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Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas achievements

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas

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There are 36 Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas achievements worth 2,464 (1,000)

107,097 tracked gamers have this game, 1,966 have completed it (1.84%)

Special Operations in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas

Special Operations195 (50)

Play all maps of every Adversarial game mode

  • Unlocked by 7,042 tracked gamers (7% - TA Ratio = 3.89) 107,150  
727,538 (379,910)
Achievement won on 05 Jan 10
TA Score for this game: 2,006
Posted on 06 January 10 at 11:09, Edited on 02 April 13 at 18:39
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As per AdamRawrr's solution just with a few notes: - gone - see below for the list of maps required.

- Do Survival and Sharpshooter together and then Team Survival and Team Sharpshooter together as switching between these modes does not require the game to be reloaded. This just saves a bit of time.

- I believe having the Redux maps will cause this achievement to glitch. My friend and I did this together. I had never downloaded the maps before and the achievement unlocked for me no problem. My friend had the maps before but had since deleted them. Unfortunately the achievement still didn't pop for him. After reading some posts, most people seem to recommend deleting the maps and clearing the 360 cache before trying for this achievement, although it's not guaranteed to work. Definitely do some research on this beforehand as I'm only posting this as a potential warning to save people some time.

Update 09/01/10:
My friend and I tried this again today to try and go for his achievement. He cleared his cache, transferred his profile onto a memory unit and removed his hdd. Playing this way sadly did not work. I'm not sure what you can do at this point :? If we ever come across a solution I'll update this post.

Update 04/02/10:
My friend and I tried this again using chris 7urbo's solution of playing the Redux maps on Survival and Sharpshooter.

We played (in order):
Bordertown Redux - Survival (he won)
Streets Redux - Survival (he won)
Killhouse Redux - Survival (he won)

Bordertown Redux - Sharpshooter (he won)
Streets Redux - Sharpshooter (he won)
Killhouse Redux - Sharpshooter (he won)

The achievement didn't unlock here however, we had to play another match which was Bordertown Redux - Team Sharpshooter (I won) and my friend received the achievement at the end of this match :) I'm not sure if this last match has to be specifically Team Sharpshooter on Bordertown Redux or if it can be any, but there you go.

Update 03/08/10:
Unfortunately it looks like the solution above may not work for everyone so there could be a possibility here that the achievement may be unobtainable for you.

Update: 26/08/11:
Just updating this guide with a list of maps required.

There are 57 total from the original and you may have to potentially play through the Redux maps as well if you have already downloaded the DLC. As mentioned so many times, this achievement is glitched to those who have the DLC. You may try to play on the Redux maps if you do not wish to reset your stats (from MCSS Aerocoupe's solution), but there's no guarantee it'll work.

Edit 18/03/13: Make sure you watch out for the name of the mode. Sometimes, even though you might have selected Team Survival, it will say Team Sharpshooter instead but will still play like Team Survival. Keep restarting until you have the right name because there may be an issue with that.
Edit 02/04/13: Mobius Evalon: "All you have to do to remedy this is open Match Settings, Switch to Team Sharpshooter, switch back to Team Survival, then Accept the changes. When the other people in the lobby see "Team Survival" at the bottom right of the lobby screen again, you've fixed the glitch."

The modes are (play them in this order to minimise loading time):
- Attack & Defend
- Survival
- Sharpshooter
- Team Survival
- Team Sharpshooter
- Retrieval

The maps are:
Border Town
- All modes
Calypso Casino
- All modes
Casino Vault
- All modes except Attack & Defend
- All modes
- All modes
Kill House
- All modes except Attack & Defend
- All modes
LVU Campus
- All modes
Research Labs
- All modes
- All modes except Attack & Defend

