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Get one wave up to level 99

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02 Apr 2013
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Thanks to Minioger for the confirmation on this one - so kudos to him!

To confirm - this achievement requires you to level up one of the waves from the game to Level 99.

To do this, you need to firstly finish the 50 original waves. Once the achievement pops for this and you finish Wave 50, you can re-enter any wave you want and play it again.

This achievement requires you to play, and beat, a single wave 99 times.

This is more a grind than anything. Choose the first wave and simply replay it - should take you between 35 and 50 seconds each time.

Rinse and repeat 99 times. The game, thankfully, keeps track of the number of replays.
MajesticPanda89Is there a quicker way to replay it than reselecting it every time? It takes me almost as long to reselect as it does to beat it -_-
Posted by MajesticPanda89 on 03 Apr 13 at 04:48
QuickMythrilit gets harder each time so eventually you will be spending more time on the levels. you don't have to actually beat level 99. my achievement popped part way through wave 1-99 so you may have to actually play it, or it may have just been delayed. it is quite a pain that it assumes you want to move to the next wave each time.
Posted by QuickMythril on 03 Apr 13 at 08:44
QuickMythrilyou also get the bonus waves every time you beat 5 so that also breaks up the monotony and gives you a chance to win some money and level up some things that you might find useful for that particular wave... now i just have to do 49 times 98 more waves, fun times :P
Posted by QuickMythril on 03 Apr 13 at 08:45
Chris8875QuickMythril - I think for the play all waves to level 99 achievement we'd be looking at an easy 300 hours. And that would be a conservative estimate.
Posted by Chris8875 on 03 Apr 13 at 09:20
MajesticPanda89Doing farmer spam it takes me about 4 hours of actual playtime to beat 1 to 50. I'm only on like 25 or so passes for most stages, so we can expect that time to increase. I'd bet this is one of those achievements that will be completely unobtainable for most players.
Posted by MajesticPanda89 on 06 Apr 13 at 15:10
RadicalSniper99My time alone for Level 50 was at least 10 minutes. 1000 minutes then for that level alone or 16 hours. That's without including the difficulty increase as you go. I'd have to say 300 is really conservative unless you continually get stronger and get the gems to make the upgrades.
Posted by RadicalSniper99 on 07 Apr 13 at 22:24
jumpman174I did this one. Screw the all 50 waves to 99 achievement. I was ready to bash my brains in after just getting wave 1 to level 99. I honestly don't see anyone ever getting that achievement legit. I hope they patch the game and make it something better.
Posted by jumpman174 on 08 Apr 13 at 00:08
MajesticPanda89Anyone have some progress in the final waves and have a good technique? The enemies hp is so high at this point that I can only kill them with troop trample while doing farmer spam. Flying enemies are especially obnoxious even with a high level bow.
Posted by MajesticPanda89 on 08 Apr 13 at 02:31
MajesticPanda89Alright, giving up now. even with upgraded troop trample and whatnot it's literally not possible to beat some of the waves at higher levels. Even using the charms as best I can it's simply not possible without massive upgrades to hero damage. Until we get easier ways to get gems then I don't think it's possible for players that don't spend money.
Posted by MajesticPanda89 on 09 Apr 13 at 16:49
Chris8875Majestic Panda - that was my concern - that there was going to be a requirement for a massive number of gems to be purchased and spent to even have a chance to complete all the waves.

Thanks for reporting back in and letting us know. Sorry to hear that is the case as well.
Posted by Chris8875 on 09 Apr 13 at 21:47
MajesticPanda89I'm not sure on their exact numbers since all their data is hidden, but they definitely do some math where gold value, damage, and health all increase with the level count (if we read them as Wave-Level). They don't exactly increase such that level 5 enemies have 5x the health of wave 1 enemies, but by the time you are at wave 15 or so many of the waves over 33 are pretty difficult to pass even with almost perfect unit and powerup use. So far I'm still making it through waves under 33 and most are fairly doable so far. For comparison I'm at around 35 on the first wave and around 20 on wave 32.

