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Sight Seeing

In Castle DLC matchmaking, complete a match in any mode for each Castle map.

Sight Seeing0
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The Castle Map Pack contains three maps.

Sight Seeing - To earn this achievement, you need to complete/finish a match on all three maps. (Daybreak, Outcast and Perdition)

The achievement will unlock once the requirements have been completed.
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xZxSephirothxZx Don't know why this is getting negatives, the solution is completely accurate haha
Posted by xZxSephirothxZx on 08 Apr 13 at 14:26
Refused II solution worked for me, thanks :)
Posted by Refused II on 08 Apr 13 at 14:45
Postmortimus Did this achievement really need a solution? The solution is in the description. laugh Still gave a thumbs up for accuracy though.
Posted by Postmortimus on 08 Apr 13 at 23:23
K1LL3R BEEZ +1 from me. Can anyone confirm if joining a game in progress counts towards this? I think I joined one in progress on Daybreak after playing complete games on the other two maps.
Posted by K1LL3R BEEZ on 08 Apr 13 at 23:58
Js2Death I did this twice with no achievement WTF!!!
Posted by Js2Death on 09 Apr 13 at 04:39
XX PixelGod XX Yea it has not popped for me either. :( I had tied on one of the maps and won on all of the rest, I wonder if that has something to do with it. Even though the chevo description says to just complete the match.
Posted by XX PixelGod XX on 25 May 13 at 21:04
Skoobasaurus Iv played each mode more then twice winning and losing but yet to pop it. Sucks
Posted by Skoobasaurus on 01 Feb 14 at 01:38
SadShifty Yeah me too Skoobasaurus.
Posted by SadShifty on 01 Feb 14 at 20:20
Dresden N7 Same here. I think this achievement is glitched like several others. For more information, see the comment section here: Solution for Ashes to Ashes in Halo 4

Also, Halo Waypoint has a thread here about the issue:
Posted by Dresden N7 on 18 Feb 14 at 03:14