Castle Crashers Review

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Castle Crashers Review
Nothing says cooperation like slicing and dicing hordes of odd enemies.

Personally i think that this is the best arcade game to be released on the Xbox LIVE Marketplace.

Easy controls; tons of unlockable items; fun for all gamer levels; great value for the price.

Cons: Humor is a bit too juvenile at times; online play is unstable; extensive play could easily result in sore hands.

Suggested for: Couples, teenagers, people obsessed with collecting things Games that are designed to be played with more than one person are growing in popularity, but the majority of these games still find players competing against one another rather than playing the game together as a team. Luckily, Castle Crashers puts a laser-sharp focus on cooperative gameplay, offering an experience that can be enjoyed by couples and groups of friends, whether you’re sitting on the same couch or across the country from each other.

With a cartoony art style and some really creative enemy designs, Castle Crashers delivers a silly, light-hearted gaming experience that can be played no matter what your gaming ability. The game pits you and your friends as knights tasked with tracking down an evil wizard and rescuing your kingdom’s princesses; to do this, you much battle your way through horde after horde of enemies, ranging from other knights and barbarians to skeletons and evil, cultish-looking teddy bears.

The gameplay at its core is super simple. You move with the analog stick and press either X or Y to attack with your weapon. That’s really all you need to know to play the game. But players looking for a more sophisticated experience can easily add to their strategy by using items, magical attacks and unlockable attack combinations. Each character also has the ability to have an animal follow them into battle, which can do everything from helping to attack enemies to increasing your health or the amount of experience you gain during battles. And while you can play through the regular story mode alone, it’s much easier and much more fun to have the help of at least one other person.

Besides the main story mode, the game has two small competitive modes that can be played locally or against others on Xbox Live, but the real depth of creativity and fun gameplay comes from the main mode.

One drawback is that the humor, while often just silly, can get too juvenile in certain places and will likely have you rolling your eyes. There are also some problems if you try to play over Xbox Live. You may find it hard to find a competitive match and your connection may drop unexpectedly during cooperative play. However, the developer is aware of this issue and promises an update to the game as soon as possible. The only other problem is that the constant tapping of the buttons may make your hands a little sore if you play for an extended period of time -- but then, that’s true with a lot of games.

Nevertheless, Castle Crashers is a really great game, and on top of all its other great qualities, even though its 1200 MSP. It’s really tough to go wrong with this one.

Publisher The Behemoth
Developer The Behemoth
James RatmDidn't know you were working on this, good job anyway.
Posted by James Ratm on 07 Jan 10 at 21:58