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End of the Road

Complete the game in co-op.

End of the Road+0.3
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27 Mar 2013
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You can get this by swapping controllers if you don't have someone to play with locally. The hardest part is the Reunion chapter since you have to actively fend off people before they kill Jenny and of course the behemoth boss is more difficult in co-op because there are people on the ground also trying to kill Jenny. I'd suggest doing all other chapters in co-op first if you are doing this by swapping controllers. Then come back and do Reunion and when you get to the last part before the dump truck make sure both players have plenty of sub machine gun and pistol ammo.
While the cutscene is playing have the Lynch controller left stick pushed to the left so he doesn't get ran over. This should push him to the van. Then immediately switch to the Kane controller and start shooting the guy on the back of the dump truck.

Jump up on the van and turn away from the dump truck and take out the two people coming from the back right side. If there is someone close on the left side take them out as well. Quickly turn back to the dump truck as it is doing a 3 point turn. Using the pistol shoot the side window. If you didn't kill three people on the ground turn back around and see if one is near Jenny and take them out. If you haven't switched to the sub machine gun do it and focus back on the dump truck and shoot out the window (or at least damage it severely).

When the dump truck passes scan for any more people. There are a total of 4 or 5 people on the ground. Then focus on the dump truck driver window again. If you can get a couple of rounds on the people on the outside that is fine, but focus on the window. Once the window breaks it stops and Jenny takes off running.

The rest of the chapters can be won without too much difficulty as you can continue to give yourselves adrenaline shots. Hope this helps someone else who is crazy enough to try and do the co-op achievements by themselves.