If the achievement hasn't popped at this stage you could try playing on the Redux maps. See my update above for the 04/02/10.
xenon ghost this glitched for me, i never did try to do what you have written here, maybe one day i'll try it out..but i dont want to spend 2-3 hours working on it for no achievement..good infomation!
Posted by xenon ghost on 08 Jan 10 at 22:03
LitaOsiris Make sure you read up on this before doing anything, but I wish you luck in getting it :)
Posted by LitaOsiris on 08 Jan 10 at 22:26
I Angelmaker I Don't know how you did this, the red and black maps cant be played anymore.
Posted by I Angelmaker I on 11 Mar 10 at 22:41
LitaOsiris I just downloaded both the red and black packs and that just allowed Bordertown Redux, Streets Redux and Killhouse Redux as options for the map to play. Unless something has changed with the servers between when I did this back on the 4th of February to now, downloading those should be all you need.
Posted by LitaOsiris on 11 Mar 10 at 22:56
Tm5k I just went through all maps again with another guy and neither of us got the achievement. Just redownloaded Red & Black packs to try the Redux maps and all the new maps were available options for me to choose as host.
Posted by Tm5k on 12 Jun 10 at 16:52
WhataLump Well i downloaded the map packs somehow (by accident) and it appears it has glitched on me too.
I tried the original maps 3 times, after deleting the map packs, and clearing the cache, tried again....didn't work.
Then i tried it on a new hard drive, that has never ever had the game, or map packs on, that didn't work....
So i've basically, reinstalled the map packs, on hard drive 1, replayed every map,and still nothing....
I'm open to suggestions, but i have noticed sometimes the map packs say there not installed, when in fact they it might be a case of doing all the DLC in one sitting.

Final note : Hosting doesn't appear to be an issue, as ive tried it both ways.Yesterday i went through all the original maps again (on a virgin HD) with a friend and his cheevo popped with me hosting, and me doing all the killing, on every map.

I tried being killed on every map/killing on every map/hosting/ and the objectives don't seem to be an issue (re above friends cheevo popping).
Posted by WhataLump on 03 Aug 10 at 15:47
LitaOsiris Have you definitely played on all the Redux maps?

I know with my friend we just tried the Redux maps on their own. We didn't even bother trying the original maps again. He just deleted the DLC, deleted his cache then re-downloaded the DLC.
Posted by LitaOsiris on 03 Aug 10 at 16:41
Tm5k I've now played through every game mode (except for Conquest & Assassination) on all 20 of the game's maps, DLC included. Anyone know if having respawns turned on / off makes a difference for Attack & Defend or Retrieval? The only matches I had respawns turned on for were Sharpshooter & Team Sharpshooter, as there's no option to turn them off in those cases. Highly frustrating achievement.
Posted by Tm5k on 10 Sep 10 at 21:35
wraithrock Just managed to get this about 1/4 of the way through my second attempt. Still got the achievement after having the dlc on my old hard drive but I don't think I ever actually played on the dlc maps.
Posted by wraithrock on 02 Feb 11 at 01:39
IIIBLaCk IcEIII I need to try to do this with the DLC. It's been years since I've tried.
Posted by IIIBLaCk IcEIII on 13 Mar 11 at 01:26
x Carmacks x I just tried this and it work for me, holly crap never thought I was getting this achievement....
Posted by x Carmacks x on 08 Apr 11 at 16:58
FittedCab this achievement has glitched on me but I'll keep trying to get it...
Posted by FittedCab on 26 Apr 11 at 19:25
Mobius Evalon I hosted three hours of this and we did all 57 original maps, and all of us got the achievement at the end of the 57th map.

The problem is likely Team Survival mode. While the lobby screen will always say Team Survival for the host, the game will randomly glitch and read Team Sharpshooter for everyone else. All you have to do to remedy this is open Match Settings, Switch to Team Sharpshooter, switch back to Team Survival, then Accept the changes. When the other people in the lobby see "Team Survival" at the bottom right of the lobby screen again, you've fixed the glitch.