If anyone is actually trying this as well then be sure to upgrade everything you can with coins, then spend gems on troop trample, your bow, and lethargy. The bow can level up infinitely, but the other two most likely max out at level 10 (haven't gotten there yet). Some may notice that the sword has a higher damage bonus per level, but it also can't hit flying enemies, which are the real problem on higher levels. That makes the bow the only weapon worth upgrading.

I wasted a lot of my gems upgrading the assassin unit only to find out the final stats are pretty unspectacular. In my tests farmer spam was much better in terms of time and how close I came to losing.

Sorry for the rambling but I'm hoping if others are attempting it we could build on each other's strategies and maybe find a combination that lets us do it without spending cash.
Posted by MajesticPanda89 on 10 Apr 13 at 14:15
MajesticPanda89Alright, for anyone still attempting the 50 waves to level 99, I've made somewhat of a breakthrough.

Although lethargy is very important in the early stages, once you pass the game a few times you'll definitely want to switch it out for the tornado move. It absolutely destroys flying enemies, even as their levels increase. After doing this I'm screaming through the levels I was previously stuck on.

My setup is farmer spam, troop trample, and tornado. I also use my bow as much as possible.
Posted by MajesticPanda89 on 11 Apr 13 at 02:22
Chris8875Thanks MajesticPanda - I'd noticed that the tornado was really effective on the flying enemies when I was given it to use in those bonus levels - but hadn't pursued it during the normal waves. Must've thought it was overpowered in those bonus waves and not bothered!

That's very interesting news.
Posted by Chris8875 on 11 Apr 13 at 02:49
MajesticPanda89I had the same thought, which is why I didn't make use of it earlier. I'm finding that even on wave 45 or so of some of the higher levels (ahem, 33), it's destroying them in a matter of seconds. To be fair though I did grind out some gems from bonus waves to upgrade it. I still feel like health, village bowmen, the bell, and units besides farmers all all a waste of money/gems. Once you pass the game once the usefullness of those items just decreases as you spend most of your time spamming farmers and using your bow.
Posted by MajesticPanda89 on 11 Apr 13 at 14:58
HiradCI've noticed towards 1-60 the level is actually starting to get quite hard with my guy taking a fair bit of damage so I doubt doing every level is even possible unless it's balanced so the more difficult levels increase less but still... reckon I'll just stop once I've got this
Posted by HiradC on 20 Apr 13 at 19:13
Gh9st50 is horrible enough already. I dread to think how it'll be at level 98. Good guide, just to note: you don't have to actually play the 99th wave. After I finished 1-98 the achievement unlocked for me.
Posted by Gh9st on 22 Apr 13 at 15:31
MajesticPanda89Well, just to update everyone - I'm nearing the end of my 5000 wave struggle.

The game definitely doesn't get easier, but the exploitable strategy remains the same. I use constant stream of farmers to slow down the every advancing enemies. When possible, I upgrade troop trample, as it's my main force for getting past waves at this point. Other than that, I stand back and use tornado to take care of flying enemies.

Things I've noticed:
Your bow only goes up around 6 damage per level after 10, so it's really not worth upgrading. Once you get a ways into the game, you really are worthless as a damage dealer, so focus on your skills.

Troop trample is literally the only thing that will get you through this grind. Even so, expect to use a lot of revives. Luckily, I seem to get a lot of them after my bonus waves. This means you should be upgrading it every chance you get and using it as often as possible.

Tornado is really the only thing that will deal with flying enemies for you, and even then it's fairly meh at high levels. Upgrade it as you see fit but really focus on troop trample.

I've had to farm the first level or two quite a lot to get revives and gems while upgrading troop trample. It's not really hard, but it does get tiresome. Luckily you can basically watch tv while you spam farmers and troop trample to beat these early waves, even at level 99.

If you have particular trouble on a level, just do your best and use revives when you die. It seems to do enough damage to kill most of the enemies that are in the field (except the final boss). If you run out, don't buy them from the shop, get the discounted 5 pack from the death screen. Good luck.
Posted by MajesticPanda89 on 26 Apr 13 at 03:55