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Archer Apparel

Unlocked all the outfits for Hawkeye.

Archer Apparel0
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24 Nov 2008
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You'll need to own the Gold Edition of the game or have the Hero/Villain pack downloaded from XBL.

It's best to complete the game on easy collecting the simulation discs. Once completed go to the simulation training and choose one of the Asgard VS simulation discs as you'll get infinite spawning enemies until you reach the boss. Just kill a total of 250 enemies with Hawkeye to get this achievement.
SuperRichie03do you know if there's a way to download the DLC anymore?
Posted by SuperRichie03 on 06 Jul 10 at 16:10
SILVERsifDURFERI don't believe there is a way to download. There is a Gold Edition of the game which I believe has the DLC on it. I think all MUA and MUA2 DLC was removed due to rights of Marvel characters being sold to Disney. From now until the end of this year the DLC for MUA2 is available once again then it will be gone again forever.
Posted by SILVERsifDURFER on 06 Jul 10 at 16:26
Xx80sRockerxXThis would be so much easier if only you could STILL BUY THE DLC!!!!!!!!kvlfkldjkljjkljdsjk
Posted by Xx80sRockerxX on 12 Jan 13 at 06:17
SHAKES MUGWUMPThe "On Demand" version of Marvel: Ultimate Alliance is the Gold Edition and contains all of the Heroes and Villains DLC for anyone who didn't know.
This game was on sale for $9.99 but I just checked and the sale is over.
But for those who were unable to get the DLC achievements and may wish to in the future; keep an eye out for this game to go on sale again.
At least now we know that it is possible to get the DLC again.
Posted by SHAKES MUGWUMP on 21 Feb 16 at 06:44