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Stealing Independence

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Stealing Independence0
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23 Nov 2008
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To start this quest talk to Abraham Washington in Rivet City, Midship deck. The National Archives are near the washington monument. Travel there (if you haven't found it yet I suggest doing "Galaxy News Radio" quest at the same time as this one. If you face the capitol building the national archives are down one of the streets to the left hand side. Go in and forward to meet Sydney who is also trying to find the declaratuion of Independence. She can show you how to find it, but you have to split the reward with her (I did it this way I don't know about the other ways). Agree to team up and use the the computer behind her to access a hidden elevator in the floor. Take this down, and make your way forward (it's pretty self-explanatory if you've got Sydney with you) Either kill the robot at the end or go to arlington library to get ink for good karma (much easier to kill him). Use his computer to open the door at the back. Open the middle safe, grab the decleration and get out of there. Fast travel to rivet city to get your reward.
VidalukoVetWait, Sydney? I just did that achievement, and there was no one inside, I did it by my own, is a little hard, since there are a lot of raiders, super mutants and robots inside...
Posted by VidalukoVet on 16 Apr 09 at 05:09
The GlobalizerI think I had the ideal situation -- I agreed to bring Sydney, but she was killed quickly by one of the defense robots, so I got her gun; I had already done the Arlington Library and had the ink; I told Button to blow himself up, which he did; and got the Bill of Rights and Magna Carta while I was there.

The only tough part of this level is fighting the defense robots, if you encounter them.
Posted by The Globalizer on 22 Nov 09 at 19:14