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Forza Legend

Earn a Medal in 146 different cars!

Forza Legend0
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dwk Graveydwk Gravey81,881
16 Apr 2013 17 Aug 2013
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This achievement can be won without buying any additional DLC. There are 136 cars on the disc (not including unicorns). The 1000 Club expansion comes with two cars; each monthly car pack includes a free car (seven in total); plus there's the free Honda car pack (three cars). That's 148 cars. Discard the two you like the least, and drive the other 146.

Of course if you have the VIP and LCE cars then you're already at 146.

Edit: The free Meguiar's FR-S that was given away on May 3 doesn't count as a different car; it shares its challenges with the on-disc FR-S.

Edit 2: Thanks to Speedy Phantom for the correction on the number of free sample cars.
K1LL3R BEEZNice. Unfortunately you DO need to buy the November Car Pack to earn a couple of the other achievements.
Posted by K1LL3R BEEZ on 16 Apr 13 at 23:07
dwk GraveyYes, that's true. The November Bondurant car pack is needed for the BMW, Lambo, Nissan, and Shelby achievements (or at least that pack is the cheapest way to earn them). Then the October, December IGN, or April TopGear pack, or Rally expansion is needed for the Ford achievement, if you don't own the LCE.
Posted by dwk Gravey on 17 Apr 13 at 00:55
NOBLEPX672Finally a solution that doesn't add a couple of extra words to the already given achievement-description. +1
Posted by NOBLEPX672 on 17 Apr 13 at 11:14
Daniel55645i like how you say we don't need any dlc, then tell us to download the free "dlc"
Posted by Daniel55645 on 20 Apr 13 at 06:39
dwk GraveyWell if you liked that, you'll hate to hear that that's not what is written. This solution is for earning the achievement without having to pay for any DLC. (Unless you have the LCE with VIP cars—then you won't need to download anything at all.) Sorry if that wasn't clear in the description.
Posted by dwk Gravey on 20 Apr 13 at 07:11
Speedy PhantomOne small correction, there are (currently) seven monthly car packs (october - april), so the total number of accessible cars without DLC/unicorns is 148.
Posted by Speedy Phantom on 17 Aug 13 at 19:21