I think what has happened to the people that cannot unlock the achievement is that nobody noticed this glitch when they were running through the Team Survival maps. My group had no problem whatsoever.
Posted by Mobius Evalon on 11 Nov 11 at 03:19
LitaOsiris ^I remember having that issue with the name changing on screen but this was so long ago for me. I can't remember if we just continued and made a note to go back if there was problems or fixed it there and then like how you suggest. It might very well be problem or at least a problem that might affect people without the DLC.
Posted by LitaOsiris on 11 Nov 11 at 10:55
LAFTA Great info there Mobius Evalon. I'm going to try this now, I've been waiting for the problem to be worked out before attempting it because I know I have the DLC downloaded.
Posted by LAFTA on 09 Dec 11 at 11:41
prokop can you splitscreen this? im not even sure if you can splitscreen online tbh.
Posted by prokop on 29 Jan 12 at 17:40
LitaOsiris I don't believe so. I think you might be able to system link it.
Posted by LitaOsiris on 30 Jan 12 at 11:58
NetroDude I can also confirm that the achievement popped for a friend after playing the 3 redux maps on survival and sharpshooter, and then popped for me after a team sharpshooter game on bordertown redux.
Posted by NetroDude on 06 Feb 12 at 07:29
LitaOsiris That's great news :)
Posted by LitaOsiris on 06 Feb 12 at 09:47
TheDapperBandit Didn't work for us. :(
Posted by TheDapperBandit on 04 Mar 12 at 23:05
LitaOsiris Sorry to hear. I don't know if there's some other factor that causes it to work for some people and not for others. It just seems random.
Posted by LitaOsiris on 05 Mar 12 at 23:50
CONKER1182 You can do this in player matches and doing this in player matches makes this go by alot faster.
Posted by CONKER1182 on 20 May 12 at 04:12
A Batwoman It worked for me but I had to do "Team Survial" again because it glitched and said "Team Sharpshooter" for me non host. It took abbout 3-5 hours to do all maps and game modes with my boyfriend. The only glitch was the Team Survial thing but he switched it til it read Team Survial for both of us. Thanks for soultion. I didn't have any DLC. NONE. Hope this helps.
Posted by A Batwoman on 17 Mar 13 at 02:18
LitaOsiris Actually now that you mention it, my friend and I had that same problem as well. I'm going to update the guide to say to watch out for that. Thanks!
Posted by LitaOsiris on 18 Mar 13 at 09:37
EbonHawk01 Thanks for the solution Lita. I just wanted to ask about something. Does it matter if you do the maps in Player or Ranked matches?
Posted by EbonHawk01 on 02 Apr 13 at 13:48
LitaOsiris It's been so long I don't actually remember what we did. However, upon reading one of the other guides on here it says it doesn't matter - it can be a mixture of Player and Ranked if you want :)
Posted by LitaOsiris on 02 Apr 13 at 18:45
S4LUT3t0LUN4CY So basically you just have to play every game mode on each map (shipped not DLC) at least once, do you have to win the matches also?
Posted by S4LUT3t0LUN4CY on 08 Jun 13 at 19:01
LitaOsiris Yes, every mode as I've listed on shipped maps unless you've downloaded the DLC. Winning shouldn't matter.
Posted by LitaOsiris on 10 Jun 13 at 09:04
FamilyGuyGary The fix for playing on the redux maps DOES work. I just got it after playing through all the original maps twice. Strangely the people I played with who hadn't had the DLC all unlocked the achievement at the same time way before all maps were played when I was host.

For those whose fix didn't work, it probably is because you haven't played every original map and gametype.
Posted by FamilyGuyGary on 10 Aug 13 at 23:29
FamilyGuyGary I think the problem with the DLC maps is the coding, even though they're called redux, the game reads the three maps as the original versions, oddly enough I only had to play the survival, sharp shooter and one bordertown redux team sharpshooter match.
Posted by FamilyGuyGary on 10 Aug 13 at 23:31
LifeExpectancy I got lucky and had the achievement pop when I still had 3 maps to go in Team Sharpshooter and Team Survival, and at least 8 maps to go in Retrieval, probably 9 since I think I only played one match of it for the other achievement. Works for me, saved me almost an hour of hassle. :)
Posted by LifeExpectancy on 20 Sep 13 at 08:55
MrSunchaser i played in order
- Attack & Defend ALL MAPS
- Survival ALL MAPS
- Sharpshooter ALL MAPS
- Team Survival ALL MAPS
- Team Sharpshooter ALL MAPS
- Retrieval ALL MAPS

