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The Inhuman Achievement

Complete Through the Fire and Flames on Expert

The Inhuman Achievement0
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03 Jan 2010 05 Jan 2010
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Start by turning on hyperspeed 1 or 2 it may seem fast at first but as soon as you get used to it you will get much better.

Fingertapping not only does it help you get passed the intro but it makes you feel like a baddass when you can first do it. =D

Intro-go onto practice mode put it on slowest, place your left 3 fingers on the first three frets (unless your on lefty mode then its right 3 fingers on the first 3 frets) i use my middle finger from my right (strumming hand) to tap the blues and the oranges but thats totally up to you on what finger you choose. (remember to keep your green button held down at all times)now play the *They're hammer ons* section on slowest by fingertapping this technique until you 100% it now change your speed to slower until you 100% it then slow and normal speed.
(Trust me you'll have this in no time) When you're done with this section move on to synth death

Synth Death- make sure you can do this to not fail out, again if you struggle with this do the practice mode on slowest, slower, slow until you do proficient (with practice this is one of the funnest parts)

Solo fill 1-try to grab that star power for later

Herman's Solo- make sure you get the star power in the center of this solo for later, practice the end of herman's solo the part with the yellows and blues with occasional red, place pointer finger on yellow and middle on blue. just tap your middle finger and when it gets to the red release your middle finger and roll your pointer finger onto its side landing on the red then back to the yellows and blues (this little bit can raise your meter quite a bit).

Sams solo- practice practice practice this solo. although it may not be long it can and will fail you if you slip. this is not where you need your star power so dont use it. or good luck if you do

Herman's solo 2- get that starpower

What the ...!?- make it through a little bit before using your star power (a full bar is a for sure win) should last you through the twin solo

Twin solo- The triple pull offs on the yellow through orange place your finger on the yellow and strum while trying to tap the blue (just leave out the orange) use this same technique on the triple pulloffs just before the green yellow and orange chord except halfway through you must shift your fingers to the blue and tap the orange (because they take away your yellow)

Here We Stand (the red dragon)- just strum the reds

Rampaging Dragons- Get your meter in the green or get the star powers you need them for the hammerons at "You Rock!!!"

Almost There...- if you missed those star powers make sure your meter is in the green here

You rock- Practice this on normal speed just strum the reds and tap the blues to keep your meter up (the practice is just to make sure you know whats comming)

You've officially earned your achievement, Congratz

Any questions or concerns- send me a message or post a comment ill try to get back with you asap.