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Complete the Main Campaign in 1999 mode without buying anything from a Dollar Bill vending machine.

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The NerevarineThe Nerevarine470,302
28 Mar 2013 07 Apr 2013
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Spoiler free text solution, first video contains a very minor spoiler, second is the final battle!

For this achievement, you are not allowed to buy anything from the "Dollar Bill" vending machine; don't worry about touching it or looking at it's contents, just don't purchase anything. Use the Gear upgrade or Vigor upgrade vending machines as much as you want.

1999 Mode can be unlocked at the main menu by using the Konami code (up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, b, a). In 1999 Mode, there is no navigation aid and you have to pay for deaths (100 Silver Eagles). Dying with no money kicks you to the menu, which is basically the same as restarting your checkpoint. If you've finished Brass Balls, then this should be a walk in the park. Playing through first on normal would definitely assist but is not necessary, and you could potentially accomplish all other achievements in this play-through by following the guide for "Infused with Greatness" or purchasing the Season Pass.
BioShock Infinite (Xbox 360)Infused with GreatnessThe Infused with Greatness achievement in BioShock Infinite (Xbox 360) worth 67 pointsIn the Main Campaign, collect every Infusion upgrade in a single game.

You can reload checkpoints after the game to get the counter achievements ("Kill N enemies with X"), as they're accumulative across play-throughs.

In case you're curious: without a guide or cheating, I earned around $10,000 (less than a quarter of that spent on revives), and ended the game with an extra $1,000 and 15+ lockpicks in stow. Despite opening every lock I could find, I only found 77/80 of the voxophones and must have missed quite a few other secrets.

My Strategy
You're going to have limited resources in this mode, meaning you won't be able to buy much. I chose to mostly upgrade the common weapons (Pistol, Shotgun, Machine Gun, Carbine) Ammo and Damage, and I spent some money on the crucial Charge and Bucking Bronco Vigor upgrades and a single upgrade for the Shock Jockey and Undertow Vigors.

My general strategy was pretty simple: take cover, be patient, and search high and low for supplies. I invested all upgrades into my shield or salts until they were full, and mostly used Vigor combos like shock-shoot to increase damage output on tough enemies. When I encountered a Handyman I would try to always be moving by shooting him a few times and then hopping on a rail to find a hiding spot to regenerate my shield, then rinse and repeat.

For bosses like the ghost, I employed a melee strategy to conserve ammo using the Charge/Charge Aid Vigor coupled with some gear I found laying around: Burning Halo, Executioner, Overkill, and Brittle-Skinned. These are all just random melee perks I had, so if you don't have the exact same perks just pick some similar gear -- stacking melee gear will make your attacks brutal and help conserve ammo. I've attached a video of the fight for you to witness and recreate. After devising this tactic, I used this gear setup for the rest of the game to great effect... Being invincible with Charge Aid is insanely useful even in, or maybe especially in, large crowds. Add Bronco or Shock to the mix and you'll be unstoppable.

Finding Gear
Gear always appears in the same locations, but what the gear is is random (except for a few static pieces) so you will have to make do with what you find! If you find a gear location near a checkpoint, sometimes reloading the checkpoint will randomize the gear again. The specific equipment I mentioned is not necessary, I merely chose the melee perk gear I had to boost my damage output. When combined with Charge and Charge Aid, extra melee damage added to brief invulnerability will help you to cut down heavy hitting enemies with ease. If you don't have the exact equipment, just choose some melee-oriented gear (extra damage is key). Supposedly Burning Halo is always in the beginning behind the first Crow enemy.

Choke Point Videos
These videos contain me playing through the two choke points: the first is the fight with the ghost, in which I use a melee strategy to obliterate her; the second is the final battle sequence and contains some pretty heavy spoilers.

A note aboute the final mission: I didn't think to do it, but you can set 'Return to Sender' traps in front of the blue generator thing to absorb bullets and prolong the life of the generator.

Good luck!
A BatwomanCan you use the upgrade machines? I've been playing this whole time not upgrading or buying ammo or anything. Just was wondering I don't want to have to play the whole thing over and over again.

It's pretty easy on 1999 mode without buying anything. Elizabeth gives you stuff as well to keep you going if you can find it.
Posted by A Batwoman on 28 Mar 13 at 09:59
The NerevarineAs stated, yes, you can use the Gun and Vigor upgrade machines liberally. In the strategy part of the solution I even strongly suggest upgrading guns and Vigors.

