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Dark Falz 2 Slayer

Defeat boss in dark area. (Exclusive to AOTI)

Dark Falz 2 Slayer0
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08 Jan 2010 11 Jan 2010
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In addition to the information that has been posted. You need to be a minimum level requirement of 90. Thats just to be able to do the required difficulty of this. The best place for you to level up has been and is still White Beast on Neudaiz.

It takes 6.7 million exp to get to 90 alone. I have lvled 8 characters to lvl 90 minimum and I can tell you that 1-100 is possible in a month with event experience. But not without. Considering no one has even thought of trying to put this together for the achievement hunters, here's a little bit of math for you, then you can review that with all of the experience gains from enemies and bosses and such on

It takes 6.7million exp to hit 90.

You have 31 days in a PSU subscription, 31 days X 24 hours a day = 744 hours.
If you played for 24 hours a day for 31 days you would need...

6,7000,000 divided by 744 is 9,005 per hour

That dosent sound like that much except for the fact that you would have to average that much exp if you played literally 24/7 without eat sleep or breaks.. Even if you played 12 hours a day, you would need to average 18k experience an hour. So take that and actually see how much you gain in an hour. I guarentee in the first 3 days you will be in your 50's then it will slow down alot. I know, I've been there. Also Halfway to lvl 90 experience wise is lvl 75. I'm trying to be truthful with the lack of knowledge on how this can be done. Realistically How many hours a day every day could you put aside for this game? Aside from Work/School/Real life? Heck many people will play some other games along the way too, because they may be bored with PSU.

Say you play for 5 hours a night, every day for 31 days. You would have to average 43,225 exp per hour to make it to your lvl 90 goal. Check the experience charts on, 100K+ in total on character experience is in the low lvl 20's. You need to get 20 lvls in 2 hours, anything less and your going to be behind. And considering your lucky if you get 2k experience from a boss fight from C Rank and some B rank missions, which is pretty much all you do in the 20-30 lvl's

But experience gets better in higher lvl missions! Yes well as you lvl up so does your experience requirement. Again check out the experience charts.

Add to the fact of not having someone 100+ boost you the entire way, random parties not working out, or even getting booted for random reasons, your going to have a hard time if your new to the PSU community and want to get anywhere fast.

I'd really like to see someone set an active "goal" on doing this, Theres so many different things that can happen online this really is a game of chance, For example you happen to land 3 rare missions in a row, thus gaining huge amounts of exp, Or stumbling across a really expensive item you don't need, Selling it and gaining a lot of meseta to better your pallet of weapons.

Saying you only have to get to lvl 90 to get the achievement is just the bare minimum.
lXl Will lXlJust completed this Solo. S2 difficulty, Male Cast 160, Gunmaster 20. Weapons - Rattlesnac 10/10, Shigga Pakudac 10/10, Love inferno 8/8 Guld & Milla 8/8. Photon art bullets lvl's 30+. Was no walk in the park. I say good luck to anyone who thinks they can complete this achievement in a month with the bare minimum requirements for the mission. BTW Completed at 6:26am Eastern Time!
Posted by lXl Will lXl on 08 Jan 10 at 11:39
lXl Will lXlAll also Add I used Storm line 42% dark, with a Lumirus Kaos Knight
Posted by lXl Will lXl on 08 Jan 10 at 11:40
OdorlessFurballI completed the DLC in about 40 hours with the MAG+ 3x EXP event. In 12 hours I went from Level 67 to 90. When I hit level 90, I went to an area with lots of other avatars hanging around and offered "1 million mesetas to any high level character who helps me defeat Dark Falz 2 on Rykros" in public chat. They'll come running! Just be sure to have your Trimates and Scape Dolls ready for the final battle, because Dark Falz 2 is seriously difficult.
Posted by OdorlessFurball on 08 Mar 10 at 16:54
xgameheroMy character currently has about 160 hours play time on it. I've had my subscription for 30 days (give or take a single day). That means that I played for roughly 5 hours a day. Also, I didn't even log on for 6 of those 30 days. And, I'm currently level 89 with 240k exp until level 90. I didn't participate in ANY events (as there are none running currently).

Although it seems tough, with some dedication and planning, level 90 is EASILY achievable within one month. Keep in mind that I had no help from friends or higher levels. The math that the OP states does sound daunting, but there is a mission called Innocent Girl, and on B rank when I was level 70ish and even now at level 89, I can run through Block 1 within 3 minutes easy. And that's 5,500-7,000 EXP.

Stretch that over an hour, and I'm making 110,000~140,000K exp an hour.

If you do the math, and feel around level 30~50 you just aren't going to cut it, well things get much better once you are able to clear Block 1 of Innocent Girl on Rank B. (Finishing the mission takes 14 minutes and gives only 30k EXP, so it's much better/faster to only clear block 1)

Good luck!

