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Beat a wave without attacking

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Shadow ScythianShadow Scythian142,854
30 Mar 2013
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This is easiest done on the early levels, all you need to do is stand back and summon your allies to fight the zombies for you.

You cannot earn this achievement on bonus levels even though you aren't allowed to attack anyway.
QuickMythrili got this easily on wave 4. after trying for the "no allies" achievement on wave 2 and then getting it on wave 3, i spent money to upgrade my warrior allies to level 2 and just stayed all the way left and summoned a warrior every time i got the 10 points needed for it. very easy and i never saw an enemy anywhere near me.
Posted by QuickMythril on 01 Apr 13 at 08:52
AP E JCBest level to do this is level 2, keep spamming farmers and you're good to go. Besides that, you cant get the no allies achievement in level 2.
Posted by AP E JC on 01 Apr 13 at 10:34
DRedWingsDJYThis can also be accomplished in later levels if you have the Oni charm enabled (Friendship Warrior). I did it in level 20. Just hang back behind the gate and spawn allies. I'd also recommend keeping a priest spawned for healing.
Posted by DRedWingsDJY on 06 Jul 13 at 00:34
McD76You can shoot arrows though. I did it on lvl 24 and the small walking lampions rushed by my allies and I automatically fired my bow and it still popped.
Posted by McD76 on 21 Jul 13 at 07:17