I never once found myself in desperate need of ammo where a Dollar Bill machine was readily accessible, and the melee perks more than made up for a lack of ammunitions.
Posted by The Nerevarine on 28 Mar 13 at 10:28
FoogaDo you remember where these melee perks were in the game?
Posted by Fooga on 28 Mar 13 at 11:05
The NerevarineThanks or the idea, Fooga, I added the locations to the guide.
Posted by The Nerevarine on 28 Mar 13 at 16:53
FoogaThanks a lot. I'll be looking out for these.
Posted by Fooga on 28 Mar 13 at 17:22
A BatwomanThank you so it is just the dollar bill machines you can't use lol That's easy!
+++1 all the way thanks much!
Posted by A Batwoman on 28 Mar 13 at 19:58
BLAZE VIIHey "Nerevarine": Just want to point out that the GEARS LOCATIONS/SPAWNS can be sligthly random. For example: I found the "Brittle Skinned" where you found "Executioner" and vice versa! Other than that a great solution! +1
Posted by BLAZE VII on 28 Mar 13 at 22:24
Strategy OneThe gear locations.... I am sure they are all random. I just found Overkill before the Hall of Heroes
Posted by Strategy One on 28 Mar 13 at 22:47
BLAZE VIIYup I can confirm that too. Just found NEW PANTS - ANGRY STOMPERS, where "Overkill" should be!
Posted by BLAZE VII on 28 Mar 13 at 23:09
Good Detectivefind an area with gear that has a checkpoint before it, nab the gear and if it isn't your fancy reload the checkpoint until you get what you need ;)
Posted by Good Detective on 29 Mar 13 at 01:04
The NerevarineThanks BLAZE VII, I actually realized this today while doing some other achievements and updated the guide to reflect it. I also added a video for the final battle for anyone who needed help with that (I received a request on YouTube for it).
Posted by The Nerevarine on 29 Mar 13 at 01:11
FoogaAre you positive they're random? I found burning halo where you said it would be. I do know that the decisions you make (like choosing to throw the baseball at the inter racial couple), affect certain pieces of gear.
Posted by Fooga on 29 Mar 13 at 02:02
Zubble BeeI just found Executioner at a different spot on my 1999 playthrough. On your way to Monument Island once you start using the skylines for the first time, there's an area where you ambush 3 to 4 guards. Booker will say something hear about there being "a skyline up above" and a need for elevation. After swinging onto a balcony and killing two more enemies you'll find the Executioner gear behind the dresser on the right side of the bed. I was surprised to find it here, it has some impressive stats!
Posted by Zubble Bee on 29 Mar 13 at 02:02
Zubble BeeShould of refreshed the page before I commented... x)
I feel a little foolish now.
Posted by Zubble Bee on 29 Mar 13 at 02:05
Zubble BeeShould of refreshed the page before I commented... x)
I feel a little foolish now.
Posted by Zubble Bee on 29 Mar 13 at 02:30
BlankUsername32Other people are mentioning of gear locations. I don't see them in your guide. Am I missing something or did you remove them?

I have a few, somewhat obvious, tips that might help a few people.
Don't blindly take everything in a container. If it only has food/drinks you need, leave them for later.
You can force an autosave by changing areas.
I always avoided alcohol and cigarettes until I noticed how little they damaged you compared to how much they help.
You can sneak passed some enemies, most importantly the boys of silence (the guys with the spotlight on their heads.)
A lot of the gear is useful to put on for only a few seconds, like Last Man Standing, Kill to Live, or Fire Bird.
Posted by BlankUsername32 on 29 Mar 13 at 06:22
The NerevarineI removed them... I originally used this list but I can't guarantee it's accuracy given the randomness of the gear:
Posted by The Nerevarine on 29 Mar 13 at 09:19
KramminJust an extra little tip for this cheevo, if you have the upgrade pack for pre-ordering infinite, just before you pick up a Voxophone, equip the EXTRA! EXTRA! hat each time to get a few more silver eagles. Then just equip whichever hat you wish after you have picked it up. It doesn't give a huge amount but in this difficulty everything helps. Remember to take it back off each time too. A few times I had forgotten to do this!
Posted by Krammin on 29 Mar 13 at 10:15
BLAZE VIIAlso for the CHECKPOINT-RELOADING thing to get a different GEAR is not working on every location. There are some fix spots/spawn, i.e. the one at FINK'S PRIVATE DOCKS (behind the Dollar Bill Machine). I restarted it now for ten times and it's always the "SPARE THE ROD" hat.
Posted by BLAZE VII on 29 Mar 13 at 13:35
ChizzyVoted negative because of the Gear. I think you should give a different way to beat lady Comstock without the gear.
Posted by Chizzy on 29 Mar 13 at 15:33
The NerevarineGuys about the gear... I stated quite clearly in the solution what the gear was for and that it wasn't an exact science. As I understand it, Burning Halo is something everyone should have by that point, and the rest is all oriented towards melee attacks, so if you don't have the exact gear just equip something similar, and the same basic battle strategy will still work.

