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First Son of Uros

Complete the first tier of the award "Eternal Rule".

First Son of Uros0
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25 Mar 2013 28 Oct 2016
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Darkstalkers ResurrectionFirst Son of UrosThe First Son of Uros achievement in Darkstalkers Resurrection worth 43 pointsComplete the first tier of the award "Eternal Rule".

This achievement unlocks once you clear all 5 Chapters of Anakaris' Challenges in Night Warriors. Anakaris' Challenges are quite easy since you can take your time for most of them without any quick inputs needed.

Chapter 1: Distance Hitsugi Mai
Very easy challenge. You're just doing a Jab, Strong an Fierce version of his Hitsuge no Mai. You will press X+A for the Jab version, Y+B for the Strong version, and RB+RT for the Fierce version. You'll first do a plain version, then do each while holding Towards the enemy, then do one while holding Away. Easy enough.

Chapter 2: Tombstone Dive Combo
Jump and do the Tombstone Dive(Down/Right+ Kick) while you're about to land. This will make it easier to link it into Standing Jab and follow up with the rest of the combo. Easy timing, press right after another.

Chapter 3: Short Link
Timing the 2 Standing Shorts together is easy. And you can even shortcut the combo into ES Cobra Blow. My solution:

A, Away + A, Toward + LB

Chapter 4: Dash Short Link
Practice the timing between Dashing Short into Standing Jab. You have to sneak the Standing Jab before Victor recovers from the Dashing Jab. Once you get that the rest of the combo easily links right after just like the previous challenges.

Chapter 5: Dizzy Combo
All you literally have to do here is Inhale one of Hsien Ko's projectiles(one that causes a dizzy such as Hammer or Boulder) Then do the Fierce version of Kotodama to her. Hit Jab and Short before the item hits her from above then repeat.

Start off by jumping into the air and wait for her to throw a Hammer or Boulder at you and press Down, Away + Kick to swallow it. Now walk up to her, not too close, and release by pressing Down, Toward + RT . It should shoot upwards. Now quickly hit X, A. Do another Kotodama and repeat until you clear the trial.