Note: I'm a Fighmaster with average gear, nothing special. I also use Tornado Dance to clear so quickly :P
Posted by xgamehero on 30 Aug 10 at 19:29
lXl Will lXlThanks for the input xgamehero. But have you actually done the lvl 90 required mission yet? Reason why I never brought up doing Innocent girl is because if your backing out of Innocent girl over and over, your not gaining any MP for your Classes. If your not trying to get to lvl 20 Fighmaster, then there's no reason to be a Master class. A lvl 20 Advanced class is alot stronger than a low lvl Master class. My point was its all about personal experience. There is TONS of stuff to take into account. BTW If you don't have someone to basically hold your hand and walk you through the final boss, you won't stand a chance by yourself at lvl 90. I am only talking from experience, as I have played this game since release on both servers. I was just talking about getting lvl 90 on your character lvl. Not Classes, Photon Arts, Weapons or armor. Keep in mind the game has been patched and adjustments to exp have been made over the years of us vet's playing.

Also not everyone will be able to grind that mission's first block over and over. It is tedious and boring. Your not finding anything to make you money, not gaining MP for your class, and your playing by yourself in a game built to play with others. If you can get a good party together you would be making a lot more than that exp while spamming White Beast. But again, this is knowledge coming from someone who has played since release. There is a reason why everyone just flocks to the mission White Beast. Over all best rewards for the time you spend.
Posted by lXl Will lXl on 30 Aug 10 at 20:14
Patmaster1891Hey guys, I just wanted to add my own experience to the great guide and info that Will made.

I started the online mode of PSU Thursday two weeks ago, so I am in for 12 days now. I am Lvl 90 and could do the Dark God S2 mission. As for experience points it is absolutely possible to reach the required lvl 90 way under one month. I started directly after Absolute Zero (a big event where everybody got loads of experience multipliers and so on) with normal experience gained and it took me 12 straight days with a mix of boring White Beast bashing on the one hand and funny missions with lots of nice people on the other hand. My account has 130 hours so far, and I can say that I wasn't farming experience points all the time. As Will said, the innocent girl mission is, besides "White Beast" and "SEED Express" (Mother Brain) a good way to get experience and build up photon arts or photon powers. I am using a Gunmaster (LVL6) at the moment, but as of now I would say that a LVL20 Fortegunner, which I was before, is also a very good class with a lot of different weapons to choose from. If you go the Guntecher-way, you will also have the ability to heal and buff yourself and the rest of the gang. And I can tell you, you will make LOTS of friends if you are a good buffer/healer.

Reaching Lvl90, as Will also said, is just the needed level to get into Dark God S2. But let me tell you this. Alone, or with 2 or 3 friends at the same level, you will have absolutely no chance. The problem is that the damage caused to the enemies is too low and the damage caused bye them is way too high. You will be dead with one hit and your scape dolls are empty before you reach the real fight, Dark Falz 2. I don't have the achievement right now, because I just reached the level needed, but some friends I made in the game are willing to get me through the level in a day or two.

This is the second thing that comes into count in this game. If you just want the achievements you will find no one that will help you. Maybe for a lot of mesetas. But maybe these folks are just on there to steal your hard earned money and will kick you out of the mission as soon as they get paid. The hardcore-community of PSU consists of many nice people that have fun with the game for about 6 years now. The majority of them doesn't like people that just come online for the grabs. But if you try to get deeper into the community you will benefit from it. I personally changed my mind. At first I just wanted to get the achievements and cancel my account afterwards. But now I want to stay there and want to keep these "online-friends" I made there within this short time. Sure, I want the achievements for the completion, but that's not the number 1 anymore.
When I have the achievements surely I will come down and have fun with the game as it is supposed to be. Doing missions, level up, getting nice drops, talking to peoples and stuff like that. Some guys in there are just online to talk all day long. Good thing I find about the game is, that it's not so overwhelming big as WoW or other MMORPGS. PSU is just a MORPG, and that's what I like about it.

That's just my two cents about the achievements and the game itself. My advice, have fun with it, don't push it just for the leveling. :-)
Posted by Patmaster1891 on 16 Feb 11 at 10:00
DragonFangDanmaybe u should post what quest has to be done and where to get it? A guide on how to level doesn't really help in obtaining the cheeve itself.
Posted by DragonFangDan on 28 May 11 at 13:32
Patmaster1891There are two missions that give you the needed boss:
0) planet -> lobby -> mission (difficulty (needed lvl))
a) Guardians Colony -> Rykros -> The Dark God (difficulty: S2 (lvl: 90) and up)
b) Guardians Colony -> Falz Memoria -> Distant Memory (difficulty: C (lvl:0) and up)
Posted by Patmaster1891 on 17 Oct 11 at 13:27