Since the gear is random there's only so much I can suggest in the guide in regards to it, but it's a pretty important aspect to the game so if I didn't mention it, that would be worse. The point is that if you don't have the gear and you're struggling with a boss, you'll have to take a few deep breaths and figure out what gear you have that will work with the approach I've outlined. The invulnerability is from the Charge Aid, and you can purchase it at the checkpoint before the fight with Lady Comstock, so you'd be hard-pressed to find a better strategy than the one I've devised and shared with you here.
Posted by The Nerevarine on 29 Mar 13 at 15:49
I Ebon Hawk II mostly used Bucking Bronco, Devil's Kiss and Possession on my Hard playthrough. I never bothered with Charge. I'll be using Charge as recommended in this solution; hopefully it lives up to its billing :)
Posted by I Ebon Hawk I on 29 Mar 13 at 16:10
ChizzyOk and what about the part where you have to fight here again at the Bank. This part is bullshit I don't have enough money to upgrade or I would have already/
Posted by Chizzy on 29 Mar 13 at 17:28
BLAZE VII@ King Chizzy: Then you must be doing something wrong or just simply speed-runnin. I am at bank right now and have a lot of things upgraded and still have +3.000 DOLLARS in my pocket, no kidding.

As for the CHARGE-MELEE thing for handy-men or bosses I have to give "The Nerevarine" props. It works like a charm and if you have some decent gear with it you are literally invincible!!! Try it out guys, makes this mode a walk in the park.
Posted by BLAZE VII on 29 Mar 13 at 17:34
ChizzyOk well if I go back and do chapter replay can I get more money, then upgrade and come back to where I am stuck?
Posted by Chizzy on 29 Mar 13 at 18:01
BlankUsername32You have to play from start to finish, you can't just load a chapter.
Posted by BlankUsername32 on 29 Mar 13 at 18:45
BlankUsername32I killed the first crow, then went back to grab the gear behind the bookshelf and reloaded at least 20 times. I only found Urgent Care, Fire Bird, Head Master, and Deadly Lungers (all of them being pants.) So it seems like some, or all, of the locations will only give you certain gear, not just the ones that always give the same one.
Posted by BlankUsername32 on 29 Mar 13 at 20:12
I am JamesI just finished 1999 mode and I didn't get this! I have no memory at all of buying anything from the dollar bill machines, but I did occasionally use possess to collect money from them - surely that doesn't count? Gaah, I'll have to play it again AGAIN in a few months.
Posted by I am James on 30 Mar 13 at 00:54
KimievaThank you so much for the Charge attack idea on the three ghost fights. Made that chapter so much easier.
Posted by Kimieva on 30 Mar 13 at 01:22
Peaches 518re:Ghost. I just got to that part of the game. The first time, she kicked my ass because I was unprepared. So I tried a second time. I immediately ran up to the area with the Crank Gun... she ended up just sitting in the center of the graveyard, doing nothing. She had revived a few ghosts at the very beginning, but I just pulled out my sniper rifle, killed the ghosts, and then head shotted her until she died. Easy. One person isn't a pattern, but perhaps if other people have seen this glitch too, it might be worth putting into your solution.
Posted by Peaches 518 on 30 Mar 13 at 01:22
A BatwomanThanks for the guide. Got the achievement. Had to do the last boss fight over and over to finally get it.

