
BSquad56I just tried this and it didn't pop on Egg School after picking up a few items then exiting out of Eternal Mode.
Posted by BSquad56 on 08 Oct 13 at 03:08
BSquad56Ok ive been trying everything on Egg School and still no achievement. I never registered a crash and I completed the level and watched the King's review multiple times. Nothing!
Posted by BSquad56 on 08 Oct 13 at 03:45
Codehead UKIt's been a long time. The only advice I can offer is move up and down the step very slowly and carefully.
Posted by Codehead UK on 09 Oct 13 at 19:26
BSquad56I did it on the Munchies level beside the egg first try on Normal.
Posted by BSquad56 on 09 Oct 13 at 19:31