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Liberator of France

Inspire the people of France.

Liberator of France0
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04 Jan 2010 08 Jan 2010
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This pops for you once you complete the main game but only if you've done all of the secondary quests throughout the game (as indicated by having the initials of the person giving you the quest be in black instead of gold), as well as the one optional race right before the end of the game.

Do all of that, finish off (spoiler!) at the (spoiler!) and POP, 110 points once the credits finish rolling.

The secondary objectives can also be completed after the main storyline has been finished (credit to the Mr BUDDHA KING).
Pyroman251086What if I do the side missions after the end of the game? Can I still get the chievo?
Posted by Pyroman251086 on 05 Jan 10 at 05:38
Smilin Huntreverything is correct except the black mission can be completed after the main story, just letting you know
Posted by Smilin Huntr on 07 Jan 10 at 22:35
ApesAteMyFleshThanks, added it to the guide.
Posted by ApesAteMyFlesh on 08 Jan 10 at 05:47
DissolusionNice how you put (Spoiler!) in there!! Well played my friend!! Thank you!!!
Posted by Dissolusion on 08 Jan 10 at 13:46
Rowdawg88This achievement and "Southern Command" should be considered missable.

I did not do Dr. Kwong's side missions simultaneously with the story missions. When I finished the story I went back to do all side missions and got stuck on Dr. Kwong's side mission "Bavarian Candidate". I was able to start the mission but when I got past the cutscene, I never got the objective "Kill Bauer". I just kept getting attacked from Nazis without getting any objectives. I did a web search to see if other gamers were having issues and found a link to a guide on

Under the mission "Needs of the Few... or the One". The writer of the guide has a glitch note that describes the issue more.

Anyways, I had replayed the entire story, doing side missions as often as I could and it cost me 7hrs and 7minutes to finally get this achievement.

I can confirm that you do not need to do many (or any at all) of the freeplay events (blowing up Nazi towers, tanks, etc) to unlock this, I only had 7 % freeplay progression, but 100% mission progression when I unlocked it.
Posted by Rowdawg88 on 03 May 15 at 21:08
lightchipsterI had the same issue Rowdawg88 had, however quitting the game then loading the last autosave resolved it. You know you can progress when Sean comments on what just happened, if he doesn't do that, it's glitched, reload.
Posted by lightchipster on 19 Mar 18 at 20:27