But pretty much Bronco + sniper (For the little men) and Charge + Shotgun (For Mechanized Patriots and Rocket Guns) pretty much beats it and only put out the song bird on the Zeppelins and Ships with guns on them shooting rockets. There is quite a few Salt everywhere so use a stratgey when to pick it up. Also sometimes use the Skylines when needed but you wanna kind of be close to the power serge thing.

Also it's kind of a glitchy fight at the end because I thought I knocked off the rocket guys and they where shooting outside of the map I rode the skyline and shot them with the sniper on the skyline. There is sniper ammo in different spots you just gotta look for it as well as the shotgun ammo.
Posted by A Batwoman on 30 Mar 13 at 04:12
FoogaWhen I fought the Siren, I died pretty fast. I had exactly enough cash to buy charge aid. I took a gamble, and I'm glad I did. Using your video my fights with her were very brief.

After that I pretty much spammed charge, with a few lightning bolts here and there. I ended up maxing charge, putting the explosive damage on it as well. For lightning I put the chaining effect on it. I tried to always hold on to a crank gun and one of my upgraded guns (they were upgraded in damage and ammo only), which were the pistol, carbine, and machine gun. For gear I had the 4 pieces you originally posted: Burning Halo, Executioner, Brittle-Skinned, and Overkill.

The last fight was stupidly easy with this setup. It felt even easier then when I did it on my first playthrough on normal. I would just charge Patriots and shoot the crank gun on them, and then switch to an RPG to finish off infantry (with an occasional charge). Thanks for your guide, man. Really appreciate it. Infinite is now 1000/1000!
Posted by Fooga on 31 Mar 13 at 13:55
FireRaiser1985Is it ok to possess dollar bill vending machines? Hope so... cry
Posted by FireRaiser1985 on 02 Apr 13 at 22:41
great guide. Tks. winter shield really helped out on some of the skyline levels. Devils kiss fully upgraded with overkill was pure beast. Really help out taking out clusters of bad guys.
Posted on 03 Apr 13 at 12:52
MugenKairoGreat guide but I'm having huge issues with checkpoints on my 1999 mode!! Played through the game rescued Elizabeth then went to continue later on and returned to the lighthouse. Arrrgh. That's twice it's fine that...

Any suggestions anyone?
Posted by MugenKairo on 03 Apr 13 at 20:05
prawn of warGreat guide, helped me beat Scavenger on my first playthrough. Now mopping up the collectables on easy!

As a not: it appears Winter Shield is always found in the basement of the good time club in cell 8 and is undoubtedly the best gear in the game. Absolutely necessary for handymen in 1999 mode.
Posted by prawn of war on 03 Apr 13 at 23:47
ARCHER MIKEthese 3 tips may help out:

1) spend all but 500 coins before starting the last fight because i had over 2000 coins left and only died twice. it would of allowed me to purchase more upgrades and the fights would of been even easier.

2) when fighting bosses thruout the game, you should restart checkpoint rather then losing money on the revives when you die. that way you can purchase more upgrades and the boss always starts with full health when you revive so it doesnt make sense not to restart.

3)on the final battle I used amenazamenor JF tip on purchasing "return for less" on the 'return to sender' vigor. I then placed 6 of them at the beginning of the fighting and 6 more towards the end to block incoming firepower.

in case any of you are wondering how long does it take from the last battle til the achievements pop, its about 15 minutes.
Posted by ARCHER MIKE on 04 Apr 13 at 09:42
RuriairGuys, I just beat 1999 mode on my first try with a few deaths. Here are some tips, use Return to Sender in front of the core. Protects it from basically all bullet damage. And just kill the rest of the enemies normally. Use songbird on the Zepplins first and if? he's free, just use on gunships.
Posted by Ruriair on 07 Apr 13 at 00:25
RuriairO and Possession on the Rocket Enemies because I don't think Return to Sender blocks rockets.
Posted by Ruriair on 07 Apr 13 at 00:27
Js2DeathI accidentally hit x on the vending machine do I have to start over? Btw I changed my controls so it might not be x for you
Posted by Js2Death on 07 Apr 13 at 04:59
RhyoliticI just did the first ghost battle and it wasn't anywhere near as hard as my Hard playthrough. I sat back in the mausoleum w/Lady Comstock's casket. I used nothing but Shock Jockey and a couple shots of Devil's Kiss. The battle was over before I even realized it. SJ had both upgrades, but nothing for DK. It was crazy easy.