i got the chevo on last map on retrieval but the guy i was with from start to finish didnt get it!! i did!! and i was host! so i dunno why he didnt get it but anyways! thumbs up!
Posted by MrSunchaser on 25 Sep 13 at 18:39
MrSunchaser oh and to add we both had dlc!
Posted by MrSunchaser on 25 Sep 13 at 18:39
Shadow 197666 I can confirm that doing the Redux maps works! I FINALLY popped this achievement about a minute and a half ago. I played through the original maps on Team Survival and made sure that it actually SAID Team Survival, but that didn't work.

I tried just the 3 Redux maps and after going through Survival, Sharpshooter and Team Survival it popped on the first Team Sharpshooter which was Bordertown - Redux. Thanks for the help guys and I hope that anyone else that had this achievement glitch on them gets it too!
Posted by Shadow 197666 on 29 Sep 13 at 19:56
ptracey1421 Deleted Black and Red Map packs, and cleared my Cache, and the Achievo popped after completing the 4th or 5th map of Team Sharpshooter. I didn't have to play a single Retreival Match. Strange, but I'm not complaining! music
Posted by ptracey1421 on 12 Oct 13 at 18:22
NUK3 MUT4NT can you do this on split screen with 2 xbox live accounts?
Posted by NUK3 MUT4NT on 30 Jan 14 at 09:26
LitaOsiris I don't believe it can be done in split screen.
Posted by LitaOsiris on 01 Feb 14 at 16:02
NUK3 MUT4NT I downloaded the DLC a long time ago. so do i have to play ALL the DLC maps on every mode including the new modes to get the achievement?
Posted by NUK3 MUT4NT on 04 Feb 14 at 06:09
LitaOsiris If you haven't played online you might be able to delete the maps and clear your cache. Unfortunately this is random.
Posted by LitaOsiris on 04 Feb 14 at 21:46
Strategy One Me and a boosting partner did this and found out that if you ever get a IDLE at the end of any match it doesn't count for this achievement. Had to run through all matches again and made sure I wasn't idle to get the achievement. Worked just fine
Posted by Strategy One on 08 Apr 14 at 23:01
AbmaOnline Just got the achievement.

Played only the original game types and 10 maps (no redux, etc) as host, and checked for all of them if the game type on the client/joiner was the same as the host (bug with team survival and team sharpshooter) but didn't get the achievement (yet) :/

Then I followed Le Lone Wolf's tip and replayed all my survivor and team survivor, since I got quite some idle's there, as the other team only had to commit suicide once. This wasn't the solution either...

Finally I just deleted the Red and Black map packs and cleared my system cache, restarted the game, downloaded the latest patch, replayed one random multiplayer level to trigger the achievement check and bingo!
Posted by AbmaOnline on 03 May 14 at 20:33
Tao Logos I am curious if using Xbone backward compatibility would keep this from occurring (no dlc downloaded)? One day I will attempt, but if anyone else has the time please let me know.
Posted by Tao Logos on 14 Jan 16 at 20:45
Tao Logos First run on backwards compatibility, it automatically downloaded my cloud save without asking. Ran through it and no achievement. Will try again after deleting cloud save
Posted by Tao Logos on 15 Jan 16 at 05:41
BlackHawkMarine I finally got this one to unlock. I played the 3 Redux maps in the following order. Survival, Sharpshooter, Team Survival, Team Sharpshooter. The achievement unlocked after completing my first Team Sharpshooter match on Bordertown Redux, I didn't even have to play the other two maps.
Posted by BlackHawkMarine on 01 Jun 18 at 03:51
Maxterfeak3 uff after 5 years of reading and trying a lot i still dont get it.... :c
Posted by Maxterfeak3 on 22 Mar at 06:26
Chrupdiddy Looking for a boosting partner for this achievement. Message if interested
Posted by Chrupdiddy on 14 May at 18:06