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Strange Bedfellows

In the Main Campaign, kill 20 enemies using allies brought in through a Tear.

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I ground out my 20 kills at the checkpoint after leaving the Hall of Heroes shortly after grabbing Shock Jockey. The chapter you want to reload is "Return to Hall of Heroes". (thanks perfectdozen for clarification) You can tear in a Mosquito, which is a floating automated machine gun, right in front of you in the air in the back of the area. This Mosquito isn't very tough, but it has a good line of sight to the enemies below. Between Slate's men and Comstock's men fighting, and them shooting at you, it should claim a few kills with each of its lives. I had two enemies with shotguns rush me on the balcony while I hid back and let the turret do its work.

You can help it along by putting a few shots into each men to wound them to make it easier for the turret to kill. If it gets destroyed, you can re-tear it back into existence a few seconds later while you hide on the balcony. Once you let it kill everyone in the area, restart checkpoint and you return immediately where you were outside the door for more boosting.

There are two allies before this one in the game, but the checkpoints are further away, or it will only help kill one enemy. This location only took me a few minutes.
perfectdozenYour solution is great, but slightly vague for those of us who've beaten the game. The chapter you want to reload is "Return to Hall of Heroes". You start right at the area HonoraryDecoy mentions, and the mosquito is facing you, in back of the open area.
Posted by perfectdozen on 02 Apr 13 at 00:36
Mr Teallah thanks perfectdozen just what I was looking for! Loaded that chapter up and going for it now =]
Posted by Mr Teall on 03 Apr 13 at 12:40
Mattricusworked absolutely find for me! Managed to get this in one load, as I had somehow accumulated about 15 of these already. Thankyou! :)
Posted by Mattricus on 10 Aug 14 at 14:07
FiveWizzHmmmm loading that checkpoint for me takes me to the fight with slate in the courtyard instead of to the fight u mention. Is there a way of loading chapters that isn't your own checkpoints? Bit confused. Tbh this is still useful as i used it to get the Streetsweeper achievement :)
Posted by FiveWizz on 19 Nov 17 at 12:04
OhioTaylorxTook me about 5 minutes thanks.
Posted by OhioTaylorx on 29 Jan at 05:09