Just keep spamming SJ, the ghost seems to be relatively weak against it.
Posted by Rhyolitic on 08 Apr 13 at 09:44
TheIcemanComethSerious props to Nerevarine on the fight with the ghost in the graveyard. I didn't have everything you used, but I did use Burning Halo, Ammo Advantage, Vampire's Embrace and Brittle-Skinned. I also had a fully-upgraded Charge, picked up the Hail Fire over to the right behind a headstone. Walked around and filled up as much as I could on ammo. Once I had control after releasing her, I hit her three times with full Charge and about 20 Hail Fire rounds and she was dead. Maybe a 15-second fight. No problems on this end. +1 to you!
Posted by TheIcemanCometh on 08 Apr 13 at 22:18
ScottyDaHotty2Thanks for the wonderful guide! Not sure if I would have finished my 1999 run without it! Cheers!
Posted by ScottyDaHotty2 on 10 Apr 13 at 04:12
FeralKnightHas anyone confirmed if you can possess dollar bill machines or not? The achievement description seems to imply it is ok, but a few people in this thread has expressed issues. I haven't yet but am strapped for cash in my playthrough and would love to be able to if it is ok.
Posted by FeralKnight on 25 Apr 13 at 15:55
TheIcemanCometh@FeralKnight - I did a couple of possessions in my playthrough (didn't get any money, though) and the achievement popped for me.
Posted by TheIcemanCometh on 25 Apr 13 at 15:57
ARCHER MIKEi possessed all 3 machines and still got the achievement.
Posted by ARCHER MIKE on 25 Apr 13 at 20:02
RaiderhornThis is exactly what I like to see for achievements like this: Not a walkthrough, but really helpful tips, cause seriously that's all you can get. I now have new strategies to my arsenal, great solution thumbs up from me!
Posted by Raiderhorn on 07 May 13 at 20:38
YaziteJust wondering, are you allowed to save game in 1999 mode or do you have to play in one sitting? Also if you happen to die without 100 coins, can you just load your previous save again?
Posted by Yazite on 26 May 13 at 11:45
NE0182saves are still there, but i'm not sure about the 100 coins. you should always make sure to have as much money as you can. maybe this guide helps:
Posted by NE0182 on 26 Jun 13 at 02:39
Marc Pilkington@TwiK999 Complete the game on 1999 mode in one sitting? You crazy? :P But the "return to sender" tip for the last fight seems helpful! It took me long enough to do on normal, hopefully I'll make it on 1999 mode!
Posted by Marc Pilkington on 06 Jul 13 at 22:54

Just a small tip for beating the GHOST BOSS.

So basically the main problem with the ghost fights is the fact that when you kill an enemy, Lady Comstock will resurrect the enemies you've spent your time killing. Now, if you zap the enemies with Shock Jockey and then kill them while they are still affected by the vigor they will simply disintegrate and they can no longer be resurrected. Whilst all the enemies were out of the picture I found something to hide behind and took my time headshotting the ghost. Took a good few minutes to finish her off but it was better than being killed every 2 or 3 minutes.

Hope this helps a few people.
Posted by Nath360skillz on 15 Jul 13 at 21:39
BillarghThat video made me fall in love with charge in the last third or so of the game, ridiculously handy.
Posted by Billargh on 10 Feb 14 at 17:36
Geordie ScoutGood guide and excellent videos linked. Cheers for the help! smile
Posted by Geordie Scout on 12 Feb 14 at 09:44
MK DufortAt the time of this writting, this achievement is worth 199 TA score, just missing a nine
Posted by MK Dufort on 10 Mar 14 at 21:18
That RichmanJust wondering how do you possess a machine ?
Posted by That Richman on 15 Apr 15 at 21:37
That RichmanDo you just use your vigors?
Posted by That Richman on 15 Apr 15 at 21:40
Zaro KarosI guess I have to play the entire game again on 1999 mode
Posted by Zaro Karos on 14 Dec 18 at 02:19
Zaro KarosWell that didn't take as long as I thought it would have.
Posted by Zaro Karos on 16 Dec 18 at 01:55
WTG x RoCK STaRToo much repetitive work!!! (rips hair out)
Posted by WTG x RoCK STaR on 01 Apr 20 at 19:26