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Obtain all Game Medals in online ranked multiplayer

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16 Apr 2013 16 Apr 2013
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The Kick Player ability that Pyro Endy posted is very useful so always do that when setting up a match.

It is going to take 80+ hours to complete and with there being 57 medals in total and a lot relate to others, I found it a little confusing to start with. I hope to give some tips on making this grind go a bit easier and quicker.

If you don't tackle this well, you can end up spending more time than you need to. I ended up with 600-700 kills with each weapon but got all medals under 500 matches. Others got more or less kills and 500+ matches. Ideally you will get all the medals with just over 200-500 kills with each weapon in under 500 matches.

500 matches at 10 minutes per match is just over 80 hours, some can be longer and some shorter plus there are randoms every now and then. If everyone but you quits, you get the match point and if you're boosting with one other and still need matches at the end this can be a bit quicker. (quiters don't get the point).

3 Match types and you need to Win 50 of each (150 of 200 total wins required)

Team Death Match - Usually has players so you can play alone or you can get your boosting partner to go on the opposite side and run to you,

if they die on the way, no biggy as you need match wins. 50 kills or 10 minutues to end.

Objective - The best match type to boost in as you can run to the enemy spawn, stay there and keep killing. Best to end it before moving to the second obective so you can get the End of Match (EoM) Medals but you can keep going to work on other medals. 10-25 mins depending on if you go for objectives or not. You get Operator Efficiency or Guardian Medals in Objective games.

Last Man Standing - This is quite good for getting multple weapon and EoM medals. Boosting 1:2: 1 person kills 2, get at least 1 kill with each weapon for 9 kills then you can switch players for 9 or 10 kills. 10 kills or 10 minutes to end. You get survivor Medals in LMS


Example of what medals you could get with only pistol kills in one 10 minute match, 1:2 players. Some multiple, some EoM.

Longevity, Meritorious Service, Objective\TDM\LMS, Pistol Expert, Pistolero, Marksman, Active Service, Nemesis, Combat Excellence, Combat

Efficiency, Tracker, Marksman Efficiency, Pistol Efficiency, Pistol Specialist, Adversarial Efficiency, Tracker Efficiency, Combat Survival.

Switching weapons during the match will obviously give you a lot more medals.

Each weapon has 2-4 associated medals.

Assault Rifle: Expert (kills, any number per match), Standing Fire (any number per match), Efficiency (1 at EoM), Specialist (1 at EoM)

SMG: Expert (kills, any number per match), Run & Gun (any number per match), Efficiency (1 at EoM), Specialist (1 at EoM)

Pistol: Expert (kills, any number per match), Pistolero (any number per match), Efficiency (1 at EoM), Specialist (1 at EoM)

Shotgun: Expert (kills, any number per match), Point Blank (any number per match), Efficiency (1 at EoM), Specialist (1 at EoM)

Sniper Rifle: Expert (kills, any number per match), Long Range (any number per match) Efficiency (1 at EoM), Specialist (1 at EoM)

Grenade: Expert (kills, any number per match) and Efficiency (1 at EoM)

Melee: Expert (kills, any number per match) and Efficiency (1 at EoM)

It's better to work on End of Game Medals (Efficiency, Specialist etc.) more than Expert Medals. I have made a PDF of the Medals as they are laid out in the game with all the relevant info and numbered for ease. If you look at this, it's a good idea to work on Medals 31-56 first as this will get you the first rows of medals too.

Approximately 90% of all medals can be done with just 2 people.

These are the Medals you need 3 people for: Assist, Ally, Protector, Conspicuous Gallantry, Valorous Service, Protector Efficiency.

Two PDF's that you can print, the first is a table layout with all the medals the same as in the game and the second is more details on the medals, again taken from the game.

Medals Overview

Medals Detail

Hope this helps
jnich87Is it possible to get more than one weapon efficiency medal per match?
Posted by jnich87 on 01 May 13 at 17:41
Tez Dredd@ jnich87 - Yes you can if you have the most kills with each's not been long but my memory on this is already going ;)
Posted by Tez Dredd on 01 May 13 at 19:01