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31 Mar 2013 16 Aug 2013
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This one's going to take a lot of grinding. The last character upgrade you need requires you to be at level 49 for it to unlock, which is going to take a while (it says level 50, but I guess it's glitched because the upgrades seem to unlock a level before the description says). The best way I've found to do this was to keep playing the last "Defeat Bane" mission over and over again. It takes about 4-5 minutes to beat and nets you 1,000 XP and 100 coins each playthrough. The best part is, when you beat it you automatically respawn at the beginning of the mission again, so you don't even have to go back to the main menu. The achievement unlocks when you exit the menu and go back to the main game. If anyone finds any quicker solutions don't hesitate to comment, I'll edit this post with any additional info. Good luck!

EDIT: To clarify, you ONLY need the upgrades in the "Character" section of the Tech Shop.

J Schwizzle has provided a rough time estimate for how long the grind will take in the comments. Here are the approximate level-up times from level 30.

-- Level 30 --> 3500 XP per level --> ~20 min/level
-- Level 35 --> 4500 XP per level --> ~30 min/level
-- Level 40 --> 5500 XP per level --> ~35 min/level
-- Level 45 --> 7500 XP per level --> ~45 min/level
DeviSlatorHow many hours will this take to grind?
Posted by DeviSlator on 19 Jun 13 at 19:40
K4rn4geI second that. Any estimate?
Posted by K4rn4ge on 12 Jul 13 at 06:56
J SchwizzleQuite a while. Each time through the final mission will take around 5 minutes on average -- call it 6 minutes once you've included the load time to start the mission again, time spent in the Tech Shop between runs, etc. The XP required for the levels keeps going up as you get higher -- here are some rough numbers based on what I observed as I worked through them. Your total time will obviously vary based on the level you're at when you finish the game:

-- Level 30 --> 3500 XP per level --> ~20 min/level
-- Level 35 --> 4500 XP per level --> ~30 min/level
-- Level 40 --> 5500 XP per level --> ~35 min/level
-- Level 45 --> 7500 XP per level --> ~45 min/level

Another way to do the accounting is that I hit level 50 at exactly the same time as I earned enough cash to purchase the last "Character" upgrade, having spent very, very little anywhere else over the course of the game.
Posted by J Schwizzle on 12 Jul 13 at 16:09
Fire Hawk DMy game told me level 47 was the final upgrade. And, that was when I got the achievement.
Posted by Fire Hawk D on 08 Nov 13 at 06:49
Bastian ReaderThe ability to buy in game xp and credit multipliers of 25% and 50% are currently disabled which means that you will have to grind this out legitly.

Once you finish the game this will take 20-25 hours of grinding out fights against bane (last level).

Remember not to spend your credits on anything outside the character tree otherwise you will have to spend a lot more time grinding fights against bane. Every upgrade of 1000 credits that you waste is an hour that you will have to spend fighting against bane.

Also, using level select (such as for the rescuing civilians achievement) will not make you lose your level or upgrades.
Posted by Bastian Reader on 04 Dec 19 at 06:45